1998 International Conference on Wearable Computing

Tuesday May 12 and Wednesday May 13, 1998.

Fairfax VA

The 1998 International Wearables Conference is designed to assemble all those anxious to learn about this new category of computing. More than 60 speakers will be addressing key topics of interest for the industry.

In addition to Steve Mann's keynote address, participants include representatives from General Magic, Hewlett Packard, Georgia Tech, Federal Express, Mercedes Benz, and Federal Express.

Three concurrent tracks will include:

A standards and architecture session will be moderated by Richard Braley, of Federal Express, who is chairing the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Wearable Computing. An offline session will be held with display manufacturers and wearable manufacturers to draft a standard for a wearable display port.

The dinner speaker the first night will be Virginia's former Governor, George Allen. The second day's luncheon speaker will be Ted Nelson, of the Xanadu project, known as the inventor of hypertext.

Carol Covin
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