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excerpts from various government and industry WWW sites pertaining to mass decontamination

The entire incident is a crime scene requiring the collection of criminal evidence and suspicious victim belongings. The preservation of a proper chain of custody must be maintained for all evidence. ... patients could be suspects and their belongings may be evidence. ... Direct patients through a detailed decontamination process and deal with potentially unruly patients. ... Enforce order when persons become uncooperative when asked to remove clothing and relinquish personal items.
Removal of clothing in the decon procedure has the additional advantage of detecting weapons or a secondary device on a victim or "pseudo-victim."
The removal of clothing as a decon procedure has the additional advantage of detecting a secondary device concealed on a victim.
Since it is impossible to determine with certainty whether or not the victims have been contaminated, a Minimum Level of Decontamination must be defined. Victims from a sentinel event should not be allowed to enter a bus, ambulance, or the medical center without the removal of clothing. Removal of clothing is the essential first step in the treatment of the contaminated victim. Once the clothing has been removed, the victim will remove over 80% of the contaminant after liquid contamination and nearly 100% after vapor contamination. This may be the only decontamination procedure that is required for those victims exposed only to a chemical gas or vapor or biologic exposure. ... Some patients, after a clinical assessment, might require a soap and water shower if liquid exposure is suspected. ... once the clothing is removed, the victim is unlikely to leave the scene and more likely to wait for water decon and further processing.
Evidence collection (such as bagging of clothing samples) from victims before decontamination may yield clues to the nature of the agent. Interrogation and evidence collection should be coordinated with local police and FBI officials.
To prevent these patients from escaping our decon system, the entrance to the terminal was closed, and all pedestrian traffic from the ferry dock was diverted to a holding pen
must remain vigilant to the possibility of a secondary device or other dangerous weapons being found on victims. ... requiring processing of clothing as evidence ... Recorded messages, replayed, can provide instructions for patients to vacate the area, remove their clothes, sit down, etc., along with words of reassurance. ... a larger crowd could overwhelm officers more quickly and probably result in the escape of contaminated victims and perhaps the perpertrator. ... officers should be more aware of their surroundings and better utilize resources such as fencing, gates, and vehicles as a means of crowd containment during such an incident. ... immediately identify, isolate, and debrief victims, witnesses, and first responders for the purpose of gathering intelligence regarding the incident. ... As victims exit decontamination and prior to transport to the hospitals, when medically possible, each should be interviewed, identified, photographed, and fingerprinted. --Biennial Exercise, Tampa Bay Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), District VIII, Fire Chief Ernie Hiers
It should be noted that no patient should be allowed to leave the exclusion zone without undergoing decontamination procedures. ... to aid rescuers with identifying clothing (evidence) belonging to victims. After a victim's clothing has been removed and placed into an airtight clear plastic bag, the long CONTAMINATED tear off strip is placed inside the bag face out. The numbered tag allows for clear identification of items... The Personal Property Receipt/Evidence tag found at the top of the tag is to be used for identifying valuables removed from victims. (Jewelry, wallets, watches, cash etc..). These items should be collected and placed in a smaller one-gallon clear plastic bag.
In the case of a mail attack (or a hoax), those who are identified as having been exposed must be ... detained and immediately isolated into a segregated area where their contact information is noted. In the quarantine they should ... be asked to take shower using soap (detergent/bleach) and water. The clothes that they wore while handling the material must be taken into custody and sealed in plastic bags. ... A temporary decontamination cell will be set up for the affected people. They will be asked to rinse their exposed body parts with five percent hypochlorite solution and to take a shower with soap and water, ... Clothing and personal effects of detainees will be isolated and saved in plastic bags until the laboratory reports of the powder comes in as negative and/or the FBI has released them from being saved as evidence, ... Detainees will be moved to EM center and will be probably decontaminated one more time
crowd control would be a big issue, requiring police involvement; people would be needed to help victims undress, to wash them down, to tag and bag belongings, and to supervise victims after treatment.

historical; homeless, etc.:

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use of decon for quelling civil unrest:

All of the victim's clothes are removed at the first station... Two Marines in full decontamination suits ... remove all clothing. The clothes are cut off and placed in proper trash cans. ... The CBIRFs decontamination element consists of 27 enlisted Marines and Sailors. The element is responsible for the decontamination of personnel and casualties, which in turn stabilizes causalities for further treatment. The decontamination element establishes itself at the edge of a contaminated area near the medical element's triage station. There, personnel and casualties, whether ambulatory or non-ambulatory, are processed through a series of stations derived from Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) decontamination standards. As contaminated individuals enter the area, their personal effects and equipment are collected, and clothing items are removed. The individuals are then sprayed and sponged with a .5 percent bleach solution, and led through a shower system to rinse off the ... ... approximately 120 Marines mostly infantrymen. ... trained in a variety of roles including security patrols, Military Operations in Urban Terrain, riot control and vehicle and personnel search.... providing security patrols for the reconnaissance element, quelling civil unrest, detaining hostile forces, assisting with the evacuation of casualties, securing the contaminated area a providing security to the CBIRF site. The unit carries the M870 shotguns, M16-A2 service rifles, M-203 40mm grenade launchers M-249 Squad Automatic Weapons and M-204G medium machine guns.
county went into its emergency response mode. ... police, descended on the building. ... new trailer and tent to house victims. Dozens of evacuated employees and patients were isolated in front of the building. Their clothes were taken from them, and they were washed down as part of the decontamination process.
Before they were taken into custody for probation violation, the Scotts, along with their son and pet dog, were required to wash down in three wading pools the Baker City Fire Department placed in the street near a sewer drain. Valley Avenue was cordoned off for several blocks during the process. Draped by tarps, the Scotts stripped down and entered the pools one at a time to be cleaned. Their clothing was sacked up and placed in evidence. First, each was rinsed in a "gross decontamination pool," then soaped and washed down in a second pool before being rinsed again in the third pool. Albert and Teresa Scott then were given black-and-white jumpsuits before being taken into custody and transported to the Baker County Jail.
what do they mean by "undergoing decontamination"?

Main Entry:     un.der.go
Pronunciation:  "&n-d&r-'gO
Function:       transitive verb
Inflected Form(s):      un.der.went /-'went/; un.der.gone /-'gon also -'g@n/; /-'gO-i[ng], -'go(-)i[ng]/
Date:   14th century
1 : to submit to : ENDURE


The patient's clothes must be removed and sealed, the patient washed with soap and water, eyes flushed, and hair shaved. Decontamination facilities set up by HazMat teams would likely be necessary for multiple patients, and suitable barrier precautions would be provided to health care staff.

shaving and contraband hidden in hair:

All of us had to go through compulsory quarantine.... were made to strip naked, all our things having been previously taken from us, ... Next, our heads were shaved and we had to bathe under cold showers.... The shaving of heads down to bare skin presented me with a problem since I had long hair in which was hidden Mme. Lutostanska's property which I had so far carried safely.
What did you feel the first time you saw all these naked women? I felt that accordingly I got to do what they told me, to cut their hair in a way that it looked like the barber was doing his job for a woman, and I set out to give them both, to take off as much hair as I could, because they needed women's hair to be transported to Germany?
Disrobing is decontamination; head to toe, more removal is better... approaches to conducting mass casualty decontamination using existing fire apparatus and equipment. The two predominant systems developed are the Ladder Pipe Decontamination System (LDS) and the Emergency Decontamination Corridor System (EDCS). These systems approach decontamination from two variations. The LDS provides the capability to decontaminate the greater number of victims at one time but affords no privacy, while the EDCS provides privacy in the form of covered decontamination lanes but the rate of processing casualties is slowed. These systems were demonstrated by various fire departments supporting the CWIRP during BALTEX exercises.
The possibility of biological and chemical terrorism is a matter of serious concern for federal, state and local emergency agencies responsible for responding to such incidents -- especially at highly visible events such as the track and field trials.

Sacramento County has designated the medical center as the Control Facility (CF) in the event of any kind of multicasualty incident, defined as any event that requires more emergency medical resources to adequately handle victims than are available under routine circumstances. A multicasualty incident could result from natural or human-made events, such as floods, earthquakes, a loss of utilities, acts of civil disobedience and accidents.

The medical center stockpiles antidotes for different agents and makes them available on a regional basis, and has a specially designed chemical decontamination facility. The facility includes a 2,000-gallon tank to collect the drainage water used to cleanse patients who have been exposed to a chemical agent. Only one other hospital in Sacramento has a decontamination facility, and because its collection tank is very small, it would not be able to handle many patients in need of chemical decontamination.

Every member of the emergency department staff has completed a class in decontamination techniques and treatment of victims of biological warfare and other weapons of mass destruction.

New BodySearch(TM) X-ray Technology Unveiled

The unique x-ray imaging system is designed to quickly and safely detect both metallic and organic materials such as drugs, weapons and illegal contraband.

The scan requires no physical contact between the operator and the subject, thus vastly reducing the threat of assault against law enforcement personnel and the spread of communicable diseases.

The BodySearch(TM) device was installed late in 1997, and has been in a testing and operator training period since its installation.

When I was a little girl growing up in the 50's, it was every prepubescent schoolboy's dream to have Superman's x-ray vision and be able to see underneath a girl's clothes. ... Well now that day is here. Only it isn't prepubescent schoolboys with the x-ray vision; it's scanners at the airport. And it isn't with furtive, guilty glances, it's with the full knowledge and order of the federal government. aaaa One of the starkest images that remains ... is the sight of hundreds of Jews being forced to parade naked in front of their tormentors. ... The Nazi commandant smiles provocatively as he surveys this scene, not unlike Glenda Hood's bright smile as she assured us that this is a necessary measure in the government's effort to protect us from death in the skies.
Discussion this week centered on the history of the ACLU and how it has become involved in the field of terrorism. Mr. Nojeim explained the organization's involvement as one that evolved from monitoring those targeting communists to those targeting terrorists. He named numerous examples of how the hunt for terrorists is rooted in the Cold War. Vestiges of the Cold War include secret evidence, excessive government secrecy through classification, and wire taps, just to name a few. Other important points included the fact that there is no definition of domestic terrorism and that the actual risk of terrorism in the US (in terms of occurred incidents) is very low. Another major focus of discussion was the legislation passed by Congress on anti-terrorist activity.

In summary, terrorism has replaced communism in this country, both in terms of attacks and the institutions used to track terrorists. The ACLU and Mr. Nojeim are working to preserve the individual rights of those who are targeted by terrorist allegations.

Immediately remove all contaminated clothing, including undergarments and jewelry. This is no time for modesty.
Consider bagging the victim's jewelry and other valuables separately from clothing for easier retrieval later.
...disrobe in less than private surroundings will also affect the conduct of field decontamination. Where there are very large numbers in need of decontamination, crowd control measures will be necessary to keep panicky or merely im- patient victims at the scene long enough to complete decontamination.
Defense against Weapons of Mass Destruction Domestic Preparedness is law in the United States! ...prepare law enforcement and other government agencies... "wash/wet, strip, flush, cover." General washdown with water (most likely from a shower hose), strip off all clothing, flush with water and cover (with expedient clothing such as a bedsheet, etc).
Dubbed the ?Israeli model,? it consists of 10 shower heads permanently fixed in the ceiling of a sidewalk area outside the Emergency Department. Large curtains drop to form separate lines for men and women. ?We use parallel runs for men and women for privacy,? Browning said. ?The curtains drop, temperature controlled water is turned on and the showers are activated. Patients walk through the corridor of shower heads and come out clean at the end of the walk.? ... An estimated 200 people can be decontaminated in an hour and the system is designed to be set up and operating within five minutes. ... ?We?ll focus on traffic flow problems, elements of the patients disrobing, bagging their clothing and tracking their belongings, and logistical problems,? he said. ... The entire process was filmed by a crew from the U.S. Department of Justice for possible use in a national training video. The video will focus on a terrorist attack, decontamination procedures and the nationally recognized incident command structure.
...public safety issues, crime prevention... "get 'em naked and get 'em wet."
The identification of contaminated victims and their personal effects... Victims are also videotaped as they proceed through the decontamination line.
Video Surveillance... Videotaped documentation could later be used in the evidence processes;
housed in the racquetball courts, where there's a view from above, and slits in the doors for the guards to look through. The command center will be upstairs, which also serves as an observation area," ... From the room, officials could gather around one of three large windows looking down on the basketball court, where evacuees would be registered and monitored. "They could see how many people are being evacuated, and how many are going to be decontaminated,"
Ontario International Airport , Ontario California, has become the first airport in the nation to get a high tech portable mass decontamination system. The system manufactured by Modec Inc. of Denver can process up to 700 persons per hour. The portable unit can be easily set up in under thirty minutes. The Los Angeles World Airports which owns and operates Ontario International bought three of the $220,000 mass casualty decon systems and gave the first one to the Ontario International Airport. The project under the direction of Mr. Michael DiGirolamo, Director of Airports Operation Los Angeles City Dept. of Airports, and was coordinated by Mr. Richard Taylor, Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for the Los Angeles City Dept. of Airports. ... Men and women would go through different compartments. After the showers, they would have to wear paper suits until uncontaminated clothing could be brought to them. Personal belongings would be decontaminated separately, and some items may have to be destroyed, DiGirolamo said.
The disinfection/decontamination process is akin to "putting humans through a car wash" after first destroying their garments. Los Angeles World Airports have put in place a contingency plan to disinfect up to 10,000 persons who might have been exposed to biological or chemical substances.
WASHINGTON - The doomsday shower can sanitise 800 people per hour. It boasts separate rinse stations for contaminated men and women. ... TVI's flagship product is the High Throughput Mass Decontamination Shelter, a carwash-like structure for humans with at least 50 shower nozzles threaded into its vinyl interior, a hot water pump and soap dispensers.

It is designed to be attached to a fire hose and has at least three shower lanes to separate men, women and the incapacitated after an attack. ... If a 'dirty' nuclear bomb is detonated or a biochemical agent is released, for example, people fleeing the scene before being decontaminated would risk exposing others to the danger. ... 'You just cream people with water,' said Mr Thomas Gibson, a lieutenant with the hazardous material team at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) campus in Bethesda, Maryland. ... 'When you take their clothes off, you take away 90 per cent of the problem,' Mr Gibson said.

So far, we can see that the German bomb shelter is a relatively sophisticated operation, including a systematic design and a division of functions. In addition, the references to gas tight doors, buckets for contaminated clothing, wash rooms, changing rooms, and decontamination centers reflects a very real concern with the possibility of poison gas attacks.
Before she knew it, she was being removed from her home, taken to a soccer field and told to strip down to her underwear as strangers watched.

"It was the most humiliating thing I've ever had to go through," she said.

By the time Hazmat teams arrived and set up, it was about 9 p.m. Crew members donned masks and green splash suits, squirting water through special nozzles that kept the pressure low as the people passed through the line. Though plastic tarps were held up on each side, Huizar and the others who were decontaminated, most of them women, said they had to strip down in an area that was within the view of a crowd of at least 100 emergency personnel, TV crews and other spectators.

"It felt like we were raped," said Huizar, 42, reenacting how she was told to lift up her arms and turn in circles as she walked down the line.

Firefighters and local ag officials say the possible consequences outweighed privacy issues at that point. ... One of the main reasons the state agency is concerned is that some people did not seek immediate treatment "because they didn't want to be stripped down

hose people down both to decontaminate them and to discourage them from leaving the area. ... victims would be given Tyvek suits, spare clothing, or even garbage bags to wear... dozens of people could be herded through decontamination lines simultaneously.
herded into a prefabricated tunnel, doused with water from fire hydrants, ordered to remove their clothes, dosed with water again
Eyeglasses suspected of being contaminated and not required for safe evacuation should be placed in a plastic bag and carried to the decontamination station. All contact lenses suspected of being contaminated should be placed in a plastic bag and carried to the decontamination station, b. removal of all external extraneous items from contact with the body. Such items include hearing aids, artificial limbs, jewelry, watches, toupees, and wigs,
...forced to strip to their underwear in public while they were sprayed with a solution of bleach and water in case they had been exposed to the lethal agent. Only many hours later did scientists at the Naval Medical Research Institute in Bethesda, Md., determine the package was a hoax.
stripped to their underwear on Rhode Island Avenue and decontaminated with a spray of bleach and water. More than 100 others were held inside the building for hours as specialists ran laboratory tests before concluding that the gelatin-like substance in the petri dish was harmless... Maryland and Virginia to establish a "medical strike team" made up of police, fire... Domestic Preparedness Training program, which involves half a dozen federal agencies, including the Defense and Energy departments, FBI, Public Health Service, Environmental Protection Agency and Federal Emergency Management Agency. Managed by the Army's Chemical and Biological Defense Command, the program uses local officials as instructors on the assumption that they can relate well to their peers. Other parts of the course are taught by retired military officers with extensive chemical weapons experience.
strip and decon... being stripped and all clothing jewery and shoe
SPOKESMAN: Get them out of their clothes... What am I going to do with watches and rings and eyeglasses and all those valuable kinds of things? The problem we face is... fled by the time we get there. Getting these people corralled and headed toward a decon corridor is the most difficult task.
At the end of this decon corridor, tarps could be set up for privacy. Ambulatory victims may then undress and wash with soap and water and then dry and redress in large trash bags with holes cut out for the head and arms.

Since a suspected terrorist incident constitutes a crime scene, all clothing removed from victims will be evidence. This means the clothing needs to be bagged, tagged for later victim identification (like triage tags) and set aside in a secure location until the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) -- the lead law enforcement agency -- determines its disposition.

Undressing the victim will remove approximately 90% of the chemical agent. Hospital and public safety personnel should plan for the processing of these patients.

Most patients will be minimally contaminated or affected. Decontamination, aside from clothing removal, will not be necessary for vapor exposure unless a nerve agent has been involved. In all mass exposure situations, soap and water decontamination is sufficient. Transporting patients to a predesignated nonclinical site, such as a local high school or health club, may be the easiest way to decontaminate large numbers of victims.

f. Condemnation and seizure of property- Then any property is officially condemned or seized by government authorities in the interest of public health, the owner thereof shall not be entitled to compensation.
Disinfectant carpets were installed over the weekend in airport hallways leading to Customs checkpoints, Claude Lavigne of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said yesterday. ``Everybody has to go through there, this is to disinfect their shoes,'' said Lavigne.
Shenzen Airport can be called an international sanitary airport by the People's Republic of China. China spent the equivalent of US$ 3 million over three years to upgrade the airp ort's sanitary facilities. The investment went towards the establishment in the airport of: a fully-equipped and staffed medical service facilities for the transport of infected persons and suspected cases an on-site fully equipped isolation and care clinic for infected persons and suspected cases a disease vector and bacteriological laboratory ... a vaccination centre for yellow fever ... The excellent facilities and permanent systems now in place at Shenzen Airport will help check the spread of infectious diseases imported into the country by travellers and will minimize health problems which could be generated in any airport with unsanitary conditions. Shenzen, having achieved this valuable honour, will serve as a model for 46 other Chinese airports," said Dr Song Mingchang, Deputy Administrator of the Chinese State Administration for the Entry/Exit Inspection and Quarantine. ... Committee of the Geneva-based World Trade Organization (WTO) will hold a special informal meeting, starting on 22 June, on the IHR. This will be the formal start of a new WHO-WTO working relationship with a view to minimizing conflict and creating complementarity between WTO agreements and the IHR.
Public Health, Informed Consent and the Rotavirus Vaccine Jane M. Orient, MD If a physician does a procedure because, in his best judgment, it is indicated for an individual patient's benefit, he had better get informed consent if at all possible. Without it, he could face (and lose) a malpractice suit or even be charged with criminal assault. ... Under the Nuremberg Code, patients have the right to refuse treatment. Under the Oath of Hippocrates, physicians are obligated to do no harm (not even for the "good of society.") Physicians should insist on full, honest disclosure and open debate, and to use only persuasion rather than coercion if patients disagree with us. The recommendations of remote, nonaccountable experts must never be allowed to override the rights of patients. The reason for that is one of principle, even if the short-term results look favorable. In this instance, those upholding the standard of informed consent are vindicated even on utilitarian grounds.
LAPD Articles
Biological/Chemical Terrorism and SWAT Response By Chief of Police Bernard C. Parks & Captain Michael R. Hillmann ... The control of contaminated persons who refuse to cooperate with fire department or health services personnel is a serious issue, and the potential for such situations is not only possible but probable.

Be alert for perpetrators who may still be on the scene * Request Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team (as needed) to secure perimeters ... Suspect detention and apprehension * Coordinate for decontamination support if conducting mission inside warmx and hot zones ... Assist and direct all victims to decontamination and triage area ... Be alert for secondary devices, weapons, and perpetrators * Request police for security of personnel, victims, personal property, and collection and preservation of evidence ... Perpetrators may be among victims * Victim identification and tracking ... suspect apprehension, inside the warm zone. ...perpetrators seeking to... escape from, the incident scene.
The 1997 Summit of Eight in Denver
The world focused on Denver as eight leaders gathered in the Mile High City in June. At the same time, three National Medical Response Teams and the US Marine Corps CBIRF gathered at Fitzsimons Army Garrison and Camp George West for training and preparation even before the first world leader stepped off the plane. Considering the current world political climate, the teams had to be ready for the sobering possibility of a mass-casualty incident. These teams baked under the relentless sun, sweating inside airtight suits and layers of Tyvek while practicing decontamination and patient care . ... Practice removing patient clothing while in level B HazMat suit. The tool being used is a 'J'-knife, which removes contaminated clothing quickly and safely.

Connecticut has acquired some new tools to help respond to any terrorist attack about two dozen 14-foot-high, 13,000-pound mass decontamination trailers.

The trailers would be deployed in the event of a biological or chemical emergency, and are designed to get a contaminated person clean enough to be evaluated by medical personnel. Each trailer can process about 100 people in an hour. ...

In the first chamber, there is a chute for contaminated clothing and two shower heads. ...

A contaminated person would then go into the next chamber, where spigots spray water sideways and rinse off the body. The person would then be given a clean jumpsuit and directed to medical personnel for evaluation.

