introductory remarks on labs

see the lab0.htm web-page.

read through the basic installation procedure of whichever distribution (redhat, or debian, etc.) you decide to use, preferably debian (same as what we all use).

isa slots (e.g. what's a pci slot, isa slot, etc.)
isa slots
isa slots, closeup view

make sure sideways and easy to work on

can cut out plastic over cover.

above all (active not yet)

ECE385 = Introduction to MICROPROCESSORS

therefore let's talk about history of microprocessors

world's first microprocessor was Intel 4004

the term "microprocessor" originates with Intel, Hoff proposes a CPU on chip with other memory chips holding 'code'. Since microprogramming was popular, we considered it a micro-programmed calculator, and called it a micro-processor.
microprocessor history: 4004 and beyond