An assistant mailroom clerk constructs his briefcase while his manager supervises his workmanship quality by tapping into his right eye

Dr. S. Mann, an Assistant Mailroom Clerk for EXISTech Corporation, constructs the briefcase he will be using to deliver packages.

His right eye is tapped so that while he is building the briefcase in Toronto, the Total Quality Management officers at EXISTech headquarters in the Far East can supervise and monitor his progress for quality control and training purposes.

EXISTech therefore can tap into his 20 years of expertise in designing and building wearable computers, portable devices, etc., and use this material for the production of training videos:

Assistant Mailroom Clerks are prevented from opening their own briefcases, by way of programming the fingerprint scanners to reject their own fingerprints. Therefore only package recipients or security guards wishing to search the briefcase (e.g. persons who are not employees of EXISTech Corporation) can open it.

Any recipient (or security guard, officer, official, or the like) wishing to open the briefcase must be fingerprinted because the person carrying the briefcase cannot open it.

The key to the handcuffs is located...
inside the briefcase.

Note that the assistant mailroom clerk is wearing the standard EXISTech uniform that includes the wearable computer with EyeTap device, as well as a television screen to provide comforting security-related messages to package recipients: