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Beverly Newman January 26, 2003

Without any scientific basis for mass quarantine sites, the state departments of health have made plans to warehouse human beings in locations like abandoned motels and residential schools for the handicapped. Without any provisions for liability emanating from injury or death, the states have bought into arrangements that remind Jews of concentration camps. The plans are predicated on the presumption of an imminent ugly war against Iraq that will unleash the bioterrorist weapon known as smallpox, but already we are being endangered by the cowpox virus, which can cause death, blindness, and gross disfigurement to the fetus, children, and adults.

While you were working, going to an appointment, or shopping today, you may have been exposed to a virus that has been artificially introduced into the United States as of Friday, January 24, 2003, through a massive smallpox vaccination campaign, with extensive ramifications for your family and the entire Jewish community. The date January 24 coincides with the effective date for vaccine manufacturers’ exemption from liability, per the Homeland Security Act passed at the end of 2002.

One of the ramifications of massive smallpox vaccination is the likelihood
of accidental transmission of the vaccine’s live virus, known as vaccinia,
to high-risk persons: pregnant women; individuals with a history of skin
disorders like eczema and acne; and those who are immune-suppressed, due to
cancer treatments, steroid use, HIV/AIDS, or other related factors. For
some of these individuals - approximately 60 million - exposure to the live
vaccinia virus can be lethal.*

*Steve Sternberg. “For 60 million, the cure may kill.” USA Today,
December 13, 2002.

With the imminent possibility of war against Iraq and the specter of
accidental transmission of the vaccinia virus to unvaccinated persons, the
matter of quarantine has been addressed by the states. Recently, all of the
states have submitted plans for quarantine to the Centers for Disease
Control (CDC). While quarantine has been used responsibly throughout
American history, the nature of the current quarantine plans has changed
dramatically. Plans in Indiana, like other states, involve mass quarantine
of entire groups of individuals to be transported to unknown public and
private locations, such as residential schools and abandoned motels. The
bleak outcomes of mass quarantine are obvious:

· separation of children from their parents

· separation of spouses

· rapid transmission of the target disease and secondary diseases as well

· uncontrolled violence inside the concentration site

· children exposed to weapons used for security and violent riot-control

· unavailability of special-needs diets, such as diabetic, dairy-free,
low-sodium, kosher, wheat-free, pesticide-free, egg-free, and many others

· unavailability of specialized air filtration systems that restrict airborne
diseases like smallpox, which are transmitted through positive-flow (normal)
ventilation systems.

The rash quarantine provisions adopted by the states have overlooked the
obvious advantages of home-based quarantine, which was successfully utilized
throughout history. Keeping families together, minimizing exposures,
containing infection through personal hygiene, maintaining normal family
routines, and safeguarding the mental health of children sound like very
good options to me. The mass-quarantine option is an experiment that too
closely resembles the concentration camps of our recent Jewish history.

The issue of universal smallpox vaccination for every American in the event
of a bioterrorist attack has been addressed in various documents funded by
the CDC. From legislators to physicians, there has been increasing alarm
expressed about the documents which contain health care policies that enable
non-elected public health officials to:

· forcibly vaccinate every man, woman, and child in a state, with no
exemptions even for religious objections or medical cause, under penalty of
criminal misdemeanor for refusal to be vaccinated

· use multiple untested, unlicensed smallpox vaccines that can cause serious
side effects to the fetus, children, and adults, ranging from blindness to
death in approximately 60 million Americans

· forcibly quarantine individuals or groups of individuals, with or without
notice, in a variety of facilities unsuitable for this purpose and chosen
without regard for the preferable option of quarantine within one’s own

The smallpox vaccination plan is part of a much larger anti-terrorism
campaign that is intended to be implemented, at the heart of which is the
Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA). This little-known act, funded
by the CDC, has been passed quietly, at least in part, by 21 states as of
November 2002.

The controversial provisions of the MEHPA extend far beyond the scope of a
democratic government and well-recognized health care practices. In addition
to the provisions described above, the MEHPA:

· gives non-elected health officials broad police powers to ration food,
control roads, and call upon the militia to enforce their orders

· nullifies the ability of the state legislature to intervene when the
governor has declared a state of emergency

· exempts from liability individuals implementing or enforcing provisions of
the act which result in bodily injury or death to other persons

· authorizes public health officials to confiscate or destroy private
property without compensation to the property owner.

In response to the alarming provisions of the MEHPA, HB 01973 has been
filed in the Indiana General Assembly by Rep./Dr. David Orentlicher and Rep.
Cindy Noe, based upon the Model Vaccination Notification Bill, which
includes provisions to safeguard every family through home-based quarantine,
which has been used successfully since the 1700s throughout the United
States. Concentration-camp quarantine has never been used safely anywhere
in the world and is the best ticket to medical and moral disaster known to



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2. Centers for Disease Control Smallpox Vaccine Training Module for Adverse Events:
To see the adverse effects of smallpox vaccination and exposure to vaccinated subjects on children clickhere CAUTION:

Contains very, very graphic material showing disfigured and dead babies from the vaccination or from accidental transmission from a vaccinated subject.

Beverly Newman, Ed.D.


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