330 Dundas Street West: Level 1

Innovative award-winning architectural concept:

Beautiful urban-industrialist aesthetic

Cyborg Echoes exhibit (Mar. 21-22):

Large floor-to-ceiling windows across the entire South-facing wall:

Late-night view, facing South:

Modern cement and steel contstruction facilitates large open spaces not possible with wood beam construction. Movable walls are made possible by the large span of steel beams and trusses. (Example: Simon Penny and Bill Vorn exhibit, May+June 2003)

Beautiful ultra-modern urban industrialist aesthetic: huge windows set in cement and steel construction:

Huge windows, lots of natural light in front common area:

Long exposure view (streetcar traffic motion blur, etc.) looking out front window from inside common area:

Daytime view looking out front window from inside common area:

Innovative architecture: Movable walls suspended from steel beams for reconfigurable space:

Others, such as OCAD, have copied our innovative architectural natural-lighting concept.

Color reference (label) for amber windows.