Dusting gallery submissions: Submision rules

Dustings (lightvector paintings) should be submitted according to the following:
  1. No dustings may be submitted to the gallery without CEMENT file. The CEMENT file is an ascii text file that indicates the filenames of the images corresponding to the lightvectors used, as well as the coefficients. Here is an example;
  2. Dusting images must appear at full resolution with a link from a smaller image. The smaller image must have a width not greater than 600 pixels and a height not greater than 480 pixels. For a typical size image, e.g. 3072x2048, the smaller image will be 600x400;
  3. There must be a representative icon image, which is usually made by: The icon image must be square and 80 by 80 pixels, and should provide a recognizable visual cue to the image, so that a person already familiar with the image can find it quickly from a long list of icons. See for example, Gallery of Lightvector paintings.