Cyborglaw Community

I asked around who might be interested in a concept I called "Cyborg Law" ('glaw for short). One of my students (Felix Tang) suggested I contact Professor Hudson Janisch, and I emailed Professor Hudson Janisch, the following question, together with a copy of a paper I wrote on the topic (after which Janisch suggested I contact Richard Owens, and Owens suggested Ian Kerr, in Ottawa; Craig McTaggart, a student of Janisch, also suggested I contact Ian Kerr, in Ottawa.

The connections with both Richard Owens and Ian Kerr have proved to be very fruitful.

Date: Tue, 7 May 2002 11:44:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Steve Mann
Subject: Cyborg Law

Harvard University created a new field in law called "Cyber Law" and similarly I think it would be interesting to create another related field of law, what I might call "Cyborg Law", and I'd like to talk with you about the possibility of doing this at University of Toronto (e.g. having Toronto be the first place in the world to construct such a concept).

Cyborg Law deals with issues of self-definition and existentiality, e.g. in the near future many of us will choose to become cyborgs, and will select our senses just as we select our clothing in the morning (as described in my latest book CYBORG, Randomhouse Doubleday,

A recent unfortunate incident emphasized for me a need to address these issues within a broader legal framework, for which I have written a paper (attached).

If you have trouble reading the attached paper, (e.g. trouble with Proprietary Document Format=PDF), I would be happy to send as PostScript or as ASCII text (LaTeX) or html.

Perhaps lunch on Thursday, or meeting thurs. afternoon would be good for you?