Supplement #134 - August 31, 1997

     1. (MAJ)    MUMIA ABU-JAMAL: `War Crimes' - New Column!
                 `Mission Statement'; `Stolen Lives Project'
                 Australia! -- `Boycott 2000' Launches Olympic
                 Boycott Campaign
     4. (NOA)    NATION OF AZTLAN: National Huelga Day - October
                 15, 1997
     5. (GN)     GERMAN NEWS: Deckert, Deputy-Leader of NPD
     6. (AP)     ASSOCIATED PRESS: Danish Neo-Nazi Admits Mailing
     7. (AP)     Palestinian Broadcasting Chief Defends Holocaust
     8. (TT)     THE TIMES [London]: Far-Right Mayor Enlists Aid
                 of `Praetorian Guard'
     9. (TS)     TORONTO STAR: `Charge Skinheads in Anti-Gypsy
                 March,' Jewish Group Urges    
    10. (REU)    REUTER: Klan Leader Accused of Sexually Abusing
                              * * *
                           `WAR CRIMES'
                        By Mumia Abu-Jamal
                      Column Written 8/24/97
     For Abner Louima, and tens of (if not hundreds), of Haitian
immigrants, America promised to be a place of refuge from the
state terrorism that raged in the Black Republic under the US
supported Duvalier regimes (1957-1986) and for nearly 2 decades
after the fall of Duvalier fils.
     Many thousands of Haitians braved the rolling seas,
humiliating incarceration in Miami's Krome Detention facility,
and the ever-present threat of return to a Haiti governed by
either the malevolent Tontons Macoutes (death squads) or a
malfeasant military whose only record of contemporary action was
in its war against its own people on behalf of a rapacious elite.
     America, for those victimized by the government, seemed like
a shining dream, where safety dwelt. On August 9, 1997, that
bright, shining dream was shattered, only to be replaced by a
brutal nightmare for Abner Louima and his family. For, it was in
the early hours that the 30 year old Haitian immigrant was
arrested and reportedly beaten by several New York City cops
outside of the Rendezvous Nightclub on relatively minor charges
(which were subsequently dropped). Taken back to the 70th
Precinct station house, Louima was stripped, shuffled into the
bathroom, and there cops shoved a wooden toilet plunger up his
rectum, tearing his colon and lacerating his bladder. The cops
then took the fouled, bloodied plunger and forced it in his
mouth, breaking four of his front teeth in the process.
     Louima, who had left the government terrorism practiced in
Haiti, met the American brand. As he fielded racial epithets, one
cop made it clear to the traumatized security guard why he was
being so brutalized. Louima, speaking from his hospital bed as he
lay swathed in bandages, recalled one cop's words, "Nigger, this
is Giuliani time, not Dinkins time". This cryptic message was
meant to communicate that under incumbent Mayor Rudolph Giuliani,
as opposed to former Mayor David Dinkins, anything goes for cops
if done against Blacks.
     Louima's attorney, Carl Thomas, Esq., when asked to give his
level of confidence in the "investigations" launched by the
Giuliani administration, replied, "None". "The Administration has
been involved in daily crisis management," opined Thomas.
     In trying to explain the "medieval torture" meted out to his
client, Thomas noted, "They feel you have no recourse. You're
just an immigrant" (Lead story BET, 24 Aug. 1997)
     Shortly after the installation of Jean-Bertrand Aristide as
Haiti's President, American officials sent top NYPD officials to
Haiti to train its newly constituted police forces.
     One wonders: Who was training NY cops? Haitian community and
civil rights groups insist the Louima assault is but one of a
long train of brutalities inflicted upon their people, and other
Black and Latino residents of the city. What happened to Louima
was an Act of War, not on crime, but on a Black man; one
duplicated, by various degree, daily in every NY borough, and
     For most of this century cops have been soldiers in a war of
attack Black interests and to preserve the white supremacist
status quo, and no reform, no commisison, no 'investigation' will
change that.
     Born in ethnic gangs (read Ignatiev's How the Irish became
White) they have been organized as a force to defeat Black
     The Louima case shows us the savagery of those sworn to
protect and serve; who they serve, and who they don't.
     Copyright 1997 Mumia Abu-Jamal. All Rights Reserved.
     Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 18:55:35 (EDT)
               Oct. 22nd Coalition c/o KHL, Inc.
                    Box 124, 160 First Ave.
                         NY, NY 10009
                     Tel: (888) No-Brutality
                     NYC: (212) 822-8596
                 Chicago: (773) 794-8114
                         MISSION STATEMENT
     The National Day of Protest was initiated by a diverse
coalition of organizations and individuals. We came together out
of our concern that the peoples' resistance to police brutality
needed to be taken to a higher level nationwide.
     The National day of Protest aims to bring forward a
powerful, visible, national protest against police brutality and
the criminalization of a generation. It aims to expose the
state's repressive program. It aims to bring forward those most
directly under the gun of police brutality AND to also reach into
all parts of society -- bringing forward others to stand in the
fight against this official brutality. And the National Day of
Protest aims to strengthen the peoples' organized capacity for
resistance in a variety of ways.
                       STOLEN LIVES PROJECT
     There is an epidemic of police brutality in the United
States. The victims are overwhelmingly African American, Latino
and other people of color. Many victims are youth. Those who are
killed and brutalized by police are denied justice and even
dignity. The Stolen Lives Project is a work in progress. Stolen
Lives belongs to those whose lives have been ended by the police. 
They cannot speak for themselves, but we can and we will. Stolen
Lives is a call to people who live with police brutality every
day to come forward and tell what they know and experience. It is
a call to people from all walks of life who believe in justice to
support the demand to stop police brutality and to take up this
fight themselves. We need to put a national spotlight on police
brutality in order to stop it. We hope that Stolen Lives will
strengthen all the ways that many organizations and individuals
are fighting against police brutality and compel many, many more
people to step out and demand that this brutalization stop.
     Stolen Lives seeks -- through speak-outs, public
testimonials at churches, schools, union halls, through
networking with organizations that already have lists, and
getting our form out across the country -- to collect the names
of people killed by U.S. police and border patrol since 1990.
(And while police murders since 1990 is our focus, accounts sent
to us of incidents prior to 1990 as well as accounts of police
brutality that people have survived will also be included.) On
October 22nd, a national day of protest against police brutality,
the names of those who have been brutalized and killed by police
will be read, honored and remembered. It is up to us to put a
stop to police brutality.
     Stolen Lives contains a beginning list of names and accounts
of police murder and brutality, followed by an autopsy report and
photographs (including autopsy photos) of Angel Castro, a
15-year-old Puerto Rican youth shot dead by Chicago police. We
are including these very graphic photos and autopsy report
because they expose so powerfully the human cost of this
brutality and in respect for Angel Castro's family who submitted
them to Stolen Lives.
     Stolen Lives is a project of the October 22 Coalition
Against Police Brutality, the National Lawyers Guild and the
Anthony Baez Foundation. If you know someone who has been killed
by police, fill out the Stolen Lives form. To receive more copies
of this report, to become involved in putting a stop to police
brutality, please contact:
     c/o KHL, Inc.
     Box 124
     160 First Avenue
     New York, New York 10009
     212-822-8596 (voice mail)
     8124 West 3rd Street
     Suite 201
     Los Angeles, CA 90048
     213-653-3245 (fax)
     6 Cameron Place
     Bronx, New York 10453
     718-653-1681 (fax)
     We wish to thank the National Black United Front for
including Stolen Lives in their documentation to the United
Nations of the crime of genocide perpetrated by the United States
government against African Americans and other oppressed peoples. 
And we wish to thank all the people who helped to make this
report possible.
