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B O S T O N   P U B L I C ! !
May 7, 2001, 8:00 PM on FOX

Kaj appears in Boston Public!!

KTVU (FOX) - Mon May 07 8:00 PM
Series/Drama, 60 Mins.

"Chapter Twenty", Episode #120.
The daughter of Harper's new girlfriend becomes rebellious at school, causing complications for Harper; Marilyn gets involved when she suspects a student is being physically abused at home.

Cast: Jessalyn Gilsig, Chi McBride, Fyvush Finkel, Anthony Heald, Joey Slotnick, Thomas McCarthy, Sharon Leal, Nicky Katt, Loretta Devine, Rashida Jones, Kathy Baker, Scott Vickaryous, Kaj-Erik Eriksen, Antwon Tanner, Vanessa Bell Calloway. Producer(s): David E. Kelley.

Original Airdate: May 7, 2001.


Marylin offers help to Jeremy (Kaj-Erik Erikson, right), a student who is struggling with his homelife on the "Chapter 20" episode of Boston Public.


Marylin confronts the mother (guest star Kathy Baker, left) of a student who is struggling with his homelife on the "Chapter 20" episode of Boston Public.


Info and images from the Media Gallery at Boston Public at KPCQ.com
May 1, 2001

So Weird

The Great Incanto

Kaj appeared in So Weird in the episode The Great Incanto. Kaj plays the Great Incanto's apprentice who takes the Incanto's magic bag and pretends to be the Great Incanto. The episode first aired on the Disney Channel on May 4, 2001.


Info from Mel's So Weird Fans Web site
Pics from So Weird on Zoog Disney
May 6, 2001

N E W S - U P D A T E ! !

Well, Kaj is turning 23 on February 15th, 2002 and he's part of a new hit TV series. Congratulations Kaj!! Watch for Kaj on Boston Public. He started on the hit series in late April, 2001.

From an article written by Malcolm Parry in the Vancouver Sun (March 27, 2001) -

    " KAJ ERIKSEN (say Kie), the city actor, worked for four seasons on The Commish series, then Beggars & Choosers and other shows. Leaving for Los Angeles in 1998, he said our teeveebiz "is great for older people ... but I'm 19, I play 15, and L.A.'s the place with all the kid parts."

    Now 22, he's landed a dilly -- as Jeremy on Ally McBeal and The Practice creator David E. Kelley's Boston Public. Starring Anthony Heald and Fyvush Finkel, the Monday-night hit series was recently confirmed for a second season by Fox Entertainment boss Gail Berman.

    Eriksen, who got his first TV speaking part at age six, accepted the Boston Public gig Monday last, was in wardrobe Tuesday and on set Wednesday, shooting an episode to air in late April."

Info from The Vancouver Sun
Pics from Boston Public at KPCQ.com
April 25, 2001 and May 1, 2001

UPDATE - Kaj wrapped up his 2nd season of Beggars and Choosers (11/01/00)

For most of the last two years he has been busy working on Beggars and Choosers and finished shooting a CBS Movie of the Week with Patty Duke in 1999. "It was great! It's about a plane crash in the mountains and it was hard work climbing around in the snow all the time!!!!" Yayaya! Sounds awesome, Kaj!!

The title of the movie is Miracle on the Mountain: The Kincaid Family Story

    Injured when their private plane crashes into a snowy mountain, a domineering man and his family face an avalanche and bitter winds. Stars Patty Duke, William Devane and Kaj Erik-Eriksen.

The movie premiered on April 26, 2000 at 9:00 pm (ET/PT) on CBS. Kaj plays Rick Kincaid a high school student who is the son of Anne (Patty Duke) and Tom Kincaid (William Devane).

Keep up the awesome work!!

Thanx Kaj for the update!!

Kaj Eriksen was born February 15, 1979. Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada is his home. Kaj has grown up actin' n' it's the one thing that he really wants to do. During and 1998 interview he said, "I'm 19 now and started when I was six years old, so if my math is correct, that would be 13 years. I started off doing a couple commercials and then I got my first speaking role on some cheesy Canadian series. I'm from Canada, so I'm allowed to say that. :) " *snicker* Kaj's unusual, yet cool name's Danish and is pronounced "Ky". Kaj says it rhymes with "sky".

Kaj's best known for his starrin' role as David Scali on the long running ABC series "The Commish".

In April, 1998 Kaj began a recurrin' role on the awesome, but short-lived ABC show PREY. He also appeared in the Home Improvement episode, The Write Stuff opposite Jonathan Taylor Thomas. It aired March 31, 1998...n' lemme tell ya, it was a COOL episode. He recently finished filmin' a guest lead on Promised Land in Salt Lake City, Utah and an episode of Walker, Texas Ranger in Texas.

Kaj did two online interviews in the spring of 1998...one at Celebrity Sightings on March 26th and one on April 2nd at AOL's Teen People Live. It was cool to read Kaj's answers to questions about his career, his family and his friends - Andrew Keegan happens to be one of 'em. Here are the transcripts from the Celebrity Sightings' and AOL chats if ya'd like to learn a 'lil bit more 'bout Kaj.

Pic of Kaj with "Lauren" is from The Write Stuff episode of Home Improvement which first aired March 31st, 1998.
Thanx to BPolson - Home Improvement on the Net for the frame.
Some stuph from Celebrity Sightings chat on March 26th, 1998...and from America Online's (AOL) Teen People Live chat, April 2nd, 1998.

N E W S ! !

In March of 1999, Kaj completed a Movie of the Week for the Fox Family Channel. The movie, titled Heaven's on Fire, aired on Saturday, August 7th, 1999. In this film, Kaj has the lead role as Eric Robert's son. Kaj's hair was dyed blue for the movie!!

Kaj is starring as a series regular on Beggars and Choosers which premiered this fall (1999) on Showtime. Kaj's character is "Carey Malone' in this comedy series.

If you are in Canada, you can catch Kaj in several PSA's helping to prevent suicide.

Kaj can be contacted by writing to his agent, Tyman Stewart at:

    Characters Talent Agency
    # 200 - 1505 West 2nd Avenue
    Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3Y4

Thanks to Michelle for the recent 411 on Kaj.

on Showtime

Kaj stars in Showtimes original series Beggars and Choosers. In Showtime's newest comedic drama series, Kaj plays 'Cary Malone', the disenchanted son of Rob Malone:

    "An introverted, sarcastic cynic or typical teenager? You be the judge. This high school kid is hooked on the internet - especially those sites where you can download term papers and book reports! He wouldn't be caught dead watching anything on the LGT, which haunts dad in the demographic analysis department".

Info and graphics from Showtime programplus web site.
May 1, 2001

on The Outer Limits
Something About Harry

    Episode Number: 128 "Something About Harry"
    Airdate: 08/04/00
    Opening Control Voice: From the time we are children we are taught to mistrust strangers. But are we always as wary as we encourage them to be?
    Starring: Judd Nelson (Harry Longworth), Garry Chalk (Detective Frank Dayton), Barbara Tyson (Nancy Henninger), Shaun Johnston (Parker), Kaj-Erik Eriksen (Josh Dayton) , Larry Musser (), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Zak Henninger)
    Featuring: R. Nelson Brown (Bum), David Abbott (Mr. Lowry) , Reg Tupper (Walt Coghlan), Erica Carroll (Elizabeth Andrews)
    Written By: Grant Rosenberg
    Directed By: Brent Karl Clackson
    Closing Control Voice: As long as an enemy is judged solely by his appearance, his victory is assured.

    Info from Outer Limits, The (1995) - Garn's Guides.
    June 25, 2001

    Promised Land

    In March of 1998, Kaj was in Utah, tapin' a cool episode of Promised Land.

    The title of the episode is When Darkness Falls. It was a controversial episode which first aired on April 30th, 1998. Kaj plays the character Kevin Neary, a troubled student, who does not believe in God and goes on a killing spree by opening fire in a classroom.

    Info from Promised Land web site.


    Kaj's starred in the ABC series PREY. The PREY series premiered on March 26th, 1998 and was a new show 'bout the next species (1.6) on earth. The new species is tryin' to take over the humans on earth, showin' the fight for domination. You're all prolly thinkin', "This sounds a 'lil bit like X-Files"...well, you're rite, cuz one of the producers of PREY also produced the X-Files. The character Kaj played was one of the new species, but as Kaj puts it, "I'm a nice one." Whatta rebel...

    Kaj was in the 9th episode which aired on Thursday, June 11, 1998 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET). Here's a summary of the episodes with Kaj.

