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Camp Participant Handbook 

Waimea, The Big Island of Hawaii

June 11 to 15, 2000 





74-5615 Luhia Street

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii 96740

Peter T. Young, Disaster Services Chair


Welcome to Strong Angel


Thank you for your participation in this interesting exercise.  This Handbook is designed to help you understand what we hope to achieve and to explain what we=ll request of you for the few days you=ll be with us.  We tried to include issues that will help you understand what we are trying to accomplish here.  If you have any questions, feel free to ask anytime during your stay with us. 

It=s important to note that the exercise is not supposed to cause you to feel like a refugee.  Actually, we want to keep you as comfortable as we reasonably can.  Instead, the exercise is designed to develop a little cooperative understanding between military and non-military people in a humanitarian exercise.  You are all present because we need to be helping real people in order to learn effectively. 

Refugees need to learn quickly to take care of each other.  You=ll need to decide on a representative for you at the daily meetings, so chose one person per 20.  That person will represent those 20 at the Camp meetings and is, in turn, responsible for ensuring information flows back to those 20 and that those 20 people have all of their issues appropriately addressed within the camp.  That Representative has to get to know those 20 people very well.  Again, taking care of each other.  Choose your Representatives on any criteria and by any means that seems right. 

Strong Angel is a refugee management exercise, the first ever tried in the Pacific Rim.  We=re trying to understand how to work well with all of the non-military partners that respond to humanitarian operations around this ocean.  Your participation in this exercise is important; we appreciate your willingness to help us. 

Strong Angel Volunteer Refugee-Actor Reminders ....


Don't Leave Home Without ....



Medical Insurance information (Insurer, account # ...)

Clothes (typically warm days - cooler nights)

Toiletries (tooth care, soap, shampoo, towel ...)


It might rain.

Books, magazines, cards ...

Your own personal needs.

Leave at Home ....




Illicit Drugs.


Exercise Overriding Principle

Exercise Activities Take Precedence Over Personal Convenience




What is Strong Angel?


Strong Angel is a humanitarian focused extension to the RIMPAC 2000 Naval exercise conducted jointly by the Pacific Rim countries.   

RIMPAC is a US Military exercise that occurs in the Pacific every two years.  This year the command infrastructure decided to expand the scope of the exercise to include the concept of a broadly based, multinational training exercise for a refugee type of relief effort.   

AStrong Angel@ - an experiment in Civil-Military Operations for Humanitarian Assistance. 

In addition to defense, the military is often called upon for humanitarian assistance following natural disasters, regional wars, famine or epidemics.  These situations create huge numbers of people who need to be relocated, sheltered, fed and provided with medical care and compassionate support. 

Organizers of Strong Angel realized that past efforts to deliver aid in cases of disaster had only been an emergency reaction.  There has never been a chance to practice the management of refugee camps and the new technology being developed for them. 

To our knowledge, no exercise effort like this has ever taken place. There will be much to develop, much to learn and probably a remarkable degree of helpful hindsight afterwards.  Recognizing that this is a first effort and everything will be hard, our goal will be an effective legacy for those who will do this next time. 

Participating with us will be international humanitarian organizations, as well as members of Pacific Rim militaries.  We all hope to learn the capabilities the US military can offer before they are needed.  We have not always cooperated with each other to the extent we=d find most valuable.  We=ll take this chance to practice Aplays well with others@ instead of Aruns with scissors@Y. 

A goal of the exercise is to determine through experimentation, the real-world requirements for communications in a desolated environment with a large number of refugees requiring medical attention.  Strong Angel is the first in a series of activities to explore this concept.   

We=re trying to understand how to work well with all of the non-military partners that respond to humanitarian operations around this ocean.


Strong Angel Exercise Assumption


During a period of escalating tensions between two island nations, the United Nations requests a Coalition Task Force to serve as a calming presence in the waters off the most affected of the islands. 

On that island are two countries, Green (the good guys) and Orange (not the good guys).  Ethnically Green citizens of Orange are subjected to persecution and flee across the border into Green.   

The influx worries Green, which requests assistance in the management of the refugees.  The UN Secretariat agrees and a civil-military operation is initiated that has UN agencies establishing a refugee camp in Green.   

Those agencies (UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF, guided by the Office of the Coordinator for Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA)) are to be supported in any fashion they deem desirable by elements of the Coalition military.  Essentially, the camp will be a military effort overseen by the UN agencies. 

