This is my glog from Dec. 24th 2002, and I'm posting it to the WWW so this glog is also a blog.

This glog is also part of the webramps project.

i'm at the eaton's center, it's now approx. 11:30am, and i'm with neil hrab of the national post who is doing a story on g'day (global glogs day also known as world sousveillance day).
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a rebramps client has arranged to "borrow my body", so i'm going to help her shop for a new necklace.
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the webramps client doesn't seem to like the "doubled" style of chain links, so i'm looking at another store, people's jewellers:
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we were not able to find a neclace that the client liked, because all of them seemed very complicated in style, like the "gucci" style (double holed blocks with links every second one), or other styles that looked like steel cables from a suspension bridge, and another kind that looked like rope, and a "curb link" and "box link" style. we did find one nice simple chain link design but it was only available in bracelet (no neclace in that kind of chain). then to birks but they were not so helpful, and there wasn't much selection there. finally to a fourth store, where they were very helpful, but they had only the thin kinds of chain, or only the busy complicated designs, like one long, three thin, one long (long, thin, thin, thin, long, and so on).

then i met with the tv crew from cbc, and was interviewed by mike wise, who was also doing a story on global blog day:
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