      #9 Collaboration
      Production Code: #467059
      Airdate: Thursday, June 11 (8:00-9:00 p.m., ET)
      writers: Laurence Andries & Chris Levinson
      director: Ian Toynton

      Episode Synopsis: The new species is making its move to destroy a whole generation of human children by contaminating the juice they drink in schools. Sloan and the others must find the perpetrators and learn how to stop their evil scientific advances. And Tom gets help from one of his own, who reveals himself through Atwood's secret contact. (synopsis from ABC.com)

      Guest cast: Attractive Woman...Alexandra Hedison
      Dr. Ian Copeland...Sam Anderson
      Shane..............Kaj-Erik Eriksen
      Sandra Cook........Christine Rose

      #10 Sleeper
      Production Code: #467060
      writer: Donald Marcus
      director: Vern Gillum
      Episode synopsis: The Dominants cook up a plan to unleash the Spanish Influenza Virus of 1918 on the human populace. Despite all their genius at genetic engineering, there is one 'bug' they didn't count on: The virus kills them just as easily as it kills humans. This leads to an uneasy truce as the two sides fight side by side in a race against the clock to contain the deadly virus before it wipes out both species. (Synopsis written by preyfan@aol.com).
      Guest cast: Dr. Ian Copeland...Sam Anderson
      Shane..............Kaj-Erik Eriksen
      Karl Hunter........Dorian Gregory
      Bryce Hunt.........Dennis Bailey
      Dr. Kristin Hale...TBA

    Episode info from Preyfan website
    Info from America Online's Teen People chat, April 13, 1998.
    Episode air date info from ABC Amy at ABC.com
    [Update May 18th , June 3rd, June 10th 'n July 24th, 1998]


    Kaj appeared as the character Billy, in the episode titled "Welcome to Camp Nightmare".

    Pics from NBCI.com
    May 6, 2001

    Captain Courageous (1994)

    Kaj Eriksen stars in Captain Courageous, along with Robert Urich and Kenny Vadar. Kaj's character is Dan Troop.

    There's a great review of Captains Courageous by Lorna Lyons at www.99lives.com/movies/captains.htm. Check it out.

    The movie is based on Nobel Prize-winner Rudyard Kipling's story. Lyons writes,

      "The changing relationship between the captain, his son, and the precocious, rich orphan is portrayed with finesse and sensitivity by the three main actors. Those performances, plus nice cinematography, attention to historical detail, and careful direction by Michael Anderson create an engrossing, high-caliber drama particularly suitable for children. For me, such well-known movies as White Squall and Waterworld pale in comparison with this gem. Captains Courageous premiered on the Family Channel and is well worth seeing on video by people of all ages."

    The Commish (1991)

    Kaj's best known for his starrin' role as David Scali on the long running ABC series "The Commish".


    In The Odyssey (1992) Kaj-Erik Ericksen starred as "Galileo" in the episode titled Galileo and the Gypsies.

    Info from http://www.scifi.com/odyssey/od1.html

    Quarantine (1989)

    Kaj Eriksen stars in Quarantine, along with Beatrice Boepple and Garwin Sanford.

      When a deadly virus breaks out, a power hungry official puts all suspected carriers of the disease in quarantine with political enemies of the state. The concentration camps are more deadly than the disease and a band of rebels try to escape. Soundz like OutBreak n' Schindler's List mixed together.

    MacGuyver - The Outsiders (1988)

    Kaj Eriksen starred in The Outsiders episode of MacGuyver. In this episode a construction company tries to put a road on land owned by the Amish who do not want their home bulldozed.


    Kaj Eriksen's movie credits include:

    Poltergeist: The Legacy - Episode 9 "The Substitute" where Kaj played "Joseph" in 1997.
    Captain Courageous where he played "Dan Troop" in 1996.
    Born Too Soon where he played "Ethan" in 1993.
    Liar, Liar (the TV version) where he played "Jonah" in 1993.
    Miles from Nowhere where he played "Patrick Reilly" in 1992.
    The Commish where he played "David Scali" in 1991.
    Short Time where he played "Dougie Simpson" in 1990.
    Quarantine in 1989.

    Some of the other places you may have seen Kaj include:

    Walker, Texas Ranger where he played Ted McGee in the episode "In God's Hands" in 1998.
    Home Improvement where he played Brian in the episode "The Write Stuff" in 1998.
    Are You Afraid of the Dark? where he played "Zeke" in the episode titled "Tale of the Dead Man's Float" in 1995.
    Goosebumps. - "Welcome to Camp Nightmare" - as Billy
    The Odyssey where he played "Galileo" in the episode titled "Galileo and the Gypsies" in 1992.
    MacGuyver where he played "Tommy Wiley" in the episode titled "The Visitor" in 1990.
    MacGuyver where he played "Jacob" in the episode titled "The Outsiders" in 1988.

    Database from Staroasis
    Pic is of Ricky Schroder, Shawn Phelan, and Kaj-Erik Eriksen in Miles From Nowhere (1992) and is from Stargalaxy.

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