Deconism arts complex at 330 Dundas

floor paint (5500) is on left; wall paint (600) on right:
chris aimone and i tested various kinds of paints and primers, on the floor, and it was found that the following paint, together with no primer, adhered best. aimone: "The paint was bought at at benjamin moor distributer on college st. It was on the north side of the street. I think just east of the intersection of college st. and crawford st. (between bathurst and ossington anyhow)."

two cans of floor paint (same numbers: 5500, and 5500):

two new cans of the same floor paint with slightly different numbers, 5500 and 5501:

wall paint:
door frames, doors, heating grills, diffusers, etc., are painted in light anthrax-grey, which was made from a white 300 base, with the light anthracite coloring:
exteriour of building, medium anthrax grey:

Color matching information for building exteriour colour: