The Reflectionist art of Conspicuous Concealment of cameras in domes

MaybeCameras, PerhapCameras, PossiblyCameras, and ProbablyCameras

The Blatantly Hidden camera

Here's TieDome, which matches the decor of just about any gambling casino or department store. Perfect for wearing to such places, or anywhere else photography is prohibited:

I also made a MaybeCam (ProbablyCam) rig for my wife, for crime prevention and personal safety:

Q. Is that a camera you're wearing?
A. It could be. I do not know, sir. I've answered your question, I do not know!
Q. Is there anyone who might know [if what you're wearing is a camera]?
A. You can go down there [to EXISTech's Corporate Headquarters] as far as you can go, and talk to Security.
Q. So it [what you're wearing] has something to do with security?
A. You're trying to put words in my mouth.
(The above borrowed and adapted from a conversation with a Sears department store security guard in

Fashion show featuring Conspicuous Concealment of cameras in domes.
TieDome Augmented Reality system
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