Strong Angel Participants


RIMPAC 2000 forces


            Navy Third Fleet (C3F)

            USMC Combat Service Support Group-3 (CSSG-3)

            Transportation Command (TRANSCOM)

            Air National Guard


            Naval Postgraduate School

      Foreign Military






UN Agencies


      Office of the Coordinator for Humanitarian Assistance (OCHA)

      The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

      World Food Programme (WFP)


Civilian 'Refugee' Actors (American Red Cross Volunteers)



Strong Angel Experiments


The great opportunity here is to conduct experiments that test new biomedical technologies and communications systems in applications that can dramatically enhance our ability to collaborate and effectively respond to humanitarian needs created from emerging disasters. 

The Strong Angel Project will help define technical capabilities that must be provided by an intelligent medical communication matrix in order to support a variety of biomedical applications, such as health care, biomedical research, public health monitoring and health education. 

One of the intended outcomes of this open exercise will be to catalyze partnerships with governmental and private sector organizations for the purpose of developing an operational global emergency response capability. 

You=ll probably see a number of examples of new technology in use around the camp area.  None are dangerous, most are for communication and all are designed to enhance our ability to respond to disasters.  Please feel comfortable asking anyone of us what the experiment is and what we hope to learn.  In most cases the staff will be far too eager to explain their newest gadget and you=ll have to find excuses to cut the conversation short. 

               The point......

YYis the improving of care

for the sick and injured. 

Technology serves only as a tool to that end. 

Exercise Overriding Principle


Exercise Activities Take Precedence Over Personal Convenience


We are involved in a simulated refugee camp - you are in an austere environment and many of the >niceties= of the outside world are not available. 

You can bring and do pretty much any (reasonable) thing you want as long as it does not endanger yourself or others, it does not compromise the exercise, it does not disturb anyone and we are not responsible for it.  If in doubt - ask.  

You can bring and use musical instruments, radios, cell phones, lap tops, electronic devices, etc. ... BUT ... there is no power AND if it disturbs anyone you must stop using it.  Be sensible.  Be gracious.  

We are all in this together.


Volunteer Refugee-Actor Role Playing


Volunteer refugee-actors play an important part in the overall exercise; we need you to assume various roles to act-out so we may effectively test equipment and procedures.  Your participation is not required in any of these; the choice is yours. 


Safety - Medical


Pu=u Pa=a is a local ranch scrublands and it=s probably generally familiar to all of you.  It=s warm, windy, rocky and isolated, with cacti and pieces of WWII shrapnel all over the place.  Please be careful.   

We=ll have a Medical tent with a doctor, a medical support team and a 4WD ambulance in the camp 24 hours a day.  We will also have an Army MEDEVAC helicopter available to lift-off within 15-minutes, 24-hours a day, at Pohakuloa Training Area, 8 flying minutes away.   

We=ll give you sun screen and a hat, a flashlight and a whistle, a water bottle, a lot of advice and a little supervision.  Please take care of each other. 

Important note: Although the camp site has been thoroughly swept by Explosives Ordnance Disposal teams (EOD), there will still be a risk that something dangerous may still be present.  If you see something that looks man-made, don=t pick it up. 

For obvious reasons and for everyone=s safety and convenience, the following are not permitted in camp at any time alcohol, pets, illicit drugs or weapons. 



A big part of our exercise task is keeping track of everybody present and, in the real-world, that is a fiendishly difficult task.  We hope we=ve developed some new tools to help, but we won=t really know until we try.  

The registration process will end with your receiving a color-coded photo ID, generated during your registration interview.  That ID will, from that point, be your ticket to the services available in the camp.  Shelter, food and recreation will be happily provided to those who are registered and carrying identification B and to no one else.  

Your Identification card ... treat it like a credit card, don=t leave home without it.




On most days you=ll probably see some kind of reporter in the camp.  We=ve had calls from CNN, from Disney-ABC and from many in between.  

There is significant interest both because we=ve not done this sort of civil-military exercise with UN agencies before and because humanitarian stories play better than most other topics.  

We=ll ask for your patience and your indulgence with reporters, but you do not have to respond to anyone. 

Coming and Going


In accepting the Refugee Participation Agreement you said you=d try to stay for the full five days. We understand, though, that not all of you can arrive on the 11th and stay until the 15th, and we want to give as many people as possible a chance to participate.  

We are accepting reasonable flexibility B just tell us beforehand. You can arrive later than the 11th and leave earlier than the 15th.  You can also arrive, leave and return B but you=ll come back as a completely new refugee. 



Otherwise we=ll wind up having search parties combing the Parker Ranch landscape for Red Cross volunteers B not a reassuring picture of the Red Cross. 

Short walks are OK, as long as they are in the immediate vicinity of the camp.  The scenario we are playing has unfriendly neighbors, so wandering about is dangerous in the context of the exercise. 



Food for the days of the exercise will be hot trays for breakfast and dinner, and MREs for lunch.  That diet exceeds UN standards by a long margin, but we want you as comfortable as we can reasonably provide.  There will be a kitchen and a primitive dining area. 

Meal Schedule





There is a shower facility with 48 shower heads (gang showers) and several sinks, so you=ll need to bring towels in addition to normal toiletries.  Shower use is scheduled by gender; please follow the schedule. 

Shower Schedule


Morning Schedule:

Women: 0630 to 0700

Men: 0730 to 0800 

Afternoon Schedule:

Women: 1630 to 1700

Men: 1730 to 1800 

The toilets B since we=re on the subject B are rented Porta-Luas, and there are many more than are required by standards. 

Community-Based Seminars


In participation with some local providers, several community-based programs will be offered at the camp. 

Tutu=s House Programs


      Ancient Trails of Hawaii 

YMCA Programs


      Ocean Safety

      Environmental Education



Red Cross Seminars/Classes


We will be offering a variety of free Red Cross First Aid and Disaster Response courses. 

First Aid Classes


Adult CPR

Community First Aid 

Disaster Response Classes




      Introduction to Disaster

      Damage Assessment

      Emergency Assistance I

      Mass Care I

      Shelter Operations 

>Intermediate= and >Advanced=


      Administering A Small Disaster Operation (ASDO)


      Disaster Instructor Specialty Training (DIST)

      Disaster Mental Health

      Emergency Assistance II

      Family Services Supervision

      Liaison I

      Liaison II

      Mass Care II

      Public Affairs I

      Public Affairs II

      Service Center Manager

      Shelter Simulation





The few days will, we hope, pass without incident.  We=ve found in the real-world, though, that bored refugees are dangerous refugees, so we=ll be exploring options for filling the day.  Entertainment and education will both be available and suggestions are welcome. 

Some of the >Stuff= we have arranged: 

>Reading Room= Tent (Quiet room)

Horse Shoes (Parker Ranch)

Ping pong (John Romoa - TEEM)

Walks - short walks in the immediate vicinity are OK - NO returning to town

Bingo (North Hawaii Community Federal Credit Union)

Whiffle Ball Golf (Rotary Club of North Hawaii)

Phone Bank (US Cellular)

Computer lab (Salvation Army)

Course/Seminars (See daily schedule)

      Red Cross

            CPR-First Aid

            Disaster Response


            Keck Observatory

                  Star-gazing and lecture

            CFHT Observatory

                  Star-gazing and lecture

            Makali=i Crew

                  Celestial navigation

            Tutu=s House

                  Ancient Trails of Hawaii


                  Ocean Safety

                  Environmental Education


Daily Schedule


Open Activity - No Specific Timing


>Reading Room= Tent (Quiet room)

Horse Shoes (Parker Ranch)

Ping pong (John Romoa - TEEM)

Walks - short walks in the immediate vicinity are OK - NO returning to town

Whiffle Ball Golf (Rotary Club of North Hawaii)

Phone Bank (US Cellular)

Computer lab (Salvation Army) 

Sunday - June 11


1200 to 1300 Lunch (MRE)

1630 to 1700 Women=s Showers

1730 to 1800 Men=s Showers

Monday - June 12


1200 to 1300 Lunch (MRE)

1630 to 1700 Women=s Showers

1730 to 1800 Men=s Showers


Tuesday - June 13


1200 to 1300 Lunch (MRE)

1630 to 1700 Women=s Showers

1730 to 1800 Men=s Showers

Wednesday - June 14


1200 to 1300 Lunch (MRE)

1630 to 1700 Women=s Showers

1730 to 1800 Men=s Showers


Thursday - June 15


1200 to 1300 Lunch (MRE)