WearTech Innovation Contest

Organized by Uniersity of Toronto's WearTech student club

Are you interested in meeting professor Steve Mann, the Father of Wearable Computing and the founder of the MIT Wearable Computing Project? WearTech is holding a contest through which a number of students will have the chance to have dinner with Steve Mann and use the EyeTap smart glasses.

To participate, answer any number of the four questions below. It is not expected for all participants to answer every question and participants can still win without answering every question. Please send responses to weartechuoft@gmail.com with the subject line "Contest" followed by your first and last name. The contest will close September 17, 2018.

Question 1:
Did you build anything when you were younger? If so, at what age, what did you make, and how did you build it? Any pictures or videos are encouraged.

Question 2:
Choose one paper from the list found at weartech.org/contest and write a synopsis on the chosen paper.

Question 3:
Describe how you would create an apparatus that is wearable and can use a camera to continuously capture images in rapid succession of 100 frames per second with varying exposure levels. For example, the images can transition from dark to medium to bright. Detail is encouraged.

Question 4:
Attempt one of the instructables found at http://weartech.org/contest. In the email, include a date and location to present the instructable. Please specify which instructable you have attempted and choose a date before September 17, 2018.