telematic tubs against terror

Telematic Tubs Against Terror, and Worldwide Washdown with Immersive Multimedia and Immersive Environments

2003 May 22

the following evening:

Another lightvector painting, but this time, facing away from the street...

The idea of having people in different places bathing in the same wave state (same temperature water, same wave patterns, etc.) is accompanied with projections of shadows on the translucent outer surfaces of the tub. Additionally, there is provided a notion of "hysterical relaxation". The hot tub is traditionally a place to relax, but in the age of bioterror, is a place to be free of contamination, free of contraband, and free of the liberty to conceal. Moreover, the word "hysterical" derives of the womb, which is further suggested by the umbilical cord formed by the electrodes worn by each participant. (Follow link, and see pages 397 and 398.)
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A week later, on Thursday 2003 May 29th, we had deconcert2, and afterwards that same night we had bapterrorism (also known as optical erection, photonic erection, etc.). Bapterrorism (optophoto erection) is described in the lead article for TECHNOLOGY AND SOCIETY 2(1)
There was also a followup rooftop theatrical performance shortly after bapterrorism.