Hermitage ruins, Ancaster, Ontario, Canada

Steve Mann, Friday, 2000 June 30

(Betty, Bill, Ruth, Beth present, along with film crew making a movie about my life, including the dusting; mon=painting lightvectors studio; tue=telepoint and streetcar; wed=walmart; thu=??;fri=hermitage; sat=lab4205; sun=niagara)

The coachman who lived with the family here, fell in love with the daughter, and after the parents refused to let her marry him, he hung himself. The ruins remain out in the forest, where it is said his ghost haunts the space from Lover's Lane (where the tree stands in the middle of the road, and all the traffic still goes around it), across to the old ruins in the forest.

Lightvectors taken with WearComp7 system

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Sun Jul 2 06:15:40 EDT 2000