ouiki world map(ster)

The following (shown below) is a project Steve Mann did with Chris Aimone and Frankie G, exhibited at Digifest in conjunction with the Mann's Keynote Address at Digifest.
Ouiki World Map(ster) is a ouiki that runs on a projected world map as a user-interface. The "mapster" file sharing interface maps body movements to possibly illegal data transfers of music files that play through loudspeakers on the ground near where a ceiling mounted projector directs an image.

The user interface provides strategic ambiguity regarding intentionality, and allows multiple users to collaborate in the positioning of a non-willful-blindness planchette for copyright irreverence that summons spirits of the dead to be bound by the Terms and Contitions incumbent upon the entity that actuates the playback of musical data files.

Exhibit opening: