Auld Lang Sigh

New Year's Tears, in A-minor

S. Mann, 2007 (based on Auld Lang Syne)

                   strong emphasis
                   on dominant to
                   emphasize "is"
   Am              E                Am                 Dm
My auld aquantance is forgot, a--nd ne--'er brought to mind.

   Am              E                Am      F         Am
My auld aquantance is forgot, a--nd days of auld lang sigh.

    Am                 E           Am          Dm
For auld lang sigh, my de--ar, for a--uld lang sigh.

     Am           E
I'll tak a cup of fallen tears,

     Am  F-----F         Am
F-or all these long lost years.
         (if playing on
         touch water
         jets for
         then block
         fully for "long"

Wishing everyone a meaningful New Year.

The holidays are a good chance to get in a little "home schooling" and teach that there's more to New Year's than giggles and laughter...

I often find New Year's means more to me than just giggles and laughter. I find it's an introspective time of contemplation, and a chance to think about the brief time we spend on this earth, while time inevitably marches forward year by year.

In that spirit, I made a new variation of the auld song, with some "minor revisions" which I intend to be played on one of those old windup music boxes with the metal pins sticking out of a rotating cylinder. Since I haven't had time to make such a music box (or find where I can get one custom made), I've made a quick recording of my rendition of the song on a cheap children's toy keyboard:
or, alternatively, it's on YouTube:
Auld Lang Sigh (New Year's Tears), "musicbox" in the snow:

and also I've played it on hydraulophone which can flow like a river of tears:

also on YouTube:
Auld Lang Sigh (New Year's Tears) on hydraulophone:

My younger daughter Steph was also really getting into it:
Auld Lang Sigh (New Year's Tears) on rollup toy keyboard, (with Steph's participation):

and so was my older daughter Christina:
Auld Lang Sigh (New Year's Tears) recorded onto rollup toy keyboard (with Christina's participation):


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