Meeting of minds, Tues. 2004 January 27th 1pm-3pm

Bahen Building, room 8256 (8th floor)

"Love is a better master than duty" -- Albert Einstein.

"The purpose of art is to lay bare the questions that have been hidden by the answers" -- James Baldwin

This informal meeting is to bring passionate people together in an attempt to look at the broader intellectual landscape, as well as the context in which we find ourselves, and perhaps to think about a set of basic, personal questions.

Here are some rough notes aimed at stimulating thought in that direction:

  1. Passion versus professionalism: The need for both
  2. Primordial soup: The advantages of freeflowing passion
  3. An intellectual playground as a model research lab
    (Can we create an environment like this in the new Bahen building?)
  4. Sources of previously un-tapped funding: A new technosocial awareness may open some new doors...
  5. Dissemination of interpassionary work
  6. International Symposium (conference): "ISIS", etc..
  7. Collaborations outside the university, e.g. tomorrow, Ghery's unveilling...
  8. Existimology (Existential Epistimology/Existential Education); Playfulness at the nexus of research and teaching.
  9. GASTA: Gulak's Art Studio-Time Analogy
References and Notes:
[1] The list of nine questions that appear above, together with the part of
    the opening sentence beginning with the words "think about..." comes from
    a story that predicts a future in the year 2010 where wearable computers
    are used by almost everyone to mediate their day-to-day lives.  For the
    entire article, see