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PIPELINING continued

brief historical notes on pipelining

fully pipelined means we can start one instruction while finishing another

pipelining hazards:

structural hazard would for example result from memory access of instruction fetch and memory access of data, were it not for separate data and instruction caches.

existence of cache makes the instruction fetch (from memory) and the data memory access (also from memory) as fast as other elements along the pipeline, and solves some of the other problems

also, the register "file" is dual ported so it can read 2 registers at once.

control hazards

flushing of the pipeline if the branch is taken:
        FETCH    idle      idle     idle     idle
desire to know if taken as early as possible (as described above), or we can also delay the branch.

forwarding: for example, results of register write can be forwarded directly to the ALU.

beyond the traditional 5 stage pipeline

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