InteraXon (makers of the Muse brain-sensing headset) founded at MannLab, 330 Dundas Street West

2003 March 22.
(InteraXon was born in this room and then expanded to fill much of the rest of the building at 330 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 1G5.)

Mann's MaSc students James Fung (now with Google) and Chris Aimone, together with Mann, and others, co-founded InteraXon and raised $28,800,000. InteraXon's Muse product, now sold in Best Buy stores all across North America and on, is known as: "The King of Wearables" (BetaKit); The #1 in wearables (PC Retail), and "The holy grail for mindfulness", ["Muse 2 review: The world's best meditation tech just got even better"].

Here's our new Muse 2 product just launched toward the end of 2018:

Caption: Muse2 Launch day at InteraXon, 2018 October 30th.

Our Muse technology is also used in these eyeglasses:

Introducing the Lowdown Focus | SMITH Optics from smith optics on Vimeo.

We have 60 employees, and remain headquartered in Toronto, but have warehouses in Ireland and offices in Denver and Vancouver.

Readings on our Brain-Computer Interface Technology:

See also Time-frequency analysis of visual evoked potentials using chirplet transform, Cui, Wong, and Mann, Electronics Letters 41(4), p217-218.