........ 35 years of Digital Eye Glass and AR in everyday life ........ Present+Future: Gen-5 Digital Eye Glass

Steve Mann
Thurs . 2013 June 27, 10am
IEEE ISTAS13, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Origins of AR Vision: D.E.G.
Welding Glass...
Digital Welding Glass...
Digital Eye Glass to help people SEE BETTER!
Augment AND Diminish (Augmediate) Reality...
Wearable Computing...

AR Vision: WearCam + WearComp + WearDisp

Crazy idea... 35 years ago...
Now a $241 billion industry!...
AR Vision in the wild...

AR Vision:
• WearCam +
• WearComp +
WearComm +
• WearDisp
1984, 1996
AR Vision with ordinary appearance:

Steve Mann, 1996. Others, e.g. Mark Spitzer, interested in this ordinary-looking "Digital Eye Glass"
History of AR Vision Exhibit
330 Dundas St. West, today after talks +before gala
35 years of Digital Eye Glass MannGlas (1978-1980) and Google Glass (2013)
Both of these are Generation-1 DEG

WearComp4, 1984

Gen-4 Glass (Laser EyeTap) Sleek slender metal frame, in one continuous piece)
45-degree glass
Fiber optics
Not foldable
Completed 1998

Nicholas Negroponte, Director of MIT Media Lab:

Early 1990s TV broadcast; Founding of MIT Wearable Computing Project
WearCamTM Vision-based AR

Augmediated Reality comprises 3 elements:
• Wearable Camera ("WearCam"), connected to a
• Wearable Computer ("WearComp), connected to a
• Wearable Display ("WearDisp").

WearComp + WearDisp is a well-researched field.
But WearCam is not: cameras are always merely added on as an afterthought ---- zero consideration to the light flow path!!!
Theory of Glass [Mann 2001]

MannGlass 1999;                                 GoogleGlass 2012:

Quantigraphic camera promises HDR eyesight from Father of AR

Invention of HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging:
"The first report of digitally combining multiple pictures of the same scene to improve dynamic range appears to be Mann." in "Estimation-theoretic approach to dynamic range enhancement using multiple exposures" by Robertson etal, JEI 12(2), p220, right column, line 26

Synthetic Gen-5 Digital Eye Glass (Computational P.o.E.)

Seeing aid for the blind: Wearable true 3D cameras

ACM Multimedia 2011, Mann, Huang, Janzen, Lo, Rampersad, Chen, Doha

Implantable camera system

Canadian Patent 2313693, filed 2000, July 19 by S. Mann
Implantable camera system:
Vision system for the blind
and partially sighted.

Mind-controlled illumination... EEG to DMX512 lighting... leading to interactive art installation... Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls

Art Installation at Vancouver Olympics 2010

Neckworn camera with fisheye lens and sensors:

Gesture recognition, autogesture, augmediated reality
PriveillanceTM: Privacy and Veillance (Sur AND Sousveillance)

The Equiveillance Principle [Mann 1998, 2002, 2003, 2013]:

Natural environments and intelligent environments

"Environment" and "Nature" in the wide sense:
The environment around you can be an human-made!
Nature includes Natural Philosophy (physics).

Natural User Interface (NUI)

(image: Wikimedia Commons)
Intelligent Image Processing, Mann 2001
Natural User Interfaces
Metaphor-free computing
Reality User Interfaces

Cyborg Enrivonment Interaction (CEI)

Nature in the wide-sense...
Environment in the wide-sense

Centre for Cyborg Enrivonment Interaction (CEI)

Centre for Nature, Technology, and Health

Centre for Multidisciplinary Mobile+Wearable Tech.+

We're all cyborgs in some sense... shoes, clothing...
We thus interact indirectly with nature

Natural elements: Earth, Water, Air...

Water, in particular, is an exemplary natural element.
Intimate, pure, primal, primordial
Natural User Interfaces:
Natural, innate, e.g. RWM (Reality Window Manager)
Nature-based, (Natural Elements, e.g. Earth, Water, Air)
Hydraulophone; ROM Water Exhibit:

Canada's largest museum of
world culture and natural history.

Canadian invention
used around the world.

WaterHammer Demo (Ryan)

Hydraulophone for members of the public to play:
SPLASH Festival 2011, Lake Simcoe, Georgina Ontario

Playing for Prime Minister and Governor General...
Headline Act for Winterlude, North America's largest winter festival...
Beaches International Jazz Festival...
Dr. Draw and Ryan Janzen, etc....



Toronto: Home of the world's largest hydraulophone!!!

Main centerpiece in front of landmark architecture site;
Water conservation: sophisticated recirculation system;
Permanent public art installation open 24 hours a day.


Toronto: Home of the world's largest hydraulophone!!!

Universal access:
All ages; All abilities.

WOIP (Water Over Internet Protocol)

Multimedia beyond acoustic vibrations in water:
To touch and be touched by water.
Try to stop me if you will.
I'll keep on spraying, spraying still.
I am water, still as glass,
so block me, block me, still I pass.
----S. Mann, 2011
Hands Across the Water

WOIP (Water Over Internet Protocol)

First Mover Advantage:
Touch and be touched by water, across the parking lot, or Hands and Feet Across the Harbour...

Hydraulikos Research Lab

Where do we go from here...


• University of Toronto,
• Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering,
• Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering ("Tech"),
• Faculty of Forestry ("Nature");
• InteraXon
• Ori Inbar, Pete Wassell
• Meta: Steve Mann, Chief Scientist; Raymond Lo, Director of Research and Development
• IEEE ISTAS (IEEE is the world's largest technical society)


Natural User Interfaces and "Humanistic Intelligence":
Global Centre for Nature + Technology + Health
Natural Elements: Earth, Water, Air
GlassEyes: AR in everyday life
Theory of Glass: Gen-1 (Google), Gen-5 (Meta-view)
Priveillance, Equiveillance, ...
Mann-Wassell Law