From a shower stall that sprays out a soapy solution to two chambers where spigots spew clean water, the mass decontamination trailer delivered to Greenwich late Friday is similar to a carwash. "It's the carwash program for the body," Fire Chief Daniel Warzoha said yesterday. ... Even if there is a low likelihood of a chemical, biological or hazardous materials incident in Greenwich, the ability to move the trailer around town or out of town is useful, Warzoha said. "We're worried about somebody receiving contamination elsewhere and coming back to Greenwich," he said. "We could do this at the train station.

decontaminate people whether they need it or not:
decontaminate people who, while not necessarily requiring rescue, could spread contamination wherever they go. The unit can decontaminate hundreds of people in the space of an hour. ... The decon unit involves three tents to be set up in a series. People are moved into the first tent where contaminated clothing is removed and placed outside of the tent for disposal. They shower in the second tent, from which water with contaminants flows into a special bladder for removal. In the third tent, each individual receives a set of new clothing made of a paper-like substance.

According to Pedrazzi, three corridors are established through the three tents -- one for men, a second for women,

The first and most important step of the process is disrobing the patient, ... After disrobing, the patient is washed down at different locations.

unwilling or uncooperative victims

Chavez didn't know things had become dangerous until two men in hazard suits like in "E.T." kicked off her door. "I was verbally and physically threatened by a police officer in a hazmat suit," she said in an interview with City Pulse. Since Chavez refused to go through the decontamination procedure, she was saved for last. "He said I would be arrested and dragged down the hall, and my cloth would be ripped off." Chavez sat at her desk until it was her turn. "I had no choice." ... Judy Ward shows the plastic bag in which she had to undress in order to get decontaminated at MSU's Linton Hall on Oct. 12, 2001.

City Pulse spoke with four women who experienced what they described as a very dehumanizing experience. They felt threatened by the forceful orders of an all-male emergency team that they take their clothes off. Some of the women felt that at some point they were on parade, with at least six suited men standing around them. ... reminded every time she smells bleach or she sees firemen of being "assaulted in the place where you work, and where you go five days a week." She said even one year later she felt angry and violated, and that no one has been held accountable. ... "I think there should be clear rules that protect people's privacy, so that it doesn't become an unreasonable search procedure, which I think this instance clearly was," ... in an emergency situation, when dealing with an immediate crime, one might stretch people's civil rights. "But I doubt there are as many emergencies as people think there are. The police like to claim that everything is an emergency and therefore don't need to go to a judge for appropriate search rights." Silverman said the ACLU hasn't given up the idea of taking legal action. However, with six or seven different jurisdictions involved, the case would probably take a lot of time, energy, and money.

provide for the apprehension and examination of any individual reasonably believed to be infected with a communicable disease in a communicable stage
Remember that any covering can trap contamination... One of the victims was a young lady who was forced to remove all of her clothes as a result of the exposure and the resulting burning sensation on her skin. Firefighters, respecting her modesty allowed the lady to keep on her panties.... and ended up suffering 3rd degree burns...
They bring a law enforcement agency group with them and they have no problem if somebody needs to be restrained with handcuffs or flex cuffs or whatever to keep them from going from the hot zone to a cool zone; ... I think it is a benefit. You have better containment, and better control. Colonel Hammes says his Marines are trained to handle uncooperative people. ... first, we try to just talk to them. If they're really hysterical, there's some simple techniques from this program called Marine Martial Arts, that teaches various martial arts skills; there are common techniques that police also use to provide pain compliance-- no permanent damage, just enough to get your attention, and allows us to control you. If you still won't, then we can control in flex cuffs, and then we'll flex cuff decontaminate you.
During a review of several recent incidents specifying an anthrax threat, where no live spores were found, it was noted that potentially contaminated and displaced persons were quite upset about being "inconvenienced" with detention and quarantine procedures. ... What about the control of uncooperative, contaminated subject(s) at the scene? Based upon health department direction to law enforcement to "quarantine" persons exposed to biological/chemical agents, how much force should be used to prevent persons from leaving the scene and potentially contaminating others? slight variation (restraint of victims) restraining devices (flexcuffs, etc.) will quickly establish control over the situation. ...About the Author Captain Michael Hillmann is the commanding officer of LAPD's West Los Angeles Area.
it is essentially a car wash for humans. People enter ... remove their clothing, and pass through repeated showers of Ivory soap, said Capt. Stephen Chmiel. Capt. Chmiel, who is the city's representative on the state's hazardous materials response team, said 72 of the $64,000 units have been distributed to every community where an emergency room is located. ... "Taking one's clothing off will rid you of 90 percent of contamination," ... Civil rights activists in some cases have objected to people being rounded up, stripped and showered against their will. But Capt. Chmiel said local health authorities have "certain powers to quarantine people." And in the case of the decontamination tent, separate areas for men and women assure a measure of privacy.
No reasonable person wishes to sacrifice any of these principles, but it may be necessary to do so in a real incident if lives are to be saved. --Richard A. Falkenrath, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, December 2000
As part of the exercise, CBIRF members faced many unannounced obstacles including victims who spoke no English, were deaf or extremely uncooperative either screaming to be left alone or not be touched.
Once the decision to decontaminate has been made, the principle is that all casualties, whether injured or not, that are suspected of being contaminated will receive decontamination at the scene. ...

It should be remembered that potential witnesses or suspects might be amongst those being decontaminated. ...

People who are capable of removing their own clothing and decontaminating themselves should do so, under supervision.

Special care must be taken to reassure and support people who have personal articles such as spectacles or hearing aids removed from them.

All personal clothing and property, whether contaminated or not, must be recorded and linked to an individual. It may contain valuable intelligence or evidence and the continuity of its recording is vital.

It is likely that the majority of contamination will be contained on clothing. Suspected contaminated casualties should therefore be encouraged to remove top layers of clothing down to their underwear and this should also be removed if contamination is suspected. ...

Risks to CBRN responders include harm from secondary devices, confused, violent or rowdy victims, undetected perpetrators attempting to escape, prisoners under arrest, and police/military weaponry. In the case of mass decontamination, and if there is impatience to enter the decontamination facility, responders should expect public disorder. For these reasons, the decontamination process must be adequately controlled from the outset.

At the outset, peace officers should be acquainted with the law as it relates to the lawful detention of subjects for "quarantine" as directed by local health officials. Most states only address the authority for peace officers to lawfully detain persons in situations involving unusual or suspicious activity relating to criminal activity, and not based solely on a public safety or health threat. Such public safety law is usually reserved for the local Director of Health Services.
Law enforcement agencies may also become taxed by assisting with an ordered quarantine, in addition to maintaining public order and conducting an investigation into the incident.
Emergency planners should be aware that the release of any CW/BW agent is likely to induce a psychological reaction on the part of a largely unprotected civilian population, and that problems with crowd control, rioting, and other opportunistic crime could be anticipated. ... the need for rapid and thorough decontamination is mandatory. It is strongly recommended that no contaminated person or vehicle be allowed to leave the scene of a chemical release...
Establishing a system of community-based outpatient centers is the most efficient way to provide rapid treatment to a large population. ... Alternative Care Facilities (ACF) ... for mass prophylaxis will open to provide care, information, and medication to the victims and their families during a chemical and/or a biological terrorist incident. People will be reluctant to go to an alternative health care facility ... ... Establish perimeters around existing medical facilities and alternative care facilities to control influx and exit of patients so as to protect patients, personnel, and supplies. Hospitals will use their own internal security forces while local, State and military personnel will be used for ACFs. Provide internal security within all medical facilities to ensure no disruption of services by hysterical individuals. Ensure appropriate crowd control. Tracking of victims will be maintained to ensure adequate patient care and to assess possible long-term sequelae for clinical and scientific purposes.
(November 2002) - The attacks of 9/11 were a definite wakeup call for the roughly 150 hospitals in Indiana. ... build extra capacity, such as providing off-site areas to take care of the overflow of patients who require hospitalization." Each of 10 regions in Indiana has been asked to make available 500 additional beds. "Schools, old hotels, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities and rehabilitation hospitals are being considered, ... "The major area that we are investigating is expanding our decontamination facility with more showers in order to accommodate a greater number of patients," says Keith Kahre, emergency medical services and security coordinator at St. Mary's Medical Center in Evansville. The 500-bed hospital will likely enlarge its decontamination facility in the emergency-room department. ... St. Mary's is also studying how its air quality is impacted by quarantined patients potentially contaminated with such maladies as smallpox. ... The second scenario is a chemical event involving loads of people exposed to a chemical agent. "We need to have decontamination facilities large enough to handle that." After 9/11, St. Mary's formed a task force to better prepare for disaster. A nearby facility with three vacant floors has been designated as an alternate care site. "We want to make that facility safe in air quality as well, in the event patients need to be quarantined for a communicable disease," .... At Clark Memorial Hospital in Jeffersonville, officials have closely evaluated security at the 234-bed facility, including how people enter. For a lockdown situation, "we need to be able to secure the premises," states Fred Horlander, vice president of hospital support service. ... At Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne, personal protective equipment has been upgraded to include air-purifying respirators and gloves that are more impervious to chemicals. The 540-bed hospital has also expanded its capability for decontamination from two shower areas to 10. Moreover, "we've been involved in protocols for off-site triage," says Sue Grace, director of safety. The hospital has also drafted a policy to administer mass prophylaxis, such as a vaccine or antibiotic that would need to be distributed throughout the community within a short time period. Parkview Hospital has identified the city's Coliseum and university facilities for potential patient overflow. ... "Security for crowd control is also important. We have specific areas where we would put families without impeding the existing treatment protocols."
It is recommended that if current state/local law does not authorize peace officers to detain persons for public health or safety reasons involving biological and/or chemical terrorism, then obvious legislative amendments should be sought.
Patients have the right to refuse treatment and/or transport if they are of legal age and are competent. Competence is defined as the capacity or ability to understand the nature and effects of one's acts or decisions. A person is considered to be competent until proven otherwise. There are situations, however, in which the interests of the general public outweigh an individual's right to liberty: 1.The individual is threatening self-harm or suicide. 2.The individual presents a threat to the community because of a contagious disease or other physical dangerousness.
responders would need to corral those trying to flee the scene because exposure to toxic chemicals can cause serious health effects.
... Janet Reno Attorney General U.S. Department of Justice ... Require mandatory medical examination of exposed persons... Require exposed persons to accept mandatory vaccinations... Seize and destroy contaminated property... participate in the modification of existing laws and regulations designed to protect health and ensure safety in case of a public health emergency or hazardous biological, chemical, or radiological event...
(1) The Council may, if satisfied that any person, or the clothing of any person, is verminous and if such person consents to be removed to a cleansing station, cause such person to be removed to a cleansing station and cleansed as to his person and clothing.

(2) If such person does not so consent the Council may apply to the sheriff, and the sheriff, if satisfied, on oral evidence of the facts set forth in the application, and that it is expedient to do so, may make an order for the removal of such person to a cleansing station by such officer of the Council as may be specified in the order and for the detention of such person therein for such period, and subject to such conditions, as may be specified in the order, to enable him to be cleansed as to his person and clothing.

(3) The cleansing of females under this section shall be carried out only by a woman registered medical practitioner or by a woman duly authorised by the Council.

28. Removal to cleansing stations of dirty and verminous persons

Where a cleansing station is provided within the district of a local authority or within a reasonable distance therefrom, any person within that district certified by a medical officer of health, school medical inspector or other medical practitioner, or by a certificated health inspector, to be dirty or verminous may, on order of the medical officer of health, be removed, together with his clothing and bedding, to such cleansing station and be cleansed therein.

29. Removal orders

An order made under section twenty-four or twenty-eight may be addressed to any duly authorized officer of a local authority or any police officer. Any person who wilfully obstructs the execution of, or fails or refuses to comply with, any such order shall be guilty of an offence.

...emergency decontamination shower station which can serve up to 750 people an hour
Public health authorities possess three overlapping powers of detention: isolation of known infectious persons, quarantine of healthy persons exposed to disease, and civil commitment (compulsory hospitalization) for care and treatment.
allow officials to detain people involuntarily if... If the state can show "clear and convincing evidence" to a judge that exposed or infected people are a significant threat to public health, officials would be authorized to isolate and involuntarily compel medical treatment for them. ... Cremation is viewed as essential
victims must be collected in the hot zone. ... If victims are allowed to wander about, the clean side of the decontamination area will become contaminated thereby negating any benefit. The first step of decontamination is containment. Once contained, the victims should disrobe, and physically remove any observable contamination from the skin. Clothing must be accumulated deposited on the downhill, downstream, and downwind portion of the hot zone to prevent Â~Soff-gassingÂ~T. Off-gassing is the continued exposure of victims from vapors contained upon their clothing. Simply disrobing victims is 85-90% effective at removing a vapor exposure. Victims may typically be left in their undergarments.
Oregon town to ban stinky bus passengers... The Associated Press ... - You better hit the showers before you board the bus... The regulations ban anyone who "emanates a grossly repulsive odor that is unavoidable by other Bend Extended Area Transit customers" from being in the bus station or on a bus. "It's an effort to keep the riding experience as pleasant and safe as possible,"

Pleasant submission: luxury beach resort or quarantine spa, or desire to be stripped, wetted down, and herded into a holding area

we just want to ask people who have the symptoms to join us at the most luxurious beach resort we can find, around which we are going to throw a ten-foot wall, reinforced by guards with nonviolent means of stopping people who want to leave.
Where's the virile firefighter who's supposed to cut off my clothes? ... There are many good reasons to volunteer as a "victim/actor" at a mock chemical weapons attack. There are the free doughnuts. There are the virile and omnipotent firefighters who cut your clothing off and carry you to safety and more doughnuts. There is the knowledge that your efforts are helping to prepare emergency personnel in the event that such a heinous thing should ever occur. ... Eventually a firefighter came over with a hose and commenced to wet us down, as though we were fans at an outdoor rock concert... explained that he was decontaminating us. If this had been an actual gas attack, they would have cut our clothes off, turned the hoses up high and really blasted us, and then they would have scrubbed us and put us into some sort of special suit and rushed us to the emergency room. ... "If they want to practice, why don't they do it? Come and get real, people!" ... Forty-five minutes later, we were herded into a fire department van and driven to a nearby hospital. No clothes cutting, no ambulance ride.
After being stripped and taken to a tiled cell which would not have been out of place in a South American military junta's interrogation suite, I was drizzled with honey, rubbed with grated carrot, wrapped in foil, baked, hosed down, scraped with rock salt, squirted with lemon juice, garnished with parsley and sent out into the 'dream chamber' where white-robed women grazed from a buffet of chilled cucumber. Shell-shocked and shiny-faced, I handed over my credit card and left, minus £125 and the outer layer of my epidermis, and with the rather uneasy feeling that I'd been had.

Medical misconduct

economic boom for the pharmaceutical companies - which they also control. ... they create the problem before they offer a solution to the problem ... non-lethal warfare. Where you don't kill populations like in a bomb or a gunshot but you make them sick. You then make them dependent on pharmaceuticals which are actually a military-pharmaceutical complex run by the same players - the global elite - and then ultimately these populations become enslaved to the pharmaceuticals ... killing people slowly, and in the process they are making vast fortunes off of humanity's suffering.

Victims as suspects

Expect modesty to be a serious issue. As time and resources permit, use tents and screens to provide separate decontamination sites for men and women. ... The perpetrators may be the first victims.
suspects may be among the victims treated by the medical system. This further increases the importance of collecting and tracking information on everyone from the incident. ... decontamination to casualties known or suspected of being contaminated ... some citizens may slip through ... As victims process through decontamination, they may be found in possession of contraband or weapons
To prevent contamination to a receiving law enforcement officer or personnel, all suspects and persons found at a scene should be decontaminated to the fullest extent possible. Contaminated clothing should be removed, and the suspect placed in a Tyvek suit.
THE emergency services have been told to expect public disorder among people waiting for mass decontamination after a possible terrorist attack ... the public would be expected to strip, shower and then dry themselves and put on clean clothes, ... risks to emergency services dealing with a chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear attack. They include harm from secondary devices and ?confused, violent or rowdy victims?, plus undetected perpetrators trying to escape.

