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interesting note on survey of languages used in cs

>       - what language is used in your first computer course?
>       - if Java is not now used in the first course, is it likely to
>           be used in the near future?
>       - do you have any observations/advice on the suitability of Java in a
>         first programming course?
> The tally for language in the first course is (see list of school
> names below):
>       JAVA            C++             C               SCHEME
>        9              18              7                 2
> Several using C++ agree that JAVA is easier for beginning students
> to understand, but see C/C++ as most important for applications, and to
> satisfy desires of future employers.  Some using C++ contemplate changing
> to JAVA.  Those using SCHEME (due to external constraints) would prefer
> using C++ or JAVA, and don't think it matters which.
> One maverick (an outstanding CompE leader) is adamant that the best
> approach by far is "..if the first course starts a bottom-up process that
> takes one from bits and operations on bits through analysis of logic gates
> and structures to a simple machine, machine language, assembly language,
> and..finally a high level language."

note on labs: sleek slender; right angle; big enough hard drive; prepare in advance and READ the material PRIOR to coming to lab; in future TAs will be looking for evidence of advance prep. and pre-lab effort.

how a microprocessor works

microcomputers of the 1970s and early 1980s

machine coding

programmer's model

operation of a typical early (e.g. 6502 or the like) microprocessor