cyborglog (abbreviated 'glog) is a data collection of activity recorded from or by at least one participant in the activity.

cyborglog, 1994 continuous capture and sharing of personal experiences on www

storytelling: "if this is your story show me your pictures" capture, process, understand, and aid human interactions with personal tech.

A 'glog may be recorded using a mixture of wearable and ubiquitous (pervasive) sensors.

'Glog is also an abbrevation for ``buildinglog'' in which there is an equilibrium between both the building-mounted sensors (surveillant computing) and body-borne sensors (sousveillant computing) working together in the creation of a record of personal interaction.

A 'glog may be annotated by way of wearable annotation systems, or other annotations, for example, by interaction with others who also contribute to the annotation (as in a web-based 'glog).