     Thus far, the Project has assembled a list of 300 names of
people who were murdered by police across the USA since 1989.
     The list will be [web] published here in the near future.
Please check back soon.
     Using the current list, several local chapters of the Oct.
22nd Coalition have begun building memorials that honor the
victims of police brutality. Photos are forthcoming.
     San Francisco built a movable wall that lists the names.
     Chicago built a 13-foot tall obelisk (designed by sculptor
Mike Dominck). It is wheeled so that it may be easily brought to
demonstrations and fund raising events...Plans to build a similar
obelisk are available.
                         * BOYCOTT 2000 *
                       Lorenzo Komboa Ervin
                   Black Autonomy International
                        2014 Citico Avenue
                      Chattanooga, TN. 37404 
                 E-mail: Or: 
            (Boycott 2000 Web site under construction)
                    - Thursday, August 28, 1997 -
                      BOYCOTT RACIST AUSTRALIA!
     In 1993, after fierce bidding, the year 2000 Olympic Games
were awarded to AUSTRALIA over China by the International Olympic
Committee, allegedly because of a better human rights record. But
is this so? You be the judge. Here is a list of crimes by the
white racist regime:
     * Mass murder [genocide] of 500,000 Aboriginal (black)
people and the continued theft of their lands. These murders
continue with deaths in H.M.S prison service and police custody
to the present day. AUSTRALIA is based on the rape and theft of
the lands of Aboriginal peoples. Even the courts of the country
are recognizing this, but the government is openly defying the
court system, as well as international law and public opinion by
refusing to abide by the Mabo, Wik, and other rulings granting
native land title. 
     * The rise of Pauline Hanson, the openly white racist
politician, who is against Asian immigration and the human rights
of Aborigines, and who is for a "white AUSTRALIA" restricted
immigration policy, which discriminates against non-whites. She
calls the Aborigines "savages" and "cannibals" who should be
eliminated from "civilized society." The rise of her One Nation
Party, a fascist, white supremacist electoral movement, is a
serious development which will continue to impact on Australia's
position in the world making it a pariah nation, based on her
present influence on the government, and likelihood of being
elected Prime Minister.
     * Government stealing of 100,000 Aboriginal (black) children
and giving them to white families, in some cases sending them out
of the country. This was done by police agents, who literally
came and dragged them out of the arms of crying parents, theft of
newborns from hospitals, and forcing the parents to give them to
white authorities or be imprisoned. Light-skinned Aborigines were
given to White families to raise, while dark-skinned youth were
thrown into foster homes and juvenile prisons. This sort of thing
has not been seen since Nazi Germany, and was clearly a policy of
racial genocide. The federal government refuses to punish those
responsible for this criminal policy, return the persons to their
rightful families, or make any sort of restitution. It has taken
an unrepentant white racist posture, denying at all they were
responsible, or that anyone should be concerned 30 years after
the crimes were committed. Not recognizing that yesterday's
children must live with the result of these harmful policies.
     * The deaths of numerous Aboriginal persons in police
custody, yet no criminal prosecution or impartial inquest, which
would establish their deaths as homicide, instead of rubber-
stamping their deaths as "suicide" has ever taken place. Over 350
black persons have been killed like this, according to the Royal
Commission on Deaths in Custody, although others in the
Indigenous rights movement have said as many as 1,000 may have
died in as little as the last two decades.
     * One of the highest levels of police shootings of civilians
in the world, and a reputation for police brutality, especially
against the poor and racial minorities. Literally hundreds have
been killed in the last decade alone by the racist and repressive
police forces of AUSTRALIA. 
     * Sydney, the site of the Olympic Games, has one of the
world's worst ghettos, Redfern, which is a historically black
community. The white government has slated the community for
demolition, rather than rebuilding housing fit for human beings;
the residents are subjected to daily police brutality, random
racist violence, poverty and degradation. The Australian
government should be held accountable for these squalid
conditions, and made to build decent housing for the black
community of Redfern, keeping the community intact, not driving
out the poor!
