Deconism floorplan, main floor (level 2)

not exactly to scale; tick marks denote approximately 1 foot increments. Top to bottom of this drawing is approximately 72.5feet, not including the decon chamber itself.

PostScript file of the above

A bigger bitmap image suitable for 300dpi print, expands to approximately 30 megabytes. Use only if you have difficulty with the PostScript file above.

The colour scheme throughout the entire complex is very simple: anthracite (anthrax white, anthrax grey, and anthrax black), in commercial-grade oil paints. Combined with the modern style of the building, this creates a blank canvas upon which to display various works of art:

The glass ceiling of the performance hall/exhibit space facilitates wonderful natural lighting by soft northern light, as well as creative use of projections (various computer controlled projectors) after dark:

(see similar lighting in deconcert)
Nessie's room is 24.5 feet

72.41666666666666666666+24.5 96.91666666666666666666 96.91666666666666666666*26 2519.83333333333333333316