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SMALL POX - Waging Ultimate Bio-Warfare
by Michael Tivana ... 11-12-01

Why is small pox a much greater threat than any other Bio-terrorist attack?
Now that people are waking up to the fact that our country has a Readiness Exercise plan to leaglly detain millions of American citizens called REX84 Bravo, the common questions that are asked is who will go into these camps and why? The answer is quickly becoming - the quarantine of citizens that have been exposed to a communicable disease.

On 11/11/01 I went to a panel discussion on current events at the Bellevue Art Museum. On that panel was a doctor from the Overlake Hospital in Bellevue Washington. His topic covered the realities of bio-warfare, from the current anthrax attacks to what would happen if these attacks were expanded to include small pox. But how do you go from talking about it to having such an outbreak?

Anthrax marks a huge precedent in the psyche of our nation and the world. It makes the talk about a bio-attack REAL. This means that our country can be attacked from an unknown source at any time using bio warfare. The threat of an attack using bio weapons was announced by the US Attorney General on 9/12/01 and realized as valid a few weeks later. Later threats from US Attorney General Ashcroft have covered small pox. The anthrax attacks have set the stage for a broader bio-warfare theater which includes the use of communicable diseases where US citizens become the bombs.

The doctor's talk covered what would happen if we saw a small pox outbreak. He emphasized that our country has a limited amount of small pox vaccine and that in the event of an outbreak the periphery around the nucleus area would be vaccinated. I asked what would happen to the people in the nucleus and he said that they would most definitely be quarantined. They would be confined to their homes. I did not question him farther as I began peicing the puzzle together. An outbreak of a communicable disease can go beyond confining people to their homes it can lead to the mass relocation of large populations for quarantine safety.

By what authority can the US government relocate its citizens? FEMA allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. It allows creation of a nonelected national government. The FEMA laws were made available by the president when he declared that we are in a national state of emergency indefinitely on 9/14. This makes the enactment of all FEMA executive orders the discretion of George Bush. Executive Order # 11004 is the one that applies here.

Ex Order # 11004: The US government has the right to seize all housing and finance authorities in order to establish "Relocation Designated Areas" and to force abandonment of areas classified as "unsafe". To enforce this further the Center for Disease Control (CDC) led a process to develop a "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" that was completed and became active on October 31,2001. Their reasoning for this act is that it "will be an important tool for state and local officials to respond to bioterrorism and other public health emergencies". What this really means is that in the event of a contaminated population, the CDC will be able to force masses of people suspected of exposure to broadly-defined "infectious diseases" and biological weapons into concentration camp-like holding facilities for drugging, vaccination, and quarantine, without any viable legal recourse. I wonder how long a person that had been exposed to small pox would be detained? This reminds me of the leper colony on Molokai.

The first step in moving people to detainment centers by way of quarantine of communicable diseases is to actually have a bio-warfare threat and then attack. Thus the Anthrax attacks have opened the American psyche to the possibility of this previously unthinkable occurrance. Not only is there now a viable excuse of going to the camps, but there would be two reasons for people to actually volunteer to go to the camps - one would be to save the rest of the population (they would be seen as heros in the terrorist war) the other to be healed of the disease. We shall see what the future brings.

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