     * The Australian government is holding Denis Walker, an
Aboriginal leader, in prison as a political prisoner. Mr. Walker
is a co-founder of the Australian Black Panther Party in the
1970's, co-founder of the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra,
site of Parliament, and has engaged in numerous struggles on
behalf of the indigenous people of the country over the last 20
years. As a result he was framed on criminal charges in 1993 of
assaulting an officer and resisting arrest, when he tried to stop
racist cops from despoiling Aboriginal lands and artifacts. He
disarmed one cop, but did not otherwise harm him, during a
government harassing raid. That is why he is being held in prison
as a "dangerous criminal". Mr. Walker has been called the "Nelson
Mandela of AUSTRALIA", and his confinement is clearly politically
motivated. We call upon the Australian government to release
Denis Walker and to stop persecuting him because of his race and
political outlook. He is a political prisoner, held unlawfully by
the Australian regime, in violation of international law and
human rights standards.
     * For several years the Australian government has been
engaged in military and political intervention in Papua-New
Guinea, which has cost the lives of over 10,000 (predominately
Black) persons in Bougainvillea territory, which seceded from the
white settler regime for its own independent nation, and to stop
mining corporations from exploiting and destroying their lands
with strip-mining. AUSTRALIA, working with the mining companies
and the puppet PNG government, provoked a civil war, and is
arming the colonial regime. 
     * The July 1997 false imprisonment, beating, and deportation
of visiting USA black activist, Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, when he was
attempting to speak to the Aboriginal population and general
public of AUSTRALIA during a book speaking tour. The government
deportation charges came at the behest of racist politician
Pauline Hanson and her One Nation Party, who were opposed to his
talking to Aborigines, accusing him of "spreading terrorism".
This tour was cut short because of biased immigration policies
which allow the political banning of speakers out of favor with
the government, in clear violation of international law. In
addition, AUSTRALIA has no policies of civil rights for the black
population, nor any civil liberties for its citizens including
freedom of speech for controversial/unpopular persons. The
national government routinely spies on and represses activists,
domestic and international visitors. 
     * Political banning and denial of travel visas to activists,
political figures and others that the conservative government is
opposed to. This includes Lorenzo Komboa Ervin, and Irish Sinn
Fein leader, Gerry Adams, but also thousands of other Left-wing
political or social figures. The government has admitted having a
list of at least 100,000 persons for its immigration exclusion
list, which includes many persons strictly on the basis of their
political beliefs or affiliations. 
     * For over 100 years, the Australian government had a White
Australian immigration policy, which effectively kept out non-
White persons from visiting and/or receiving citizenship, until
the late 1960's. The government is still enforcing parts of the
1958 Immigration Act laws which still are discriminatory. Black
people coming to Australian for any purpose are especially
harnessed, searched, accused of "dealing drugs", summarily
deported and jailed. The Olympics will only increase the number
of such cases.
     * Giving a safe haven to WW II Nazis and other fascists.
AUSTRALIA is one of the main destinations for fugitive war
criminals because it gives them political asylum. It has had a
long-standing fascist movement of its own, and many government
officials in the current government are sympathetic to right-wing
ideology and organizing. For instance, the Ku Klux Klan has been
given a free hand to organize in Queensland state especially, and
the National Action movement, Pauline Hanson's "One Nation" Party
and other fascists are all flourishing, due to government and
corporate support or acquiescence, even when they engage in or
incite acts of violence.
     If the truth be told, Australian is an outlaw nation whose
racial policies are little different from apartheid South Africa,
and we want to build an international movement against its trade
and tourism similar to the anti-apartheid sanctions campaign. We
call on all persons who believe in human rights and oppose racism
to join us in this protest campaign. We must expose the racist
Australian police state to the world and tarnish their false
image of democracy and tolerance.
     Because of these and other actions by the Australian
government, we call for the creation of a Boycott 2000 Coalition
to create a worldwide protest against the Sydney Olympic Games
and especially an economic boycott in support of the Aboriginal
inhabitants of the country. Because of a history of similar
racist repression in South Africa, the United States, and Europe
where white governments have engaged in racist and repressive
actions against non-white population groups, we especially call
upon Black communities all over the world to help us wage this
fight, but we want all anti-racist and human rights organizations
to join us in an international campaign against AUSTRALIA and
especially an economic boycott in support of the Aboriginal
inhabitants of the country.
  1. Do not attend the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, AUSTRALIAN,
     and tell everyone you know not to attend. Call on them to
     begin a tourist and trade boycott of AUSTRALIA before and
     after the Olympics. In fact, advise your church, club,
     union, college and other community institution about the
     racist mistreatment of Australian Aborigines and get them to
     join the economic boycott campaign.
  2. Write letters of protest to the Australian government about
     its racist and politically biased immigration policies,
     including the permanent banning order against Lorenzo Komboa
     Ervin filed by Philip Ruddock, Minister of Immigration, (to
     the Prime Minister below).
  3. Don't use products made in AUSTRALIA such as Foster's beer,
     Quantas airlines, etc. A full list of products and services
     will be posted later.
  4. Write letters to the Australian government about its racist
     treatment of the Aborigines and Torres Island Straits people
     living in the country to:
     Mr. John Howard
     Prime Minister
     Parliament House
     Canberra ACT 2600
  5. Begin a campaign in your county to convince Olympics team
     officials and the government of your country not to send
     athletes or to participate in the Australian Olympics in the
     year 2000.
  6. Begin a sanctions campaign in your country to convince the
     government authorities and business associations in your
     country to cut off all military aid, trade and economic
     support, and other foreign aid to AUSTRALIA until it
     recognizes the human rights of the Aboriginal people, gives
     them reparations for centuries of abuse, and recognizes
     their title to the land.
  7. MAKE A DONATION to the Boycott 2000 Coalition. We will need
     money to fight, for printing, copying, mailing, phone
     calling and a host of other things. Your financial
     contribution is important: 
                      BOYCOTT 2000 CAMPAIGN
                       Account # 202-39-84
                       First Tennessee Bank
                         701 Market Street
                    Chattanooga, TN. 37402 (USA)
  8. Reprint this article in your newsletter, newspaper, or
     internet newsgroup to get the word out on the boycott. Write
     newspapers, call radio talk shows, and television news
     departments as well.
  9. If you would like a speaker to visit your college, community
     or your country to talk about the boycott and international
     human rights, please write to the address at the top of this
             E-mail: Cuahutli
                  - Friday, 29 August 29 1997 -
             NATIONAL HUELGA DAY: OCTOBER 15, 1997
     The "war" against La Raza is escalating and we need to
respond! In California, attacks upon Spanish speaking citizens
and immigrants is unprecedented. This past Monday, Proposition
209, the anti-affirmative action initiative, became law and its
effects are already having catastrophic effects on our Latino
population. Chicano professionals are not being hired and Chicano
students are being denied admission to the states' colleges and 
     The situation for our Spanish speaking immigrants is even
worse! The anti-Mexican initiative, Proposition 187 looms
dastardly on the dark horizon. The proposition which was approved
by "white voters" is presently under court review but when and if
it becomes law, it will deny, among other things, citizenship to
Latino children born here of undocumented Mexican mothers. The
attacks upon our Mexican mothers are not merely legislative,
recently an impoverished mother from a Mexican village seeking
work in the United States was brutally beaten by two California 
Riverside County Sheriffs. The beating was caught on tape by a
local television station and aired nationally. After more than
two years, Los Angeles County District Attorney Gil Garcetti nor
Janet Reno of the U.S. Department of Justice have not brought
charges against Sheriffs Tracy Watson and Kurt Franklin.   
