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change from pic to avr for teaching (PDF)

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Also, cornell ee476 (uses Atmel AVR)

atmega48 documentation

atmega48 or atmega88 documentation:

atmega48 pinout

atmega48 or atmega88 pinout:

PWM pins are B1 B2 B3 (MOSI), and D3 D5 D6

sp12 programming connections for various atmel products, including atmega48 and others:

See (figures below)

AVR programmer from

also, be sure to download gnu linux, which you can get, for example, from

atmega48 feature summary:

Supply Voltage                  1.8-5.5 V
Interrupts, External pins               2
On Chip Oscillator                    Yes
Software Programmable Clock Divider 	8
Power-on Reset                        Yes
Brown-out Detection                   Yes
Interrupt or Wake-up on Pin Change    Yes
Interrupts                             23

2-wire Serial Interface (I2C compatible)  	Yes
Full Duplex Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) 	Yes
Full Duplex USART                               Yes

Timer/Counters (8-bit)                  2
Watchdog Timer with On-chip Oscillator 	1
Real Time Counter                       1
Timer/Counters (16-bit)                 1

Analog Comparator                       1
Pulse Width Modulator  	                6 ch
Analog-to-Digital Converter (10-bit) 	6 ch
Analog-to-Digital Converter (8-bit) 	2 ch

Flash Memory                            4 kB
EEPROM Data Memory                     256 B
SRAM Data Memory                       512 B
General Purpose Registers (Accumulators)  32

polyfuse, polyswitch...

hc126 datasheet
(hc126 is used in the sp12 dongle)