Wearables, Humans, and Things:
Veillance Games People Play

Closing Panel for IEEE GEM2015

Steve Mann, the Father of Wearable Computing
David Brin, Scientist, Futurist, Author
Dr. Marvin Minsky, MIT. The Father of AI (Artificial Intelligence)
Dr. Joseph Ferenbok, Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto
Neil Harbisson, Artist and cyborg activist
Ken Nickerson, Co-founder, Kobo ebook reader; BOD at Atomic Reach
Dr. Nahum Gershon, The MITRE Corporation

The hypocrisy of surveillance
Sledgehammer Award goes to HDMI for lack of transparency
Standard                     NTSC             VGA          HDMI       Future
Year                         1941             1987         2003       2050
Number of conductors         0, 1, or 2       15           19         8294400
Number of TV channels        250              1            1          1
Bandwidth per conductor      1.5 GHz          8 Mhz        6.5 Mhz    60 Hz
Maximum length cable run     10,000 feet      300m         5-15m      6 inches
Bandwidth runlength product  40 THzm          2.4 GHzm     65 MHzm
Bandwidth runlength/cond.    40 THzm/cond     160 MHzm/c   345 KHz
Responsive time              ~1 millisecond   ~1 second    ~5 sec.    1 hour
Open or Proprieterrorist?    Open              Open         Secret    Top Secret
Ease of use                  Consistent        Behave differently each day
Ease of use                  Radial symmetry   ------Only 1 way to insert-------
                             (can be inserted        Must face in proper
                             in any direction)       direction
NTSC has about 5000 times the transparency bandwidth of HDMI
Runner-up (second place):

Macintosh power supply tranformer for opacity and sluggishness

Indicator light:
fails to distinguish primary side from secondary side disconnect.

Sluggishness of indicator light (similar time scale as HDMI;
we must stand in favour of transparency and against opacity).

Surveillance is the veillance of hypocrisy.

Sousveillance (the opposite of surveillance) is the veillance of ???


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Veillance Foundation: Decriminalizing Integrity in the age of hypocrisy
"Why do cars and buildings ALWAYS have the right to wear cameras, but people sometimes don't?" -- Stephanie, Age 7, in response to her father being physically assaulted at a McDonalds in Paris, France for wearing a computerized seeing aid.