Humanstic Property manifesto:

1. i belong to me: the fruits of my labour i give freely, but my heart
   and soul i do not.  works of art and literay creations i give freely
   to the world, but my private space i do not.
   i write in public, but i bathe in private.
   i come and go as i please, for it is not for you to know at what hour
   i enter or leave my home, or for how long i splash about in the baths.
   i do not accept being treated like an electronically tagged animal at a
   feedlot.  if you lend me a towel at your swimming baths, you may ensure
   its return, but not make note of my usage.  record of when i bathe, eat,
   or sleep is theft.
2. i am not your subject.
   i will not grant you means or permission to do experiments on me without
   my knowledge.
   if you must conduct an experiment to correlate eating habits, bathing
   habits, or the like, with some other variable, you must ask me for the
   information since i will not allow you to install upon my body the means
   for you to steal it from me.
3. my physical appearance belongs to me.  i will alter it as i see fit, and
   it shall not be made of record.  if you must, for some reason identify
   me, the burden shall be upon you to provide me with means of indentifying
   myself, and thus you must ask permission to see such identification.
4. i am not your beast of burden:
   i will not be forced to carry your baggage.
   i will not be forced to carry that which does not belong to me.
   if you would like me to carry an identification card you must give it
   to me, and it must then become my property (property of card holder).
   notwithstanding that i may choose to be a beast of burden for hire,
   i will not, during my leisure hours, be required to be your beast of burden.
5. i do not accept gifts that are trojan horses or other dangerous materials:
   i will not be required to carry containers whose contents are not
   disclosed to me.  notwithstanding my possible inability to understand
   the meaning of the contents, you must make no attempt to deliberately
   obfuscate same.
   anything you require me to carry, you must fully disclose to me.
   i will not accept gifts i cannot open, or cannot allow others to open
   and inspect on my behalf.
6. i will not be requierd carry a virus or disease.
   anything you require me to carry must not be alterable without my knowledge
   and consent.  i will not carry that which i am not given the opportunity
   to determine is free from the ability to carry a trojan horse or virus.
   allegations of my being technologically illiterate shall in no way
   attenuate my right to such full disclosure.  i requier such disclosure
   so that i might seek the advice of others, more literate than i, who may
   give you cause to be caught should you have planted a trojan horse or virus.
   even if i have no intention or desire to seek such advice, i nevertheless
   require such disclosure as a means of ensuring your honesty and integrity,
   through the mere possibility that i or others may discover your illegal
   or unethical actions, should you partake in any.

to the theives who would steal our souls and tell us it is for our own
protection, i have a special request: let us offer you some protection in
return.  let us photograph and fingerprint you.  would the administrators
and architects of the surveillance superhighway please step forward and
be counted, and accounted for, by those of us who you are placing under
your surveillance.  let us photograph and fingerprint you so that we know
you have nothing to hide.  afterall, you are the ones who say that only
criminals are afraid of surveillance.