     Two months ago, the Republican Party here in California
launched yet another anti-Latino initiative. This initiative will
outlaw Bilingual Programs in the states public schools.
California is the testing ground for all these anti-Raza
campaigns! Soon they will be implemented in other states with
large Latino populations! We must act now!
     With this in mind, the National Huelga Committee is calling 
for a no-school and no-work stoppage on Wednesday October 15,
1997 to protest this rising tide of bigotry and discrimination
against La Raza. We are calling this action "The Brown Flu" or
"La Gripa Cafe". We are asking for your participation and
     HOW CAN YOU HELP (Note: We are also asking for the
     endorsement and participation of other "oppressed groups" in
  1. By passing this information word of mouth.
  2. By going to the Brown Berets Website at, copying the "Huelga Flyer" and
     distributing it as widely as possible.
  3. By going to the Brown Beret Webiste's Endorsement Page and
     giving us you organizational endorsement.
  4. By visiting any of the following websites:
     Nation of Aztlan -
     Brown Berets     - http://
     Impacto 2000     -
and e-mailing those organizations with suggestions as to how you
can assist the efforts of the "National Huelga Committee". 
     Any questions concerning this communique should be emailed
     Minister of Informaion
     Nation of Aztlan
                         * GERMAN NEWS *
                    - Friday, August 29, 1997 -
     (STUTTGART) -- The extreme ring-winger Guenther Deckert has
been removed from his position as deputy leader of the NDP (a
small neo-nazi party) with immediate effect. The NPD issued a
statement in Stuttgart to the effect that Deckert, who is
currently in jail in Bruchsal, was sacked because he has damaged
the party through a series of accusations. Deckert remains a
member of the party, however.
Sources: Radio 7: 10:00 CEDT, 14:00 CEDT; Bayern 3: 09:00 CEDT,  
16:00 CEDT; SWF 3: 08:00 CEDT, 18:00 CEDT

     By JAN M. OLSEN, The Associated Press
     COPENHAGEN, Denmark (August 25, 1997 4:28 p.m. EDT) -- A
Danish neo-Nazi admitted in court Monday that he mailed explosive
detonators to several targets in Britain, including a white TV
personality who is married to a black man.
     The defendant, whose name cannot be publicized under a court
order, and two other men were arrested in January on terrorism
charges after authorities intercepted the parcels in Sweden.
Their trial opened Monday.
     All three men have pleaded innocent, and apparently intend
to claim the parcels were sent only to frighten, not to harm.
     The parcels contained detonators attached to a non-explosive
plasticine substance. Officials, however, say the detonators
themselves could have exploded and caused injuries.
     The packages mailed from Sweden were addressed to British TV
figure Sharron Davies, to the British office of the Anti-Fascist
Action organization and to a member of Combat 18, a neo-Nazi
group reportedly split by a bitter feud.
     The 27-year-old man who admitted sending the packages was
the leading member of the Danish chapter of Combat 18. The other
defendants are a heavily tattooed 21-year-old neo-Nazi and a
boyish-looking 22-year-old chemist who is not known to have had
prior neo-Nazi ties.
     The 27-year-old said Monday that Combat 18 leader William
Browning had brought the dummy explosive into Denmark and had
given him a list of five addresses.
     The purpose was "to scare them. That's what Browning said,"
the defendant told the 12-man jury.
     "The English (neo-Nazis) kept calling to remind me what I
needed to do," he said.
     He did not say why he chose not to send parcels to two other
addresses: the Searchlight neo-Nazi monitoring organization and
the rival neo-Nazi group, British Hammer Skinheads.
     Davies, a former Olympic gold medal swimmer who now appears
on a morning television show, is married to former Olympic runner
Derek Redmond, who is black.
     The 27-year-old defendant also is charged with attempted
manslaughter for shooting a policeman when officers stormed his
northern Copenhagen apartment in January. The officer's injuries
were not life-threatening.
     Copyright 1997
     Copyright 1997 The Associated Press
     Associated Press, 08/28/97 09:01
     JERUSALEM (AP) - The Palestinian Broadcasting Corp. today
defended a program on official Palestinian TV in which the host
and a guest said Jews profited from the Holocaust and inflated
the number of victims.
     The comments were made on a cultural affairs program, aired
earlier this week, during a discussion between the host, Mohammed
Buji, and two Palestinian writers, Hassam Agha and Odeh Abu Aza.
     The Holocaust came up in the context of violent acts by
Israeli soldiers against Palestinians.
     According to a transcript, Buji said: ``It is well known
that every year the Jews exaggerate what the Nazis did to them.
They claim there were 6 million killed, but precise scientific
research demonstrates that there were no more than 400,000.''*
     The transcript quotes Agha as saying that Jews have
``profited materially, spiritually, politically and economically
from the talk about the Nazi killings.
     ``This investment is favorable to them and they view it as a
profitable activity, so they inflate the number of victims all
the time,'' Agha said, according to the transcript.
     The transcript was provided by the office of David
Bar-Illan, an adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin
Netanyahu. Bar-Illan accused Yasser Arafat's Palestinian
Authority of anti-Semitism.
     ``It is regrettable that an official outlet of the
Palestinian Authority has stooped to Holocaust denial, coupled
with an allusion to Jewish venality and greed,'' he said.
     The chairman of the Palestinian Broadcasting Corp., Radwan
Abu Ayyash, confirmed the general content of the transcript but
said he did not know whether every word was quoted accurately.
     Abu Ayyash said the two men were entitled to express their
views and added he did not consider the remarks offensive.
     ``I do not see in this anything against Jews or against
anybody. The Israelis cannot prevent people from saying what they
want,'' he said.
     About 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust during World War
     Copyright 1997 Globe Newspaper Company
  * [AFIB EDITOR'S NOTE: Holocaust negationism is a repugnant
     manifestation of anti-Semitic hate. Similar to white racists
     who claim that slavery was "beneficial" to black people,
     Holocaust negationism is a vile project devised by nazis and
     their "academic" camp followers. Under cover of a "quest for
     historical truth," negationists seek to legitimize genocide
     as a political option today. Regardless of the source,
     endeavors that seek to relativize fascist crimes or the
     criminals who directed the monstrous technology of death
     devised by the Third Reich, must be denounced. By butchering
     historical memory neofascism hopes to obscure the magnitude
     of these crimes and pave the way for contemporary movements
     rooted in racism, white supremacy and xenophobia. If the
     transcript is indeed accurate, the Palestinian Broadcasting
     Corp. must repudiate those who dishonor the cause of
     Palestinian national liberation with these crude
     intellectual forgeries. FASCISM: NEVER FORGIVE, NEVER
     SATURDAY 30 AUGUST 1997
     THE National Front Mayor of Vitrolles in the South of France
has been accused of fomenting tension by trying to turn the local
police force into a personal "praetorian guard" for her party.
     This week Catherine Megret, wife of the National Front
deputy leader Bruno Megret and winner of the mayoral election in
Vitrolles earlier this year, announced plans to double the
municipal police force, claiming that the national police were
failing to protect citizens in the racially divided town.
     Under French law, municipal police are under the Mayor's
direct control, while the national police are organised from
Paris. Mme Megret said the municipal force would be increased
from 36 to 70 officers, only marginally smaller than the national
police force in Vitrolles.
     "The National Front wants a police force it can give orders
to," Jean-Claude Delage, regional leader of the Alliance police
union, said. Another police union, the SNPT, also attacked what
it called "the recruitment of a veritable praetorian guard of 70
     France has a long history of rivalry between police forces
at the national and local levels, but open conflict broke out in
Vitrolles earlier this month after a resident in one of the
town's most troubled neighbourhoods opened fire on a group of
noisy youths. Mme Megret appeared to take the side of the gunman,
insisting that "rather than arrest victims of insecurity, the
police should go after those responsible for it".
     She accused the national police of failing to do their job.
"Not content with failing to intervene to ensure respect for the
peace and tranquillity of ordinary citizens, the national police
have even suggested that our municipal police do not intervene,"
she said.
     Residents opposed to the National Front say that animosity
is already rife between the municipal police and residents of the
town's housing estates, many of whom are North African. The
National Front municipal authorities recently cut financing for
youth associations and opponents say the plans to boost the
municipal police and to plant a 24-hour police post in the very
middle of the most troubled neighbourhood is intended as a direct
     "We are heading for some very, very serious problems. The
youngsters have nothing to do thanks to the National Front," one
local Front councillor said.
     Last month Jean-Pierre Chevenement, the Interior Minister,
expressed concern over the ill-defined role of France's 15,000
municipal policemen, and pledged to bring in regulations setting
precise limits on their authority.
     Copyright 1997 The Times Newspapers Limited.
      [Courtesy of Prison News Service: ]
     The Toronto Star
     August 28, 1997
     By Maureen Murry, Staff Reporter
     A Jewish group is calling on police to charge skinheads who
organized a protest against Gypsy refugee claimants staying at a
Scarborough motel.
     Metro police said yesterday they are considering whether
charges should be laid in the incident, which occurred Tuesday
afternoon in front of the Lido Motel on Kingston Rd. near
Lawrence Ave. E.
     Bernie Farber, spokesperson for the Canadian Jewish
Congress, said he can't understand why the skinheads weren't
arrested during the protest.
     "Here you had a group of hate-mongers carrying Nazi flags
and signs saying: 'Honk If You Hate Gypsies.'
     "Can you imagine what would have been the reaction if they
had been carrying signs saying: 'Honk If You Hate Blacks' or
'Honk If You Hate Jews'?"
     "If Canada's hate crime laws were written for anything,
(they were) written for this."
     The skinheads, some wearing scarves over their faces,
shouted, "Out, Gypsies, Out!" and carried flags of the
Confederacy and another with an Iron Cross and Nazi swastika.
     B'Nai Brith Canada also issued a statement yesterday
condemning the protest and offering assistance to the "victims of
this demonstration of hate."
     Farber said he finds it unbelievable that police at the
scene did nothing but observe the situation while staying between
the sidewalk marchers and the Gypsy families.
     Controversy has been stirred up since a wave of Gypsy
families began coming to Canada from the Czech Republic after an
Aug. 6 airing there of a television documentary, which portrayed
Canada as a land of opportunity where it was easy to settle as a
     The families have been staying at the motel while their
refugee claims are being processed.
     Constable Devin Keaaley of the police media relations
department said the incident is being investigated by 42
Division's street crime unit as well as the police hate crime
     Copyright 1997 The Toronto Star

     Reuter Information Service
     CINCINNATI (August 26, 1997 11:40 a.m. EDT) - A local Ku
Klux Klan leader who has led an annual battle to erect a Klan
cross in Cincinnati at Christmas, was in jail Tuesday charged
with rape and sodomy against a 13-year-old girl.
     Cincinnati Police arrested Tony Gamble, 35, Monday on a
warrant obtained last week by police in Independence, Ky.
     Independence Police Sgt. Brian Butler said Gamble was sought
in the Northern Kentucky community for alleged sex abuse against
the girl over an 18-month period. He said Independence police
would seek to extradite Gamble.
     Gamble, a self-described imperial wizard of the Tristate
Knight Riders, has led a crusade to put up a Klan-sponsored cross
in downtown Fountain Square for Christmas for the past five
     Federal courts have upheld the Klan's right to erect the
cross, but members of the group have had to struggle yearly to
keep the symbol in place as protesters repeatedly dismantled it.
     Copyright 1997
     Copyright 1997 Reuter Information Service

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