Immersed Music Concerts at ICMC 2007

Immersed Music was the theme of ICMC 2007, which included concerts at the DGI-byen "Vandkulturhuset" swim center.

Pictures from underwater concert at ICMC 2007:
Solid Liquid Gas Plasma Informatics
Cymbal H'phone Organflute Plasmaphone Synthesizer
"Earth" "Water" "Air" "Fire" "Idea"

These five states-of-matter correspond to the five Classical Greek Elements:
Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Idea ("Quintessence" meaning "fifth" element). Immersed Music concerts explored the immersion of these five elements in both water and air:

Solid, Liquid, Gas Plasma Informatics
Guitar, H'phone, Flute; Plasmaphone; Synth/EEG
("Earth", "Water", "Air"); ("Fire"); ("Idea");

As we're all members of the H2Orchestra, we also used water in its four states-of-matter in our performance. This included the use of musical instruments made of ice, steam, and underwater plasma.

Hydraulophone-related paper presentations at ICMC 2007:

Instruments in all five states-of-matter