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Michael Lasalandra

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Posted by Georges Verstraete on 12/08/01 14:47:16 EST.
they are confusing the flu with anthrax
the flu is a viral infection.Asmedicament there are no bettermeans to give AUGMENTIN875 ALSO CALLED AMOXILLINE

Posted by Mary Mulvey Jacobson on 12/06/01 22:52:25 EST.
There is a Boston City Council hearing on Monday evening, December 10th at 5 pm at the Winter Chamber, 26 Court Street regarding City of Boston Sick Buildings. Councillor Mickey Roache is chairing the hearing.

Posted by Azmina on 11/30/01 22:45:09 EST.
I am taking the 2 day session after a conversation with my massage therapist who had a private session with Sikung Lowe. I look forward to the "placebo" effect!

Posted by Cindy on 11/23/01 23:00:25 EST.
Does anyone know where there is a link to the model state emergency health powers act that is not in PDF format?

Posted by Jason on 11/21/01 10:00:59 EST.
What a bunch of wimps and complainers we have become. Everyone needs an excuse. No wonder this country is in the shape it is in.

Posted by Truth Detector on 11/21/01 08:20:31 EST.
If one in 6 has a disability, and one in 10 is gay, and one in 4 goes to bed hungry, how is it possible that the state can function at all?

Either the numbers are wrong, or people have so broadly defined the definition of "disability" so as to render it meaningless.

We will all rue the day when one of the new Federal Baggage Screeners needs to be terminated for poor performance and he or she launches a lawsuit using the utterly asinine ADA as their excuse.

Just wait also, for Alan Dershowitz and his putrid ilk to start counting the number of blacks, gays, hispanics, women, asians, etc. to make sure that these new Feds "look like America."

Massachusetts has always been a magnet for the weird, and it is very pleasing to see the state continue to lose influence nationwide.

Studies like the one prompting this reply are but one more example of the incresingly moronic nature of residents of this Socialist nightmare.

The rest of the country is laughing at us.

Posted by Truth Detector on 11/21/01 08:20:31 EST.
If one in 6 has a disability, and one in 10 is gay, and one in 4 goes to bed hungry, how is it possible that the state can function at all?

Either the numbers are wrong, or people have so broadly defined the definition of "disability" so as to render it meaningless.

We will all rue the day when one of the new Federal Baggage Screeners needs to be terminated for poor performance and he or she launches a lawsuit using the utterly asinine ADA as their excuse.

Just wait also, for Alan Dershowitz and his putrid ilk to start counting the number of blacks, gays, hispanics, women, asians, etc. to make sure that these new Feds "look like America."

Massachusetts has always been a magnet for the weird, and it is very pleasing to see the state continue to lose influence nationwide.

Studies like the one prompting this reply are but one more example of the incresingly moronic nature of residents of this Socialist nightmare.

The rest of the country is laughing at us.

Posted by tommy on 11/19/01 10:21:18 EST.
when did the bill of rights first take effect

Posted by Anastasia on 11/16/01 11:09:43 EST.
thank you for your article, but the name of the bill would be helpful...any more concrete info so that I can write my congressperson would also be useful...thanks again

Posted by Dawn on 11/16/01 09:46:48 EST.
Does Moore's bill have a number yet?
And, from a friend (retired military intelligence) he heard from contacts DO NOT take the smallpox vaccine. More to it than disease protection. Any insight?

Posted by Michael Chapman on 11/13/01 11:16:25 EST.
Oh great, the CDC--the government-funded agency responsible for the contamination of the U.S. blood supply in the 1980s that ended up killing some 30,000 people. And, of course, no one at the CDC was fired or prosecuted for negligence. Government can do that: kill innocent people and walk away. The CDC is anathema.

Posted by Philip Crincoli on 11/13/01 09:58:49 EST.
Over the last 75 or so years, we were able to eradicate most infectious diseases such as small pox and polio. Now, in this generation, the so-called elite and intelligentsia have brought these wonderful plagues back to us. Many thanks to Drs. Kissinger, Eagleburger and Rockefeller, The Three Stooges of Diplomacy, for all of your foreign policy successes !! Great job guys !!! Congratulations ! We obviously need to stop listening to these guys but that is unlikely. The New York University of Knuckleheads lives on !! (NYUK)

Posted by Joy Williams on 11/13/01 07:14:05 EST.
tell me this isn't true@

Posted by Rick on 11/12/01 20:56:19 EST.
The point I have not seen so far in the smallpox issue is:

The AIDS epidemic was directly linked to the smallpox vaccination program conducted in Africa, Hati, and China in 1976.

50 % of the people vaccinated in 1976 developed full blown AIDS within the 1st year.

The Strecker Memorandum (search) will give complete factual details!

They will not vaccinate me or mine!


Posted by Dean Sullinger on 11/12/01 18:24:35 EST.
Your article on "Smallpox plan grants sweeping power"

"herd people into sports stadiums" and "people to submit to examinations or be quarantined" ? Are you kidding me! This guy is an idiot... I don't know about you, but no one in my family will ever be "herded" or "forced" anywhere.

I wrote President Bush and Vide-President Cheney on this one. This assistant commissioner needs some leason in public speach... I would hope "no one" in America is ever "herded" or "forced" anywhere... where does he think we live? in WWII Germany?

Thanks for the article... good job getting this information to "we the people".

Posted by Dennis G. on 11/12/01 17:03:59 EST.
I think that it is important to try to create a common sense aproach to combat bioterrorism. But i also think that these plans must consider the rights of the people . To take draconian action in such a situation is not the proper approach. Do these people think that the american populace would resist the authorities if their own wellbeing is at risk? To create these draconian rules and plans will only serve to deepen the distrust of the people of the real intentions of the state and federal goverments , the common perception that they are mostly interested in covering their own buts and preserving their own powerbases. I know this is very cynical view but there seems to be reason for it. I fully beleive that the average united states citizen wants only whats best for our nation and will fully cooperate with the health systems of our country, but to put an "or else" connotation will only cause the opposite to happen. These plans must be reconsidered with this in mind.

Posted by Bill on 11/12/01 06:38:26 EST.
It is said that when you don't need your gun, you don't need it at all, but when you need your gun you need it very badly. This is a time when every American should be armed with a high powered handgun with 30 round clips.

I am referring to the article about the smallpox plan from this government. This dirty government forgets that we the people are the government and we tell them what to do. Unfortunately the people of this country have become a bunch of mindless jerks. All they want are their soap operas, SUV's and other material possessions.

The gun owners want their guns they say because it is their right and they need them to be free and defend themselves against a dictatorship. But the first dictator that comes along and says give me your gun, they give it to them instead of using the gun for the purpose stated to keep themselves free from that very same government.

Yes, we do need guns, not to protect yourself from the criminals as much as you need it to protect yourself from this scum sucking government that lives off of us like parasites and leaches giving themselves raises when they feel like it and retirement benefits that only kings and queens receive. They think that they are Saudi princes while they scavenge our Social Security system, lie to us and steal our money.

When you come right down to it if the small pox samples were destroyed in the first place you wouldn't need the vaccine would you? It is time to kill off this government before they destroy us all with their madness. Their quest for power is driving them to insanity.

We need to bring back the militia with strong leaders, unlike the NRA wimps who keep loosing our rights for us. Obviously a dictator government will not find on the side of the gun owner when they want to take our firearms.

We studied about the revolution that made this country and we are grateful and admire this countries forefathers for what the endured for their and our freedom, but we don't have what it takes to carry on with that fight. We the people try to convince ourselves that it is over and that freedom will just be forever lasting with no maintenance.

I doubt if this will actually ever happen with the jellyfish freedom fighters of today, but it is about time we used our guns to defend ourselves from this sneaking government. It is time for another revolution.

Posted by JeriLynn Wilson on 11/11/01 12:15:26 EST.
Regarding the article about "sweeping new powers" for the control of infectious desease: I have to say that I am more afraid of what is happening inside our government and to our rights than I am of infectious desease. What happened to our fellow countrymen and women on September 11th was appalling. It saddens me to see how our own government is using this tragedy to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.
I am now and have always been proud to be an American.

Posted by Art on 11/09/01 17:31:46 EST.
What is the number and name of the bill re:
" smallpox plan grants sweeping powers" ?

Posted by Chas. Anderson on 11/09/01 15:15:16 EST.
Nice way to slant your story. I thought journalists were supposed to present the facts, not give them a slant. I would like to see where in the government plan it was written that they would "herd" people into sports stadiums.
What pathetic "reporting" - no wonder journalism is dead in this country.

Posted by George Rotondo on 11/09/01 08:29:33 EST.
Dear Mike,
For quite sometime I have noticed an over abundant reporting about Anthrax.
Anthrax is for the most part treatable.
However, what Frightens me as a Nurse is Small Pox.
For those of you who don't know, Small Pox has a thirty percent mortality rate even if given the best medical care Boston Hospitals can offer.
Sadly enough terrorist do have access to Small Pox, as Stated by Dr. Alibek, Former Director of the Soviet Union's Biological Warfare Center during a recent Congressional Hearing on Bioterrorism.

As you see Small Pox is more devastating than Anthrax could ever be and yet our focus as a Nation is on a manageable problem.
Whereas, Small Pox is not. All Studies I have read both Military and civilian, show that the best treatment of Small Pox pre-exposure vaccination. Since we don't have enough for the whole country we must prioritize.

The people should realize that immediate vaccination of all Health Care professionals and public Safety Officers is needed to prevent a catastrophe of unprecedented portion.

If action is not taken to vaccinate our Doctors, Nurse, Firemen, Policemen and EMS then who will care for the ill and infirm, if and when Small Pox hits.

Therefore, I urge you and all your readers to contact your local and state representatives and urge them to act with great speed to vaccinate.

Thank You
George Rotondo RN, EMT
Cardio-Thoracic Intensive care Nurse
Brigham and Womens Hospital
Revere, Mass

Posted by Pat Williams on 10/27/01 12:43:18 EDT.
I have the following questions for you regarding anthrax.

Does a person who has contracted cutaneous anthrax die or get very sick or both?

Does a blood test indicate whether a person has indeed had anthrax at some time?

Can a person who has survived cutaneous anthrax give blood ever again?

My son had what appeared to be boils on his trunk, legs, and arms. He had assumed that he had been bitten by a spider late in the summer and this bite area turned black and the skin died around it. A month later he developed these boils and then one day could barely get out of bed and went to the doctor and got antibiotics. The doctor merely told him he had a blood infection. I assumed early on that it was the bite of a recluse spider. Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

P. Williams

Posted by Pat Burke on 10/25/01 15:45:40 EDT.
Collier & Young Brillant pinpointing protein superglue toxin is the killer
anti toxins that block neutralize are the answer. What was date of the paper?

Posted by A 1st on 10/24/01 16:16:59 EDT.

> >>
This is for all the kids born in the 70's that do not remember this,
and didn't have to bear the burden, that our fathers, mothers, and older
brothers and sisters had to bear.
Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century."
Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have
never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country but
specific men who served and sacrificed during Vietnam.
> >>
The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot. The pilot's name is Jerry
Driscoll, a River Rat. In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF
Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison-the "Hanoi Hilton." Dragged from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean PJs, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American "Peace Activist" the "lenient and humane treatment" he'd received. He spat at Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and dragged away.

During the subsequent beating, he fell forward upon the camp
Commandant's feet, which sent that officer berserk. In '78, the AF Col. still
suffered from double vision (which permanently ended his flying days) from the Vietnamese Col.'s frenzied application of a wooden baton.
1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4Es). He spent 6 -years in the "Hilton"- the first three of which he was "missing in action". His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group, too, got the cleaned/fed/clothed routine in preparation for a "peace delegation"
visit. They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the world
that they still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper, with his
SSN on it, in the palm of his hand. When paraded before Ms. Fonda and a
cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking
little encouraging snippets like: "Aren't you sorry you bombed babies?" and
"Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent captors?"
Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of
paper. She took them all without missing a beat. At the end of the line and
once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs, she
turned to the officer in charge and handed him the little pile of papers.
Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Col. Carrigan was almost number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know about, her actions that day.

I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam, and was
captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in 1968, and held for over 5 years. I spent 27 months in solitary confinement, one year in a cage in Cambodia, and one year in a "black box" in Hanoi. My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban me Thuot, South Vietnam, whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border.

At one time, I was weighing approximately 90 lbs. (My normal weight is
170 lbs.) We were Jane Fonda's "war criminals."

When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi, I was asked by the camp communist
political officer if I would be willing to meet with Jane Fonda. I said yes, for
I would like to tell her about the real treatment we POWs received
different from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and parroted by Jane Fonda, as "humane and lenient." Because of this, I spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees with outstretched arms with a large amount of steel placed on my hands, and beaten with a bamboo cane till my arms dipped.

I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda for a couple of hours
after I was released. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me on TV.
She did not answer me.

This does not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of "100
Years of Great Women." Lest we forget..."100 years of great women" should never include a traitor whose hands are covered with the blood of so many patriots. There are few things I have strong visceral reactions to, but
Hanoi Jane's participation in blatant treason, is one of them.

Please take the time to forward to as many people as you possibly can.
It will eventually end up on her computer and she needs to know that we
will never forget.

Joel M. Richardson

Posted by jim on 10/20/01 20:13:50 EDT.
Has it been lost on all of us that Marty Meehan, who criticized Bush for not returning immediately to DC on 9/11, didn't exactly demand to stay at his post when anthrax was found within a mile of his office?

Posted by Sarah Mills on 10/13/01 01:24:12 EDT.
I knew Dr. Maureen Martin when she still worked at the University of Iowa. She was supposed to be the one to perform a liver transplant on me in early 1997. However, she was fired for taking credit for surgeries performed by Dr. Youmin Wu, now director of solid organ transplant program at UIHC. Dr. Martin is no doubt a great PR person, outstanding speaker and very intelligent and caring, however she is not a good surgeon and should pursue other avenues in medicine. I also know she was fired from the Beth Israel Medical Center because of the high patient mortality rate post-transplant. The UIHC transplant program is extremely successful now with Dr. Wu at the helm. He is creating and performing new techniques in nephrectomy/living related donors-liver and what's new on the horizon ??? A way to keep insulin dependent diabetics from ever needing a new kidney. He has additionally set all sorts of records. For example; Youngest patient to receive liver transplant (newborn) done approx. late September, 2001. Shortest surgery time...2.5 hrs. Oldest recipient and oldest donor. Dr. Youmin Wu is a great surgeon and saves lives almost every day. Unsung hero.

Posted by Tom Walton on 10/12/01 09:59:04 EDT.
Greetings Michael,

Great 10/12/01 "Vitamins, supplements can curtail eye disease" Article!

Would you please let me know the full source of the government study cited?
Was it a Journal article and how much Zinc (mg) was given?

Many Thanks,
Tom Walton

Posted by Tom Walton on 10/12/01 09:58:35 EDT.
Greetings Michael,

Great 10/12/01 "Vitamins, supplements can curtail eye disease" Article!

Would you please let me know the full source of the government study cited?
Was it a Journal article and how much Zinc (mg) was given?

Many Thanks,
Tom Walton

Posted by AM Carrier on 10/11/01 16:08:49 EDT.
Not to sound like a spoiled brat or anything - but is Department of Mental Health Commissiner Mary Lou Sudders kidding? Not only is somewhere around mimimum wage a shameful salary for someone on mental illness to receive after participation in a clubhouse program, I think it's time to pull the plug on all DMH programs which are not LIFE TRANSFORMING. For this kind of money, the employment figures for clubhouse programs suggest that we threw open the windows and cranked up the heat to a nifty 80 degrees in January. I disgusted.

Posted by George Weber on 10/11/01 09:20:40 EDT.
The real problem is that the Florida incident was, in my view, a successful experiment in delivering anthrax spores to targeted individuals (or facilities) through the mail. I wonder just how many instances of anthrax spore thefts will be uncovered, once the FBI gets into that aspect of the issue. True, the "criminals" have to be very careful handling the spores, but given that care, other targets are not only plausible, but, in my view, likely.

Posted by donna on 10/11/01 08:54:59 EDT.
Seems strange that we are getting a weekly National Enquirer since the week before the attacks. I had been returning them all "return to sender" except this past Saturday I read it, and Sunday morning I came down with upper respiratory symptoms that are still with me. We did not subscribe to the newpaper and have no idea why were are receiving it. It is very strange. Your thoughts?

Posted by Workaway on 10/07/01 01:14:46 EDT.
What of note did JFK, Jr. accomplish that deserves to be memorialized? The man killed his wife and sister-in-law as a result of his, at best, stupidity. And if not stupidity it was murder/suicide. In any case he was a handsome, worthless, jerk!

Posted by AW on 10/06/01 18:22:31 EDT.
Bob Gittens new EOHHS Secretary is the best appointment Jane Swift has made and hopefully the first of many. I will say though I am appalled the focus was on the very very few protesters outside and not the many accomplishments Mr. Gittens will bring the this appointment and the difference this man and his staff will make in many lives. Stay Tuned!

Posted by Paula Erickson on 10/06/01 07:58:01 EDT.
Get a copy of an ABC expose on Primetime Live aired on June 21, 2001. Robert Gittens was directly involved in cutting the deals for the sex offenders that were sent out the door to murder and rape. He was removed from the parole board after an investigation into the Michael Kelley case. Jane Swift is doing what she is told. She has no understanding at all of how corrupt Weld and Cellucci are. They arranged all those releases because those guys were part of a major criminal enterprise masked as a treatment center. The documentary indicates that in no uncertain terms. Rick Nelson is the producer and I am sure you can obtain a copy. The Department of Mental health was and is one of the most corrupt organizations in the country. All the people who helped the child cannibal and others get out have been rewarded for a job well done and they still work there for the private vendor that Weld and Cellucci brought in to run deliberately illgeal boards so that Colleen Coughlin and the kids in Montana could be tortured, raped and cannibalized. Now there are 6400 people in this country dead due to the corruption at Massport. Weld was supposed to be the law and order man along with Cellucci. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Posted by Teri Naugler on 10/05/01 13:25:51 EDT.
I am an environmental activist and am starting a group of activists who have
unusual clusters of dead in their neighborhoods. I would appreciate
the address of Mr. Manero from Saugus. I lived in an area in Mass. where
67 of my friends and their children died at an average age of 45.
I believe the departments of health are far behind in their research
in connecting the hazardous exposures with the deaths. They concentrate
on one chemical to one cancer. In the real world we are exposed to many
chemicals and the deaths range from cancer to heart disease from
these exposures. If you cannot give me their address perhaps I could
forward a letter or you could give them my address. Teri Naugler, Save Our
Planet NOW!!! Box 873 Mora NM 87732. I had a 30 year exposure
and left Mass. Have severely damaged liver and immune system.
Thank you, Teri

Posted by Ernest O. Harewood Sr. on 10/04/01 15:13:04 EDT.
When is mass health going to to send out booklets explianing what todo incase we are attacked....were to go to get GAS MASK.or..MEDICAL Treatment.s. They say don't worry there won't be a BIO-ATTACK. Just like we will never be attacked in AMERICA, well we learned the hard way with peopelslives.ect.ect.!!

Posted by Alan Sager on 10/04/01 12:30:38 EDT.
Dear Michael,
Great piece. Very revealing. Can we expect commensurate action from state government?



Alan Sager

Posted by In the know! on 10/02/01 08:32:58 EDT.
I disagree, Ritallin is used all too freely. School systems send kids to Doctors advising parents on what to do or even at times diagnosing the child with no medical degree (Isn't that against the law isn't that called MALPRACTICE) at any rate these kids are put on ritilin after a visit with a Psychiatrist usually just one visit, at a young age, they are put on ritilin, teachers, parents, and others tell them "don't forget to take your medicine, you will act and feel better" (first step into producing a drug addicted person as a teen or an adult), then at 12 - 14 years old they become explosi ve in many cases and out of control as they never really had ADHD in the first place
but another type of illness. ADHD, ODD, and other labels are being put on kids too quickly medication is being given out like candy! It has to stop! Popping pills in kids mouths is not the answer in the 70's and early 80's this didn't happen, children were made to sit and behave, parents had to get involved, so instead of keeping a class in control, parents being involved, pills are part of raising kids now to keep them under control.

Posted by AL on 10/02/01 04:40:13 EDT.
Is it possible or likely that excessive mercury levels found in the vaccines would still show up in blood/tissue samples many years later? How do I ask my peditrician without alarming him/her to thoughts of a pending lawsuit? If the mercury levels are still present can they be removed from the body? Any help would be appreciated!

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Posted by Heidi Barclay on 09/22/01 16:26:42 EDT.
I also am a flight attendant for American. Flown with Amy several times as we had similar senority. She was the type of girl that when gossipy girls gathered in the galley, she was the one that always remained quiet. She would laugh at what was said, but never added a bad word. She was a sincere quiet girl. She will be very missed. ..Im very proud of her.

Posted by Frank on 09/22/01 04:42:15 EDT.
I, like all other Australians share the grief and sorry caused by the inhumane terrorist acts of the 11 sep 2001. Our Prime Minister, (Little) Jonny Howard stated that we (Australia) were behind the Americans in their response to these awful acts. Most Australians, I believe would have preferred that John Howard had said that Australia would "beside" the American People.

Hang in there - it is during times of trouble that you tend to find your true friends.

21 years as an Australian Soldier

Posted by Debbie on 09/16/01 12:46:35 EDT.
I IS all right for rescuers to get upset! They should! We should not try to "immune" ourselves from the horror, because that makes us that much more willing to accept it. We should not "just accept" this, or it will invite more. "Oh, don't get too tired, don't let yourself care too much!" I think the psychiatrist ought to wake up and get real!

Posted by PSBakhshi on 09/15/01 18:45:00 EDT.
Dear Editor:


I am writing to you relative to a subcategory to the horrific occurrences in the United States. I am an American citizen married to a Sikh gentleman, currently living between Boston and the UK on business. After facing the reality of the devastation in New York, Washington D.C. and Pittsburgh, devastation continues. Since the 11th of September, numerous attacks have been made on the Sikh community across America as a result of their ignorance. Americans are confusing turban wearing Sikhs with Muslims and committing crimes such as assault, harassment, vandalism, paintball shootings and arson.

Although the ethnicity of whomever is receiving these acts should be irrelevant because every human life is valuable, it is the lack of education and the perpetuation of ignorance that causes an even greater amount of human suffrage against innocent people.

My attempt for writing this letter is to alert people to conquer their ignorance and think before they act.

United Kingdom/Boston, MA


Posted by Loraine Ash on 09/14/01 22:11:37 EDT.
The headline of your article states that Americans "clamber" for Old Glory. Perhaps you meant that they "clamor" for it. Clamber means to climb awkwardly, such as up a tree or fence. The article is interesting, anyway.

Posted by Vincent on 09/14/01 11:07:24 EDT.
One solution is to download a picture of the flag from www.50states.com and print it out in color.

Posted by Larry Myles on 09/10/01 13:53:16 EDT.
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I thought you might be interested in visiting our site:


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Larry Myles
SugarTrac's Webmaster

Posted by BILL BYBEE on 09/10/01 11:51:53 EDT.







Posted by anonymous on 09/09/01 09:15:23 EDT.
hi, i'm 16 and i was at a billiard and an arcade called goodtimes in somerville yesterday on september the 8th, and i been there several times before. Everytime that i go there, a lot of people get kicked out, all the people that get kicked out are asian. I dont think thats a coincidence. yesterday, they moved up to me and my friends, they kicked me and my friends out, for literally nothing. one of the security guards forcefully shoved my friend into a booth near by the pool area, he almost hit his head, he fell to the floor, then the same guy grabbed him and put him in a headlock, then the next thing that happen was he was arrested. While the rest of us were walking out of Goodtimes, another one of the security guards, Ray, grabbed the back of my shirt and started choking me, he started hitting me in the head with his walkie talkie. i think they should end this or someone is really gonna get hurt. i called my friend's mother and she said i should come to you guys. thanks

Posted by Becky on 09/04/01 16:45:34 EDT.
I am a student doing a report on Anestheisology and i find this sight very hard and time consuming!!! Thank You And God Bless!!

Posted by Steve C. on 09/01/01 16:30:35 EDT.
Those @!*%@ bastards!! I hope they string up those scumbag companies for selling products they knew had mercury in them to children! Is there any end to their greed?

Posted by Donna Carver on 09/01/01 13:25:37 EDT.
I would like to clarify one piece of information contained in the autism mercury article.

The I.O.M. (institute of Medicine) reort does NOT determine that there is NO link.
That is what Dr. McCormick said on National Televison, however, I have a copy of the report.
What the report says is "the committe concludes that evidence favors rejection of a causal relationship at the population level between the MMR vaccine and autism spectrum disorders"
"However, the committe notes that it's conclusion DOES NOT EXCLUDE the possibility that the MMR vaccine could contribute to ASD" (Autism spectrum disorders)
"the epedemiological evidence lacks the precision to assesss rare occurances of a response to MMR vaccine leading to ASD and the proposed biological models linking MMR vaccine to ASD, although far from established, ARE NEVERTHELESS NOT DISPROVED."

So in short they don't have enough dtat to prove or disprove the link between the MMR and autism.
The statement made omn national television by Dr. McCormick was misleading to say the least.
I also attended the Government Reform Committe hearing on autism a few days after the famous IOM report comment was made and was STUNNED to learn that the IOM report was given to MERCK (the manufacturer of the MMR vaccine) PRIOR to it's release to Congress!!!!!!
Congressman Dan Burton, Chair of the Government reform Committe would be an excellent person to interview on this matter.
His own grandson developed normally, socially, communication wise, developmentally etc. until after receiving the MMR and several other vaccines in one day.
His grandson is now severely autistic.

I am a former nurse who is highly suspicious of the MMR vaccine.
After all, we KNOW that Rubella, the R part of the MMR causes autism in developing fetuses.
WHY is it then so unreasonable to hypothesize that the MMR, which conatins 3 live viruses including the autism causing Rubella virus, COULD cause autism when injected into a small infant who's immune system is already immature?
As a nurse, I was not educated on vaccines and their potential adverse reactions in school.
The ONLY vaccine education I received was from the pharmaceutical representatives who came to wine and dine the doctors and staff.
We were only told what the manufacturer wanted us to hear.
It is also interesting to know that the MMR vaccine has NO LONG TERM safety or efficacy studies.
I beleive the MMR was monitored for approximately 3 weks following administration and only those adverse events found within 3 weeks were ever reported.

On another note IF pharmaceuticals were banned from this practyice, the cost of prescription medicines could also be reduced.
I know that at least once a week, we were taken to lunch, the entir office staff, PAID for by the pharmaceutical Representatives with bills totalling hundereds of dollars.
Multily that by the number of doctors nationwide and well you do the math.
Thank you for your time.
Donna Carver

Posted by Joni Kodzis/Furey on 08/28/01 08:15:49 EDT.
My Mom Joan Kodzis was mentioned in the Saugus cancer cluster probe. This has been very upsetting to my family and I to even think that just maybe something or some one is responsible for my mothers horrific death.This particular type of cancer multiple myeloma usually afflicts ELDERLY people 75/80 not 55/65.
I have wondered about the Saugus water/environment since this whole nightmare started! I pray an answer will be found to stop the insanity.

Posted by Lynne Farrow on 08/24/01 23:53:17 EDT.
I just read your April story on 714X and Dana Farber and fwded it to my online support group. Great reporting!

Posted by Heidi LaChance on 08/24/01 18:28:13 EDT.
Hello Mr. Lasalandra, I am needing your help on seeing if you can help me get into contact with the canadian researcher Gaston Naesssens. See my mother in law has cancer and her doctor's are now telling her that there is nothing they can do for her and that she has less then two months to live she is only 51 yrs old and live would tragic without her and we will go to great lengths to meet with this researcher and see if he can assist my mother in law. Please if you would get back to me asap please call me 508-580-0760. Each day that goes by is one day that we are greatful that she is with us. please if you would call me and give me anything that you have on this researcher and how I can get into contact with him it is all appreciated.

Thank you very much

Heidi Lachance

Posted by MSH on 08/24/01 09:39:24 EDT.
Remember the male Harvard student who committed suicide after sex-related "regressive" (?) therapy with the Lexington based female psychiatrist (name sounds like Bayog sp.?) - - Real problem is nobody knows what goes on between psychiatrists and vulnerable patients. Be good to know how and why this woman in today's story came forward. End.

Posted by usnada on 08/22/01 04:42:49 EDT.
Hi, I feel so happy that my coutry Indonesia has anew presiden : Megawati Sukarno Putri. I hope that my country will be prosperous

Bali Indonesia Reference

Posted by george on 08/15/01 15:12:30 EDT.
would this vaccine help people already living with HIV, but do not have AIDS?