PhenomenAR: The first NUI

DEG (Digital Eye Glass) combines Nature with Technology.
TUX: Toronto User Experience Speaker Series, Tuesday 2015 October 27
Steve Mann, Chief Scientist, Meta; Ryan Janzen, Kyle, Max, Ken

Pעpe™Information Conduits

Abakography אבקוגרפי

Pעpe™Information Conduits

Pעpes™ you can walk in: Wayfinding+Gaming

Spacetime continuum

Abakographic Principle invented by S. Mann

Modular photographic lighting, artistic lighting, and data visualization system.
Wearable Computing...

AR Vision: WearCam + WearComp + WearDisp

Crazy idea... 35 years ago...
Now a $241 billion industry!...
Nicholas Negroponte, Director of MIT Media Lab:

Early 1990s TV broadcast; Founding of MIT Wearable Computing Project
Wearable Computing with Wearable Cameras
Crazy idea... 35 years ago;

"Steve Mann is the perfect example of someone deemed to be on the lunatic fringe, but who persisted in his vision and ended up founding a new discipline."

--Nicholas Negroponte, Bangor Daily News - Sep 26, 1997.
--Nicholas Negroponte, Toroto Star, 2001 Jul. 8, 02:32 EDT, Page D3, `Wearable computer' pioneer Steve Mann keeps one eye locked on the future, by Eric Shinn

Now a $241 billion industry!...
35 years of Digital Eye Glass

MannGlass 1978 and GOOGlass 2013
Both of these are Generation-1 DEG
MannGlass 1998 (15 years ago):
Nature (human) and Technology (computer) combined!

Thin strip of metal wraps around the head;
No hinges: 1-piece construction.
Gen-4 Glass (Laser EyeTap)
Sleek slender metal frame, in one continuous piece
45-degree glass
Fiber optics
Not foldable
Completed 1998

Implantable camera system

Canadian Patent 2313693, filed 2000, July 19 by S. Mann
Implantable camera system:
Vision system for the blind
and partially sighted.

50 Best Inventions of 2009 - TIME Magazine

Recent collaboration with filmmakers:
•Denys Desjardins ("My Eye for a Camera"), National Film Board of Canada; and
•Rob Spence
PHENOMENAugmented Reality (ΦAR)

Visualizing audio using abakography

Sensing Sensing using feedback; Steve Mann, 1985

Abakographic visualization of radio waves (standing waves, RADAR)

Neckworn camera with fisheye lens and sensors:

Gesture recognition, autogesture, augmediated reality
Priveillance™: Privacy and Veillance (Sur AND Sousveillance)

Surveillance is the veillance of hypocrisy.

Sousveillance (the opposite of surveillance) is the veillance of ???

The opposite of hypocrisy is integrity.
[Lucaites, Condit, and Caudill, 1999, p92]
In this sense, surveillance often lacks integrity, and this lack of integrity invites corruption.

Centralized data storage leads to corruption; Compare with Yatim

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Veillance Foundation: Decriminalizing Integrity in the age of hypocrisy
"Daddy, why do cars and buildings ALWAYS have the right to wear cameras, but people sometimes don't?" -- Stephanie, Age 7, in response to her father being physically assaulted at a McDonalds in Paris, France for wearing a computerized seeing aid.

Humanistic Intelligence

Phenomenaugmented Reality
S.W.I.M. (Sequential Wave Imprinting Machine), Mann 1974

Three axes: from Bits, Atoms, and Genes ...
... to Physical Sci, Comp. Sci., and Soc. Sci.
Merging of the 3 worlds: IoT (surveillance); Wearables (sousveillance); AR.