Hydraulophone performance in Dundas Square

2007 September 20th, with temporary closing of Yonge Street

We played our first set, then we provided background music for the speech, and then later we played our second set

With the temporary closing of Yonge Street, capacity of Dundas Square is increased... People can enjoy the concert while sitting on or playing in the middle of the road:

This was part of CAR FREE DAY:

Chris Aimone on the bass-hydraulophone:

Hydraulists Ariel Garten, Ryan Janzen, and Chris Aimone converse with a concertgoer:

Another hydraulophone, built into a wading pool, includes an effects pedal (with hydraulic action):

Emptying out the hydraulophones in a fun-way after the performance; trying to minimize waste of the water by getting some "funits" (units of fun) out of it before letting it go. Also we tried to drain it back into the cistern of the fountains so it would get treated and re-claimed locally...