MaybeCameras at Casino Niagara, Sunday July 2, 2000

For the past month or so, the film crew has been following me, in various day-to-day life activities, e.g. visit to Niagara Falls where I produced my Mediated Reality (TV on easel) lightvector painting which they documented on film.

I've been shooting an EyeTap documentary video (with my EyeTap system) of my day-to-day life, which included, this evening, an hour or so visit to Casino Niagara, playing various games there.

I unplugged my keyer so that I would have no control over my EyeTap rig, but before I did, I asked my wife to MAYBE press C before unplugging the keyer, so that I would not know whether or not my eyeglasses were remembering anything. The keyer is like a musical instrument that I usually start off by playing in the key of V (Video), then change to the key of C (Capture), but I had my back turned away so I could not see what she was keying, so that I would not know whether or not I was in the key of C. Then I switched to the key of lost. (I locked my belt computer rig with a small padlock I didn't have a key for so that I could not access any of the controls or get at the system or determine whether or not the system was in Capture mode.)

Now once I was MAYBE playing in the key of C, I wandered into the Casino, with the film crew to follow.

They managed to sneak in all their film gear (this was not merely video, but, rather a film crew with a large Arriflex motion picture camera that shoots real celluloid film). Alexi distracted the guard, while Rudy (the cameraman) pretended to be close friends with his assitant, giving her a big hug, with the camera hidden between them, as they walked in past the guards. The sound crew also managed to sneak in past the guards, and so as I walked in, the crew quickly assembled inside, and followed me up the escalator. There is a tall escalator going up a very grand entrance, and the crew knew that they could not be attacked in the confined space of the escalator, so even after detection, the assailants would need to wait until the crew got to the top.

The assailants were waiting at the top.

The film crew explained that they were making a documentary of me (that they had been following me around, in my day-to-day life, etc.,) but the crew was asked to not take pictures, so I continued to wander around and make my own documentary, without the full crew so effectively making a documentary of me making a documentary.

After that I shot for another hour or so until I had "no space left on device". Then I left and we were going to all go home, but I suggested a group shot of the crew. Rather than just wearing our normal clothing, I grabbed a bag of MAYBECAM shirts and we all put them on. So here's some nice pictures of us in front of the casino, maybe wearing maybecam shirts that may or may not be transmitting live video onto the internet.

v122.jpg v123.jpg v124.jpg
dynamic range experimental
Afterwards I thought it might be fun to take a shortcut back to the car, by going through the casino, so we all went back into the casino. Despite the rather obvious text on the shirts, none of the assailants bothered to read any of it, so they didn't have much to say about our shirts. I wanted to try again with a bag of probably cameras, to determine how "camera" something had to be in order to raise concern, as I had done in other establishments with devices ranging from "no camera", to "maybe camera", to "probably camera" to "definitely camera", but we were all tired so we went home.
Mon Jul 3 05:40:48 EDT 2000