Nessie at Nuit Blanche, the all-night arts festival

2006 September 30th, 7:01pm, to October 1st, 7am, at the University of Toronto Faculty of Music.

A participant consults the map. Our hydraulophone was assigned to ZONE A.

Crowds were packed around Nessie for the full 12 hours:

Many people waited patiently to get their turn to play with Nessie:

We also went to Night Swim, another example of water-based art:

Underwater picture, looking up at the flexible mirror hung from the ceiling:

Participants in the small (warm water) children's pool:

Christina waits in line for her turn:

As people wait in line, with their feet dangling into the pool, they sometimes kick up a storm and splash each other with water:

Harrison's baths also had an arts event that took place in their pool:

So did Hart House:

Back at the Faculty of Music: