The new deconomy

Deconomics is the deconstruction of economics. Deconomics, as a discipline, comprises two main areas: So once we have deconstructed the notion of "economics", we must now think of something that can replace it. Clearly that something cannot merely be its antithesis (such as GNU Linux and the Free Source movement), because that's still economics: money is simply replaced with "reputation capital".

Reputation capital builds monetarily on a creative commons, but often arises using a different form of currency, namely that of credit (recognition) for ideas or contributions, rather than cash. But credit and cash are often interchangeable (e.g. a better known person can certainly earn money by giving talks where a speaker's fee is charged, for example, or the recognition may lead to job offers, etc), to the extent that fame and fortune are fungible, so in many ways, the credit of scholarly recognition (citations) is not much different than the credit of a credit card (money).

So if we want a true deconomy, what we really need is the ability to produce attribution-free works.

Reconomics from reconism (a reconaissance/rebirth from reconstructionism) further explores what rises from the ashes of deconomics.