We've had problems with defective Leviton products, and were thinking of switching all our reference designs to another brand. If you have also encountered a lot of defective Leviton products, please let me know...

We originally selected Leviton for our reference designs because our preliminary studies showed that their Decora products could reduce costs in installations within large buildings. For example, in a situation where there is one switch and three duplex receptacles in a four gang box, Decora enables the use of a single four-opening cover. This is because switch covers and outlet covers are the same under what we call User-Interface Harmonization (i.e. using Decora, as opposed to the older system where switch openings and receptacle openings had different size and shape).

We are putting together sample reference systems for IEEE conference, presentation, and publication of an "Intelligent Building" reference design.

Please let us know if you make also a 4way switch in the HUI (Harmonized User Interface) format (i.e. compatible with rectangular "Decora" sized openings).

Since I have been getting very frustrated with Leviton's slow response over the past couple of months, I look forward to some possible alternatives that your company might have.

Professor Steve Mann
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Toronto

--------included file--------
We purchased a 4way illuminated Decora switch from your 775 King
Street West location last week.  We did not specify any brand
name when we asked for the switch.  It appears that we were
given a Leviton product.

When it was installed it was found to operate intermittently.
The wiring has been re-checked carefully, and the switch was
found to be defective.

I have had past problems with Leviton dimmers, but I have not
been able to get the reasonable attention of any Leviton
employees or associates to resolve this matter.

Have you noticed any pattern of defective Leviton products?

In your experience, how would you compare the reliability of
Leviton products with that of other vendors such as Arrow
Hart, Cooper-Crouse Hinds, Hubbell Canada Inc., Bryant,
and Pass & Seymour/Legrand?

Professor Steve Mann
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Toronto

--------included file--------
Recently we purchased a Leviton 4way illuminated Decora switch,
to upgrade an older style 4way toggle switch, in our fire-exit
stairway, into the Decora (larger rectangular) size opening.

The Leviton switch works only intermittently, i.e. it is necessary
to wiggle the switch around to get the lights to go on.  The switch
does not work reliably when set into the upper position (it works
reliably only in the lower position).

I would normally just dismiss this as a defective product, and
continue life as usual, but for the pattern of defective Leviton
products we've had before, including several defective Leviton
light fixtures, and defective dimmers.

For example, earlier we had also purchased a large number of the
models, and installed these throughout a building at one of our
test sites.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to get any of the LEVITON
UNIVERSAL DIMMERs to work reliably, by computer, even over short
distances of three feet or less between transmitter and receiver,
when using the proper equipment as recommended by the LEVITON
UNIVERSAL DIMMER instructions.

We have had a team of several engineers working on this project
for several months now, but have not been successful in getting
the Leviton product to work reliably.

We approached another vendor, to explain our problem, and they
were familiar with Leviton's unreliable Decora Home Controls, and
they donated to us 12 of their dimmers (DMX512) which have been
working very well.  Presently all of our dimmers are non-Leviton.

We had stopped purchase of Leviton dimmers, but now that we are
having problems with something as simple as a switch, we are
wondering if we should move our department away from other Leviton
products as well.

At this time, we are considering publishing a recommendation that
installers use only products manufactured by companies other than

For example, it appears that Hubbell now makes a product line
that also harmonizes covers (i.e. same covers for outlets and
switches, and even for RJ45 and coaxial cables in the same
size "Decora size" rectangular openings).

Please advise if you have any other suggestions for possible
consideration or use of Leviton products in the future.

"LevitOFF": other problems with Leviton products