ECE516: Intelligent Image Processing

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Mentorship opportunities with Prof. Mann

Join us in Silicon Valley California, Shenzhen, and Toronto this summer or fall, where Mann and his students founded companies with valuation in excess of $1 billion. (See

Mentorship examples:

Come to California, Shenzhen, or Toronto this summer or fall

MannLab Toronto MannLab China (Shenzhen) MannLab headquarters, Silicon Valley

Come to MannLab (headquarters in Silicon Valley California), MannLab Canada (located in Toronto), and MannLab China (located in Shenzhen), or one of its spinoffs (InteraXon, Visionertech, and many other companies) this summer or fall.

Prof. Mann also maintains ties with MIT, Stanford, and many other organizations also looking for talent.

So please show us what you can do. We're also happy to help you achieve other great things of your choosing. Now is the time to work with us and do something great in the course, so that when it comes time for a summer job, or time to ask for a reference letter for MIT, Stanford, or elsewhere, there is a truthful and compelling story to tell. Take this opportunity for one-on-one mentorship and authentic research.

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