the process of dusting...

The final result...

MZTV facade discussion figure 0:

MZTV facade discussion figure 1:

MZTV facade discussion figure 2:

MZTV facade discussion figure 3:

MZTV facade discussion figure 4:

MZTV facade discussion figure 5:

MZTV facade discussion figure 6:

MZTV facade discussion figure 7:

see cement5_to_add.txt

to be added partially:

v152: blurry long exposure of streetcar at left
v172 streetcar frozen with flashlamp, at left
v132: traffic
243 traffic close
252 traffic close
159 traffic
162 traffic
118 people shot from roof
139 front of bld dusted from dead center
141 dusted from left
146 dusted from left 
147 dusted from right
150 left

for further partially adding:

v233: best predicata glow; could also use v234 if wanted a bit less glow

to fix the unevenness of leftmost window: flr2 left window: 209, 214, 216, 217

214 seems to be the best one to add

191: rest of citytv truck (outline and driver, etc)

193 hubcap and headlight of citytv truck show nicely

197, 200: topmost sattelite from other roof

sky: paint in bright sky???

traffic: paint in more traffic, maybe streetcar at right?

further to todo:

turn up the right side window as well
Museum windows to as prominent as possible
Later maybe explore the rgb option as well, therefore DO WINDOWS LAST
building needs a little more light on the left side (right side looks great)
streetcar at left (flash and blur) looks great
keep bravo sign dark like fig5,6
Citytv mobile truck with rolling back and long exposure
add more lights in the street, like in version 0 with street noise.
store also looks grat, but maybe a bit strong.
The Prdictas in version 0 is a favorite of Mia's