--- Manniversity / Manniversitas ---

--- Mannivers/e/ity/itas ---

Interdisciplinary like MIT Media Lab, but more complete.
Goal: to create the world's water epicentre:
  • Natural User-Interfaces and
    Human-Environment Interaction (AI/HI/Wearbales/IoT/SmartCities/Robotics);
  • Water+nature;
  • Water is universal, tangible, touchable;
  • Nexus of science+innovation, research+teaching+outreach, arts+culture + music, fun+FROLICity, health care, emergency preparedness;
  • Let's draw inspiration from lateral thinkers like Leonardo daVinci
--- Visions for a ---
Centre for
Cyborg-Environment Interaction

Natural User-Interfaces and
Human-Environment Interaction

Cyborg Environment Interaction (CEI)

We're all cyborgs in some sense... shoes, clothing...
We thus interact indirectly with nature
We're expected, and even required, to be cyborgs
Nature Deficit Disorder...

Natural environments and intelligent environments

"Environment" and "Nature" in the wide sense
(Philips "Lumimotion" and Illumination Concepts "Intellistreets")

Cyborg Environment Interaction (CEI)

Nature in the wide-sense...
Environment in the wide-sense

Cyborg Environment Interaction (CEI)

Design for CEI

Natural User Interface (NUI)

(image: Wikimedia Commons)
Intelligent Image Processing, Mann 2001
Natural User Interfaces
Metaphor-free computing
Reality User Interfaces

Natural elements: Earth, Water, Air...

Water, in particular, is an exemplary natural element.
Intimate, pure, primal

Dihydrogen monoxide (H2O) is important to us

We even have words for it when it exists in each of its states-of-matter:
Other chemicals like carbon dioxide (CO2), don't have a single word for each of their 3 states.
Takehome: H2O and water are NOT the same thing!
H2O is a proper superset of water!


Hydraulophones at Splash2011


Ryan Janzen and Dr. Eugene Draw, Beaches Jazz Festival...


Hydraulophones as civic centerpieces

Design and public art

Hydraulophones as civic centerpieces

Public art and science outreach...

WOIP (Water Over Internet Protocol)

Splash page: Put on your surf shorts to "surf the web"
Truly Natural User Interfaces

WOIP (Water Over Internet Protocol)

Multimedia beyond acoustic vibrations in water:
To touch and be touched by water.
Try to stop me if you will
I'll keep on spraying, spraying still.
I am water, still as glass,
so block me, block me, still I pass.
--S. Mann, 2011
First Mover Advantage

Interim Manniversity Hydraulikos Water Lab

Proposed Hydraulikos collaborators:

Take-home message and Action Items: