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The 1997 Summit of Eight in Denver

The world focused on Denver as eight leaders gathered in the Mile High City in June. At the same time, three National Medical Response Teams and the US Marine Corps CBIRF gathered at Fitzsimons Army Garrison and Camp George West for training and preparation even before the first world leader stepped off the plane. Considering the current world political climate, the teams had to be ready for the sobering possibility of a mass-casualty incident. These teams baked under the relentless sun, sweating inside airtight suits and layers of Tyvek while practicing decontamination and patient care . In spite of the high temperatures and the unnerving purpose behind our existence, the teams remained focused, and dedicated their time and energy to honing the skills necessary for patient care.

decon.jpg 1997 Joseph Bly level_a_intubation.jpg 1997 Joseph Bly
Members of the Colorado NMRT practice patient decontamination   Nancy practices intubation in spite of wearing a level A hazmat suit.
level_b.jpg 1997 Joseph Bly level_b_2.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly
Practice removing patient clothing while in level B HazMat suit.   The tool being used is a 'J'-knife, which removes contaminated clothing quickly and safely.
blackout.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly inthemaze.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly
Anne wearing the blackout mask, just before entering The Maze.   The Maze. 16 cones are arranged in a specific order in a grid, and here, a Western US NMRT member is moving by touch from cone to cone. The exercise emphasizes use of other senses, which is essential when in the sensory-deprived environment of a HazMat suit.
jim.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly boredom.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly
Jim rests in the shade after working in the level A suit in the hot sun.   As with most large-scale events, one group of people has to wait for another group to finish.
softball.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly dogpile.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly
On the last day of the Summit of 8 deployment, the Colorado and North Carolina NMRTs  and the US Marine Corps CBIRF finally got to relax with a friendly softball game...   ...in which the winning team paid dearly.
sortteam.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly ca_nmrt.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly
The "unofficial" team photo of the Eastern U.S. NMRT, taken during the post-deployment party   The "unofficial" team photo of the Western U.S. NMRT, also taken during the post-deployment party
conga.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly goofing_off.jpg, 1997 Joseph Bly


After spending a grueling week in the blistering summer sun planning and training for a mass casualty horror, it was great to finally relax and just have a good time.
After the last world leader left and the NMRT deployment was officially over, then the celebration began.    
In memory of the Columbine High School Victims
In memory of the victims of the Columbine High School massacre


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