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Special thanks is due to Rosalind Picard for suggesting that I write this detailed historical account of my `personal imaging' efforts and experiences, and to Steven Feiner for much help in getting it all organized; both Picard and Feiner were instrumental in causing this 20 year effort to be come together in this document. I'd also like to thank Hiroshi Ishii, Neil Gershenfeld, Sandy Pentland, and Ted Adelson of MIT, as well as Chuck Carter and Simon Haykin of McMaster University, and many others, too numerous mention here, for various insightful discussions germane to this work. Thanks also to Thad Starner, Jeffrey Levine, Flavia Sparacino, and Ken Russell for various collaborative efforts, to Matt Reynolds (KB2ACE) for help in upgrading the outbound ATV system, Steve Roberts (N4RVE) for much useful feedback and suggestions, and to Kent Nickerson for help with much of the earlier tone-decoders, radar systems, and the like. Additional Thanks to VirtualVision, HP labs, Compaq, Kopin, Colorlink, Ed Gritz, Miyota, Chuck Carter, and Thought Technologies Limited for lending or donating additional equipment that made these experiments possible. Finally, I thank my brother, Richard, for long and detailed discussions from which the term `personal imaging', and its general framework emerged.

Steve Mann
Tue Jan 6 23:24:56 EST 1998