Art, Science, and Invention of
Wearable Augmented Reality.

Humanistic Intelligence = Real Reality

Monday, 2017年 10月 25日, Mountainview and Santa Clara
Steve Mann, Stanford University
Ventures Founded with Students:
HI (Humanistic Intelligence) [Mann 1998]

Humanistic Intelligence [HI] is intelligence that arises because of a human being in the feedback loop of a computational process, where the human and computer are inextricably intertwined. When a wearable computer embodies HI and becomes so technologically advanced that its intelligence matches our own biological brain, something much more powerful emerges from this synergy that gives rise to superhuman intelligence within the single 'cyborg' being.

--Kurzweil, Minsky, and Mann,
   "The Society of Intelligent Veillance"
   IEEE ISTAS 2013.

Natural User Interfaces [Mann 2001]

Nature-based, e.g. "Natural Philosophy" (Physics)
(Natural Elements, e.g. Earth, Water, Air);

Natural to use, e.g. as we engage in the real physical world.
Natural, innate, e.g. RWM (Reality Window Manager)

Other examples:

Transparent Technology

RCA906 CRT Pictures courtesy of Neil Heckt, who passed away on August 19, 2015. May we all remember Neil for his great service to the community, his natural curiosity in regards to all things electrical, and as a great educator through web-based media.

Little Data, Six Penny AR and Superpower to the People

Standing Waves

Wikimedia Commons.

Now let me tell you about something different ==
let us call this new thing a "sitting wave".

Standing and Sitting Wave Comparison

Patented photographic lighting system

Natural User Interface (NUI)

(image: Wikimedia Commons)
Intelligent Image Processing, Mann 2001
Natural User Interfaces
Metaphor-free computing
Reality User Interfaces
PHENOMENAugmented Reality (ΦAR)

Visualizing audio using abakography

Sensing Sensing using feedback; Steve Mann, 1985
ARbotTM: Augmented Reality Robot

Pעpe™Information Conduits

Abakography אבקוגרפי

Pעpe™Information Conduits

Pעpes™ you can walk in: Wayfinding+Gaming

Spacetime continuum

Abakographic Principle invented by S. Mann

Modular photographic lighting, artistic lighting, and data visualization system.
Wearable Computing...

AR Vision: WearCam + WearComp + WearDisp

Crazy idea... 35 years ago...
Now a $241 billion industry!...
3 requirements of Phenomenal AR:

  • Space;
  • Time;
  • Range.

Quick review of Mann2001,
John Wiley and Sons,
"Intelligent Image Processing"...
Nicholas Negroponte, Director of MIT Media Lab:

Early 1990s TV broadcast; Founding of MIT Wearable Computing Project
Wearable Computing with Wearable Cameras
Crazy idea... 35 years ago;

"Steve Mann is the perfect example of someone deemed to be on the lunatic fringe, but who persisted in his vision and ended up founding a new discipline."

--Nicholas Negroponte, Bangor Daily News - Sep 26, 1997.
--Nicholas Negroponte, Toroto Star, 2001 Jul. 8, 02:32 EDT, Page D3, `Wearable computer' pioneer Steve Mann keeps one eye locked on the future, by Eric Shinn

Now a $241 billion industry!...

HDR Video
35 years of Digital Eye Glass

MannGlass 1978 and GOOGlass 2013
Both of these are Generation-1 DEG
MannGlass 1998 (15 years ago):
Nature (human) and Technology (computer) combined!

Thin strip of metal wraps around the head;
No hinges: 1-piece construction.
Gen-4 Glass (Laser EyeTap)
Sleek slender metal frame, in one continuous piece
45-degree glass
Fiber optics
Not foldable
Completed 1998

Implantable camera system

Canadian Patent 2313693, filed 2000, July 19 by S. Mann
Implantable camera system:
Vision system for the blind
and partially sighted.

50 Best Inventions of 2009 - TIME Magazine

Recent collaboration with filmmakers:
•Denys Desjardins ("My Eye for a Camera"), National Film Board of Canada; and
•Rob Spence
Mind-controlled illumination... EEG to DMX512 lighting... leading to interactive art installation... Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls

Art Installation at Vancouver Olympics 2010

Muse, available at Best Buy stores all across North America
Conclusions and further direction:

•Feedback delayed is feedback denied;
•HI (Humanistic Intelligence) [Mann 1998]:
•Sousveillant Systems;

•Direct User Interfaces [Mann 1998];
•Natural User Interfaces [Mann 2001];

•Tinquiry (tinkering as a form of inquiry);
•ARbotics and Integral Kinesiology;

•Being digital is being quantized;
•Mannlabs Toronto, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, and Palo Alto