Examples of Metz for spontaneous studio photography

The Metz Mecablitz makes it very easy to do spontaneous studio quality pictures in any location. Here are some pictures taken in the Mann residence, using a Nikon D2h camera and Metz Mecablitz:

It's difficult to get a good picture of the electric eyeglasses that shows all the details. The Metz Mecablitz turned out to be very good in this regard.

After wearing the EyeTap for a number of years, we adapt to seeing the world that way, and this provides a new kind of personal experience capture, in day-to-day life. The hands-free nature of the EyeTap therefore helps document personal interaction. Using the Metz as a light source, it's possible to create a spontaneous photo studio anywhere there's a plain white wall.

Here is an example of cyborglogging (also known as a 'glogging). A 'glog is a recording of an activity made by a participant in the activity. Here father and daughter collaborate in the assembly of structural pipe fittings ("rigging") as an example of the use of the EyeTap for 'glogging, and the generation of a family album: