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Viruses as global population control? Geoff Metcalf interviews bio-terrorism expert Dr. Len Horowitz

Editor's note: In recent years, allegations have occasionally surfaced suggesting that the U.S. government has had a hand in suppressing information about such matters as disease-tainted blood, pathogenic contamination of vaccines and Gulf War Syndrome. One example: A growing number of medical researchers reportedly are worried that a monkey virus which contaminated polio vaccines given to tens of millions of Americans in the 1950s and '60s may now be causing rare human cancers.

Are such allegations true? And, if true, why would anyone want to conceal such important information?

Today, WorldNetDaily staff writer and talk-show host Geoff Metcalf talks with acclaimed author, health-rights activist and bio-terrorism expert Dr. Len Horowitz and asks him hard questions about these and other related matters.

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By Geoff Metcalf


Question: Len, for four decades, government officials have insisted that there is no evidence the simian virus called SV40 is harmful to humans. However, I remember a decade ago you telling me about the dangers of vaccines tainted with simian virus. Now, apparently, in recent years, dozens of scientific studies have found the virus in a steadily increasing number of rare brain, bone and lung-related tumors – the same malignant cancer SV40 causes in lab animals.

Answer: You know what they are telling you is actually a suppressed version of the truth. The Bible says a half-truth is a whole lie. That's what this is. Essentially what they are saying is that they have discovered that polio vaccines up to about 1965, or there about, had been infected with a monkey cancer virus known as SV40 – and that all the other polio vaccines are safe.

Q: Not true?

A: That is hogwash. In fact up through the 1990s, all the polio vaccines – the Sabin oral polio vaccines, the little sugar cubes that we all took – essentially contained as many as 100 of these simian monkey cancer contaminates per dose. In fact, the Food and Drug administration that we think is protecting our children's health and safety, and our own, has actually had to turn a blind eye to this because their hands were tied.

Q: How so?

A: By proprietary laws and non-disclosure agreements forced upon them by the pharmaceutical industry.

Q: There was an amazingly revolting sidebar to the long story I referenced earlier. Apparently they wanted to follow up with the oral vaccine so they did a study and they didn't tell the participants what they were doing, and they selected low-income blacks. I was shocked. Hell-o? This is Tuskegee all over again.

A: You might be referring to the Kaiser Permanente easy measles vaccine given to about 1,200 black children – it blew out all their immune systems, left several of them dead and, ultimately, the rest of them suffering for the rest of their lives.

Q: No, it was Cleveland General Hospital – early '60s.

A: Well, we had actually about a year or two ago the same type of thing happen to black children in California at Kaiser Permanente – which is the nation's leading vaccine laboratory – for human experimentation. They did the same thing to black children. And what the CDC director said in defense after the horrible truth got out was, "Sorry. Sometimes these things just fall through the cracks."

Q: Bullfeathers! They specifically chose low-income black families with doses ranging up to 100 times the dose recommended for adults. They did it because these people aren't going to scream about it. You get into this more in your new book, "Death in the Air" – when is it coming out?

A: It's coming out officially August 1st. However, WorldNetDaily already has it.

Q: I'm anxious to read the book and see the documentation. Meanwhile, in your previous work about AIDS, Ebola and all these emerging viruses – you are of the opinion that these things aren't happening spontaneously – they are not accidental and, in fact, they are man made. Right?

A: Exactly right. That's what the book "Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola" does best. It's the definitive expose on who made these types of viruses, when they made them, how they made them, and why they made them.

Q: So it wasn't an accident with some rhesus monkey biting somebody and one guy starting the nightmare?

A: Exactly. However, yes, AIDS came from African monkeys. But what they don't tell you – and what we show in "Emerging Viruses" – is what they did to those monkeys.

Q: What did they do to the monkeys?

A: They simply took the monkey viruses – including the one you were talking about earlier, the SV40, the 40th monkey virus ever discovered. It was already known in 1961 to cause cancer in virtually every animal it was injected into – and therefore it was in fact predicted by the top official at the FDA (the Bureau of Biologics at the time) that we could expect epidemics of cancer unlike the world has ever seen within 20 years of the polio vaccine. Her name is Bernice Eddy and she said that in front of Congress in 1972. It took almost a decade before she got to Congress and told the legislators that is what they could expect if they allowed the continued contaminated vaccines, the polio vaccines particularly, to go out. What the vast majority of incriminating evidence in "Emerging Viruses" relays is the fact that the Army's sixth top biological-weapons developer, Litton Bionetics – that had the contract to supply the monkeys for the vaccine manufacturers – essentially also had the contract to develop numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses during a largely funded and mostly secret "special virus-cancer program" that ran from February 12, 1962 to the mid 1970s.

Q: There are a lot of different theories about this, but the obvious question that always comes up is, if in fact this was done as you claim, how do you control the genie once you let it out of the bottle? Obviously if folks are involved in a nefarious covert operation like this, they want to protect themselves and their families – how do they avoid getting infected by it?

A: That's a very good question. Let me say this first: The fact is that this genie is largely, perhaps not entirely, but largely under control. The controlling agencies – and heavily implicated are people linked to Litton, the Rockefeller complex – are also the directors of the population councils that call for a 50 percent United States population reduction. There are the population controllers all over the world.

Q: That has been a U.N. objective for at least 30 years, to reduce world population by 50 percent.

A: Yes. So that if you get government documents that I have in my library and I reference in "Emerging Viruses" – which were actually given to me by a Pentagon official – you see that in the projections of what AIDS will do even if it kills off 30 to 35 percent of the population, this government report states that is simply not enough. They want somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 percent population reduction. So when I look at AIDS, there are sure some "untargeted' victims – what might be considered casualties of war.

Q: Collateral damage?

A: Yes. But I think that having just returned from Africa and seeing the devastation there – and I'm still recovering emotionally – this is what was called for, not only Henry Kissinger's 1971 publication, National Security Memorandum 200 that we draw on largely in the book "Emerging Viruses" to lay out the whole center of the book which deals with the targeting of black people and third world nations for depopulation – and by Kissinger who, according to two CIA directors, oversaw all the CIA's biological weapons development programs as well as virtually ordered the development of these types of viruses.

Q: Let's get back to my original question. How do they prevent their families, their loved ones, themselves from becoming collateral damage?

A: OK, good. The answer is that the therapies that have been effective have been suppressed. Essentially, what we are looking at is standard Machiavellian theory and practice.

Q: You mean they have an antidote?

A: Yes. There are. In fact, when you go through the research, you see that when Dr. Robert Gallo was overseeing Litton Bionetics and the National Cancer Institutes project in developing these types of unique, bizarre, immune-suppressive leukemia, lymphoma, sarcoma cancer viruses, they were developing antidotes every step along the way. We proved that. We showed the documentation. There is no question about that. But what is more interesting to me is that therapies such as oxygenation and bioelectric therapies which can blow out the viruses – because you know the AIDS virus cannot live in oxygen.

Q: No. I didn't know that.

A: And essentially that has been heavily suppressed by the Rockefellers and the blood bankers who would prefer, instead of cleaning up the blood that they could through oxygenation technologies, that they simply allowed these contaminated blood supplies and vaccinations to go out. What that creates is an economic boom for the pharmaceutical companies – which they also control.

Q: In other words, they create the problem before they offer a solution to the problem?

A: Standard Machiavellian theory and practice.

Q: What do you mean when you say "the techtronic era" is here?

A: That is in regard to the most advanced methods of killing populations. First coercing them, enslaving them, as well as killing them. That is essentially what the book "Death in the Air" deals with. Brzezinski made the quote famous – the term techtronic – that was in his book. We draw on that somewhat but actually go in way beyond that in dealing with the military think tanks of United States and NATO and begin to look at how what is called "non-lethal" warfare is conducted.

What we have been talking about is in fact non-lethal warfare. Where you don't kill populations like in a bomb or a gunshot but you make them sick. You then make them dependent on pharmaceuticals which are actually a military-pharmaceutical complex run by the same players – the global elite – and then ultimately these populations become enslaved to the pharmaceuticals and economically debilitated along with their nation states.

Q: I recently saw a piece which dovetails with what we are talking about. The headline was "U.S. will refuse to sign germ-weapons treaty." It said, "America was heading for a new confrontation with its allies yesterday after it emerged that the Bush administration will refuse to accept an arms-control deal to enforce a ban on biological weapons." Hey, connect the dots.

A: Well, they are using and deploying biological weapons all over the place. For example, this upper-respiratory infection that won't quit that about half the United States population currently has, where multiple antibiotics and physician visits simply can't treat this hard to diagnose illness that doctors say is a "flu like" illness, but it's not a virus, so it's not a flu. What it is, is a mycoplasma agent that we discussed earlier in last year's book.

Q: Is that the same thing that the feds released over San Francisco in the '50s?

A: No, that's a different one – and a couple of other agents too that they were using that also wrecked havoc with people's immune systems, as well as caused respiratory problems. But, no, this is a real, targeted weapon. It is a cross between a bacteria and a virus. It's called mycoplasma. I previously reprinted the patent – the United States government patent by Dr. Lothsome of the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology for the development of this agent that he discusses at length in scientific literature.

Q: How do you hold these bastards accountable for what you claim they are doing?

A: I don't think we can. I've struck out on Capitol Hill. The only thing that we can do is wake people up to what is going on and then, because the primary risks are contaminated blood and contaminated vaccine – those are the major triggers for what I look at for iatrogenocide.

Q: Thanks for spelling that for me. Now what is it?

A: Iatrogenic is a physician-induced illness. It just came out that more people are dying – about 200,000 people are dying from physician-induced illnesses and misappropriation of drugs vs. about 15,000 are dying from gunshot wounds.

Q: How can they call it "non-lethal" biological and chemical weapons and warfare applications when people are dying?

A: That's exactly the point. Just the name of it – they named it that so that they could allow more people to say, "well, it's not really killing people." But it is. It's killing people slowly, and in the process they are making vast fortunes off of humanity's suffering.

Q: Do you have any advocates in Congress at all?

A: We don't have anyone brave enough to really stand up. I'll give you an example: Dan Burton. Burton's congressional investigating committee began to investigate exactly what we are talking about – the links between contaminated vaccination and biological weapons contractors and military operations …

Q: Wait a minute: A while back, Senator Riegle did something over 10 years ago, didn't he?

A: He investigated Gulf War Syndrome and he came up with a tremendous amount of very valuable information – and then he got hell for it. More recently, around last October, Dan Burton's committee actually called me – because the word got out from all the books I've published on the issues and the documentation that backs it – they called me, the hearings administrator called me, and said, "Dr. Horowitz can you please send us your documentation?"

Q: And?

A: I was pleased to, on my dime, send everything overnight and a copy of the book "Emerging Viruses." I got a call about two weeks later and I was invited – they said, "Dr. Horowitz, we would like to have you attend, if you care to." I said that's wonderful. I'll make my plane reservations right away. And I said, I'll prepare a testimony, is that right? She said, "Oh no. You misunderstand me. We're just inviting you to the hearings. We're not going to ask you to testify." So I told them I didn't want to come under those conditions. I didn't want to go and get sick.

Q: Wait a minute. They wanted all your documentation but didn't want to hear from you?

A: I heard a couple of days later that they simply didn't want to hear me testify because, "your material is like throwing boulders on the top of legislators heads. At this point, we prefer to just wake them up a little bit by throwing a few pebbles."

Q: Meanwhile people are dying.

A: That's exactly what I said, Geoff. I said, that's very nice. It wouldn't bother me if there weren't millions of people dying whose blood is on your hands.

Q: What, if any, regulatory, oversight, investigative group is there? I recently saw an article noting the CDC can't even admit that condoms don't work as well as they want. You can't count on them.

A: There are none. Allegedly, we have the Center for Disease Control as well as the Food and Drug Administration protecting our health and safety. In fact, the book "Death in the Air" does a slam-dunk on these people to show the documents that prove that public health is misnamed. It is global genocide. Genocide is ongoing in the name of public health.

Q: That's pretty heavy handed. Give me an example of what you mean.

A: So much of history repeats when you don't learn the lessons. These shadow governors continue to pull the political strings on the puppet politicians they give us a chance to vote for, in what they call democracy, which is actually corporate fascism masquerading … globally. The reason why those people died during the holocaust – now that was called genocide back then – they marshaled those millions of holocaust victims at the Nazi concentration camp gas chambers telling them they were going in for showers for "public health and disinfection." Today we are going to get vaccinated full of contaminated vaccines that deliver monkey cancer viruses and a hideous array of other things for the same reason: "public health" for "infection prevention."

Q: By whom?

A: It's the same people, or their heirs with the same money, but vast fortunes more made off their investments all these years and the same ideology – that is to reduce certain targeted populations. There are no regulating agencies. Those regulating agencies that we think are supporting us and our children's health and safety are actually puppets of these literally international chemical-pharmaceutical cartel elitists.

Q: One of the more distressing clams is that the agencies we anticipate to provide some kind of oversight and protection either don't exist or are not doing their job. However, somebody has got to manage this effort?

A: I believe that is definitely the case. Again, I would say who is at the hub of the wheel is the Rockefeller family. Everything from the spraying of malathion produced by Chevron, a Rockefeller company, to the creation of West Nile virus outbreaks – or alleged outbreaks – along the eastern seaboard; this again was managed entirely by all the organizations that fall under the thumb of the Rockefeller complex. You're looking at the international bankers. You're looking at the global elite. What some people call oligarchy, some people call illuminati. In essence there are about 13 families that have virtually all the financial control that run the world economies. And these people also are committing genocide. That's simply defined as the mass killing of people for economic, political and/or ideological reasons. That's what's going on. You've got global genocide.

Q: That is a harsh charge. Why?

A: You've got people that are being taken out because the people who run the economies have a desire to reduce half of the world population simply because smaller populations are easier to control. And they have all the money they need – it's not about making money anymore in this New World Order thing.

Q: It's about control.

A: Absolutely.

Q: Is there any gadfly that can help. Riegle did a magnificent job in his hearings. I have hard copies of them, although you can't order them anymore. If not a Dan Burton, is there a Bob Barr or Ron Paul or someone? Ron Paul is a doctor! Is there someone who is willing to even look at your material?

A: I'm very disappointed in Ron Paul, who supposedly represents our entire bent on these issues. I personally went into Ron Paul's office. Unfortunately, at that time, he was running for re-election and he didn't have any time for me. All they are concerned about is getting re-elected and raising funds to do that. And that's the problem.

Q: So where does that leave "we the people"?

A: It leaves us with having to gain knowledge in round about ways. For example, WorldNetDaily is a fantastic resource for this sort of thing. We have to find alternative venues for the information. And, secondly, what to do? Like Jesus once said, "My people die of lack of applied knowledge." Now that we have the knowledge, what does it mean? Turn to alternatives. Alternative therapies. The five steps for preparing your temple of God to defend itself against these current and coming plagues: Creating detox strategies, acidification to make the viruses and bacteria and yeast and cancer cells disappear out of your body, boosting immunity every way possible. Again, steps four and five have been heavily suppressed by these same people who bring on the diseases. Oxygenation is miraculous, and bioelectric technologies. Stuff based on Nicola Tesla's work – all of these are fantastic and have been heavily suppressed.

Q: Len, this stuff has been going on since at least the '50s that we know of. Are we going to have more of these ubiquitous viruses coming out eventually?

A: Yes. That's exactly what is going on. And you are right, exactly, dating it too.

Q: I'm sorry, we're crunched on time, but after I read your new book "Death in the Air," we'll do this again soon.

A: Geoff, we are publishing the illuminati code. We have their code now and wait until you see what they are!

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