ECE516: Wearables, IoT, AR, Intelligent Image Processing

S. Mann

Lab 2016-1: Intelligent Imaging: Camera as integrator

For full marks, do the Instructable, Abakography: Long Exposure Photography That Mimics Human Vision, moving a light source through freespace, and also, for bonus points, repeat with the light source constrained along a track or trajectory, i.e. also do the Instructable: Grasping Gravitational Waves..., but you only need to do it in the simplest (most rudimentary) way.

Bonus means you can get more than 100% on this lab which will spill over into other labs....

As with all labs, feel free to propose a lab of your own. To begin with, optionally, do a "Show-and-Tell". Bring and show something that you have built yourself, in your own time, e.g. from your childhood, or as a personal hobby (rather than something you were required to build for a course). The purpose of this is so we can all get to know each other, and learn about your strengths and passions, and things you are good at and interested in. This will help us optimize the course for your needs and interests and match it to your skills.

Alternatively, choose on of the inventions that you think you can master, and write a brief report on how you can master it, and your connections to it.

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