MannFit System: Integral Kinesiology for strength, endurance, longevity, and rehabilitation

IEEE GEM 2014, link to paper

Nahum Gershon (the father of HII) demonstrating the MannFit system at IEEE GEM2014, with the PointPlankTM system that lets your body be a pointing devince in a gaming environment:

Strength, endurance, longevity, and rehabilitation of hands, arms, and shoulders (leftmost), legs, knees, and ankles (3rd from left), by way of gaming (e.g. driving game, depicted in 3rd and 4th images).

Mann surveyed many interfaces and interaction devices that could be used in gaming as well as to enrich life experiences and to overcome disabilities while contextualizing them in terms of fieldary user interfaces [2]. He described, for example, integral kinesiology, a new approach to fitness and gaming control based on time integrals of displacement rather than distance and its derivatives. Traditional kinematics only considers speed, acceleration, etc., i.e., distance and its deriva- tives, which are commonly used in fitness, gaming, sports, and the like, and is thus, in some sense, only a “half truth.” Now we're looking at integral kinematics (distance and its deriva- tives and also its time integrals). A destabilizing bar suspended from a ceiling and a wobble board on the floor (that incorpo- rated consumer electronics devices) were used to illustrate these concepts and their applications in “a variety of fitness tasks and games to create a fun and playful yet effective fitness training program.” ... [2] S. Mann. (2014, Oct.). SELF-HII: Strength+ endurance+ longevity through gameplay with humanistic intelligence by Fieldary Human Information Interaction, in Proc. IEEE Games, Entertainment, and Media Conf. (GEM), pp. 1–8. [Online]. Available: