ECE516: Wearables, IoT, AR/VR, AI/HI, (Hu)Machine Learning, Intelligent Sig. Proc.

DEG (Digital Eye Glass) combines Nature with Technology.
Begins Thursday 2018 January 04 at 4pm, in GB120
Alex, Max, Kyle, Sen, Francisco, Jackson, Pete, Audrey, Cindy, Bryon, Ryan, and Steve Mann
TAs, Deputies, Collaborators, and Affliates:

• Alex Papanicolaou = circuit board design (iPhone 6) + woodworking;
• Max Lv = 3D printing;
• Kyle Simmons = Active, circuit design;
• Sen Yang = computer vision (C, Java);
• Francisco Cendana = Python, image processing, signal processing;
• Jackson Banbury = Robotics, embedded hardware and python;
• Pete Scourboutakos = transistor level circuit design, power, electric cars;
• Audrey Hu = FUI, MannFit;
• Cindy Park = EyeTap;
• Bryon Lezung = Machine learning, e.g. emotion detecting EyeTap;
• Ryan Janzen = hydraulophonics, HDR audio, sensing and metasensing.
• Available to 3rd and 4th year undergrads, or grad. students.
• Textbook: "Intelligent Image Processing", Wiley
• Course website:

Not a good course to "audit":
Need to be registered for course credit:
• There is little or no use in "auditing" this course.
• The course is an embodied opportunity for interaction with founders....
• Join and stay on the waitlist! With provable demand we'll request larger classrooms for next week.
Lec 0101 MONDAY 16:00-17:00 GB 120 
Lec 0101 TUESDAY 12:00-13:00 GB 120 
Lec 0101 THURSDAY 16:00-17:00 GB 120 
Pra 0101 FRIDAY 09:00-12:00 BA 3165 BA 3155 
Office hours: Mon. 17h, Tues 13h, Thurs, 17h, in EA302 or SF2001 office.
Course Evaluation (Grading):
• Closely Supervised Work: 40% (in-lab reports, testing, participation, field trials, etc.);
• Non-Closely Supervised Work: 25% (take-home assignments or the portion of lab reports done at home);
• Final exam: 35%. Exam is open book, open calculator, but closed network connection.
• No midterm!

The 500% principle.
The ones who usually get 100% mark are the early starters.
Grading sessions: 5-minute "Demo or Die" in Bahen lab.

Respect in the labs:
• Don't tamper with other people's experiments;
• No borrowing equipment without asking one of the DepuTAs;
• If you're in the lab you should be doing ECE516-related material;
This is a "DO" course:
"Labs" are grading sessions! Your group will BRING + demo:
• working code your group wrote; or
• a working electronic circuit that you built ; or
• a mechanical system you built; or
• measurements and scientific results; or
• improvements to your project from previous lab!

Steps to decide on a project:
1. OBSERVE topics raised in the first few course lectures;
2. Think of a related project you can DEFINITELY DO which is FUN for you;
3. DISCUSS with, Steve or Max or Jackson;
4. Get started and TRY something!

You may switch projects later, or do different projects each week! We expect weekly progress: High marks for something small that works well; Less marks for something grandiose that works unreliably or has poor connection to course material. Ryan: explanation ...


(1) Student track (traditional), plus opportunity (and optional mentorship) to publish papers (dozens of IEEE+ACM papers published by students in this course);
(2) Inventrepreneur track: InventorshipMentorship for patent opportunities, and startups (YC, Silicon Valley, etc.);
(3) Deputy track: Learn leadership, how to be teach, etc.. Ideal for the aspiring professors.

• No "bell curve" (500-series);
• Option for custom-designed lab projects and assignments based on direct consultation each year!
• Option to do your own projects, but MUST connect to course material....
Phenomenal Team:

• Founders of new fields of research;
• Modern-day Leonardo daVinci thinkers;
• Choose courses taught in fields created by those teaching the material (Ryan, Pete, Adnan, ...).

My own background: Chief Scientist, Meta:
• My own background: Chief Scientist, Meta;
• Chief Scientist Rotman CDL;
• Prof. in Electrical and Computer Engineering;
• Cross appointment to MIE;
• Cross appointment to CS.

Transparent Technology

RCA906 CRT Pictures courtesy of Neil Heckt, who passed away on August 19, 2015. May we all remember Neil for his great service to the community, his natural curiosity in regards to all things electrical, and as a great educator through web-based media.

Standing Waves

Wikimedia Commons.

Now let me tell you about something different ==
let us call this new thing a "sitting wave".

PHENOMENAugmented Reality (ΦAR)

Visualizing audio using abakography

Sensing Sensing using feedback; Steve Mann, 1985

Abakographic visualization of radio waves (standing waves, RADAR)

Pעpe™Information Conduits

Abakography אבקוגרפי

Pעpe™Information Conduits

Pעpes™ you can walk in: Wayfinding+Gaming

Spacetime continuum

Abakographic Principle invented by S. Mann

Modular photographic lighting, artistic lighting, and data visualization system.
Wearable Computing...

AR Vision: WearCam + WearComp + WearDisp

Crazy idea... 35 years ago...
Now a $241 billion industry!...
WearCam™ Vision-based AR

Augmediated Reality comprises 3 elements:

  • Wearable Camera ("WearCam"), connected to a
  • Wearable Computer ("WearComp"), connected to a
  • Wearable Display ("WearDisp").
Nicholas Negroponte, Director of MIT Media Lab:

Early 1990s TV broadcast; Founding of MIT Wearable Computing Project
Wearable Computing with Wearable Cameras
Crazy idea... 35 years ago;

"Steve Mann is the perfect example of someone deemed to be on the lunatic fringe, but who persisted in his vision and ended up founding a new discipline."

--Nicholas Negroponte, Bangor Daily News - Sep 26, 1997.
--Nicholas Negroponte, Toroto Star, 2001 Jul. 8, 02:32 EDT, Page D3, `Wearable computer' pioneer Steve Mann keeps one eye locked on the future, by Eric Shinn

Now a $241 billion industry!...

HDR Video
35 years of Digital Eye Glass

MannGlass 1978 and GOOGlass 2013
Both of these are Generation-1 DEG
MannGlass 1998 (15 years ago):
Nature (human) and Technology (computer) combined!

Thin strip of metal wraps around the head;
No hinges: 1-piece construction.
Gen-4 Glass (Laser EyeTap)
Sleek slender metal frame, in one continuous piece
45-degree glass
Fiber optics
Not foldable
Completed 1998

Implantable camera system

Canadian Patent 2313693, filed 2000, July 19 by S. Mann
Implantable camera system:
Vision system for the blind
and partially sighted.

50 Best Inventions of 2009 - TIME Magazine

Recent collaboration with filmmakers:
•Denys Desjardins ("My Eye for a Camera"), National Film Board of Canada; and
•Rob Spence
Mind-controlled illumination... EEG to DMX512 lighting... leading to interactive art installation... Ottawa, Toronto, Niagara Falls

Art Installation at Vancouver Olympics 2010

Muse, available at Best Buy stores all across North America

Lowdown Focus eyeglass

Neckworn camera with fisheye lens and sensors:

Gesture recognition, autogesture, augmediated reality
Priveillance™: Privacy and Veillance (Sur AND Sousveillance)

Surveillance is the veillance of hypocrisy.

Sousveillance (the opposite of surveillance) is the veillance of ???

The opposite of hypocrisy is integrity.
[Lucaites, Condit, and Caudill, 1999, p92]
In this sense, surveillance often lacks integrity, and this lack of integrity invites corruption.

Centralized data storage leads to corruption; Compare with Yatim
See, and scroll down to "Principles, Tenets of Integrity".

Veillance Foundation: Decriminalizing Integrity in the age of hypocrisy
"Daddy, why do cars and buildings ALWAYS have the right to wear cameras, but people sometimes don't?" -- Stephanie, Age 7, in response to her father being physically assaulted at a McDonalds in Paris, France for wearing a computerized seeing aid.

The 500% principle

Three Choices:
(1) Student track (traditional), plus opportunity (and optional mentorship) to publish papers;
(2) Inventrepreneur track: InventorshipMentorship for patent opportunities, and startups (YC, Silicon Valley, etc.);
(3) Deputy track: Learn leadership, how to be teach, etc.. Ideal for the aspiring professor.

Need to be registered for course credit: There is little or no use in "auditing" this course. The course is an embodied opportunity for interaction with founders....