Some fear that if terrorists got their hands on this supply, they could start a smallpox epidemic with just a single infected person -- a "smallpox martyr."
A simulated chemical attack during a Rams football game gave police and fire units a chance to practice the kind of teamwork that would be needed to save lives and catch the bad guys during a real event, said Sgt. Vince Stehlin, the emergency management coordinator for the St. Louis Police Department. ... The police officers, virtually anonymous behind their gas masks, patted down the recruits, searching for bombs or other weapons. The search is necessary because terrorists could be hiding among the victims, Stehlin said. After the first stage of decontamination, the police instructed victims to strip off their clothing and place them in tagged evidence bags before heading into a decontamination tent.
Preserve evidence as much as possible, realizing that when you neutralize the source of the hazard, you may be destroying evidence that could be used later in apprehending and prosecuting the perpetrators.
All personnel should be capable of chemical defense and decontamination. The use of nonlethal chemicals for crowd control or to subdue isolated small opposition elements might be feasible, but the panelists were very divided on this issue.
conflicting needs to prepare for mass casualties and to facilitate evidence collection were bound together in establishing a concept of consequence management
People to be considered include casualties; bystanders and sightseers; military and civilian response personnel; and residents, business employees and customers in the contaminated area. ... Therefore, a gym or other facility with dressing rooms and high capacity showers may be appropriate for processing people.
Everyone who walked through the east-west corridor... was rounded up... Those who might have been exposed to the powder were bused to the college's athletic center. There they were stripped of their clothes, books, backpacks and cellphones, all of which were confiscated.
April 1997 -- Several DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers became upset with instruction that they undergo decontamination. The officers had become aware that the media was broadcasting live pictures from cameras positioned on top of a nearby building. The officers refused to disrobe and undergo decontamination. One of the officers struck the EMS Lieutenant assigned to the quarantine area. ... This incident demonstrates the importance of multi-agency cooperation under the unified command structure during major incidents. ... While federal resources may be necessary to mitigate a chemical/biological incident, local public safety agencies will be the first on the scene. Advanced plans must be made for coordinated interagency and intergovernmental cooperation during response.
TEAM-1's decontamination trailer Hamilton, Ontario-based HazMat emergency responder, TEAM-1 Environmental Services Corp., 20-foot long Haulmark cargo trailer; sealed unit with three-stage decontamination shower system.
TOWARD A NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR COMBATING TERRORISM ... The victims' decontamination process entailed their being stripped and scrubbed down with a diluted hypochlorite (bleach) solution. Their personal effects (e.g., clothing, wallets, keys, etc.), considered both contaminated and evidence, were confiscated and sealed. These items could not be unsealed and/or released until their safety had been confirmed.
The U. S. Marine Corps' team, however, can also search for and extract victims from a contaminated area. In contrast, the primary function of the National Medical Response Teams is to decontaminate and treat victims after they have been extracted
Although you might never consider it, but bio-terrorism is something many state leaders think about a great deal. ... The unit also keeps an eye on anti-government groups
Boston, MA, in preparation of a Weapons of Mass Destruction incident, Brigham and Women's Hospital has opened the nation's only decontamination unit designed to treat victims of biological terrorism.
workers take off their personal clothes. Workers then enter the second section of the change room via a one-way turnstile gate.
contain a civil population with force in the event of an attack using a highly infectious agent.
Contaminated clothing that would normally be removed over the head (e.g., undershirts) should be cut off. ... eyeglasses in plastic or composite frames should be placed in an agent-impermeable bag labeled with the individual's name and an identification number for later disposition when and if resources can be made available without impeding the decontamination of people. (Suggested disposition: Some eyeglass wearers would be significantly impaired without corrective lenses. Thus, we recommend special treatment for eyeglasses in porous frames such as plastic or plastic composite. We suggest that, if time and resources permit, the lenses be removed from such frames, decontaminated by soaking for 5 minutes in undiluted household bleach and rinsing with plain water, remounted in uncontaminated frames, and returned to their owners); ... writing directly on the chest or forehead with an indelible marker) with an indication of the specific treatment that was applied to the individual and the time at which decontamination was completed; j. each individual processed through the station should be provided with a certificate indicating (1) a description of the decontamination actions taken, (2) the time decontamination was completed, (3) the time the individual was released from the observation area...
There will also be a need to decontaminate victims in the event of a terrorist attack using biological/chemical or so called `dirty bombs's. This will involve specially designed tents in which there will be showering facilities allowing people to be decontaminated in a closed and controlled environment, as well as medically examined. Victims will be expected to undergo this process. ...

Survivor Reception Centres... will also be required to provide premises in a secure area, to which those who have been directly involved in an incident and are uninjured can be taken, so that the Police can have access to the survivors during their initial investigation into the incident. In case suspects are in their midst - where there is a possible criminal cause of the incident - survivors will be required to stay until such checks are completed.

The city has taken steps to establish decontamination centers at various undisclosed locations, he said. "The equipment is in place. ... "We have to be able to shut down the hospital, filter people through a central intake where we can shower and wash them down,"
told they must undress, go to the bathhouse,... they were ordered to remove their clothes. The men undressed in one barrack, the women in the other. ... did not want to undress and they were undressed by force
a new special forces Tactical Assault Group (TAG) trained to battle terrorists in civilian areas. ... ... "Their training means they will be able to conduct high-risk searches with detection equipment and dogs, disarm and dispose of a device, decontaminate victims

historical decon (delousing, etc.)

Clothes, jewelry, all personal possessions and even false teeth are confiscated; ...uniform clothing is issued, your name is replaced by a number, ... highly organized and efficient system for processing large numbers of people
In the courtyard, the people were told that, since they were going to wash and would be disinfected, all their documents, valuables and money must be deposited in the "camp safe" in a hut in the yard. They were also told that, after the shower, their belongings would be returned, and they would go out to work. They all had to undress.
The people were told that they had to take a bath, that their clothes had to be disinfected and that they could hand in any valuable items beforehand to be registered....
Gleykh, her sister and the boy are ordered to strip to their underclothes. They are searched for money and documents and they are herded out along the trenches.
All of them were killed. They also had to undress themselves, they did not cry, that's what he told me, they were only sad, and they were executed by shooting, one after the other.
The Cleansing Service was to clean people who had been exposed, through showers by mobile units with special vans and lorries. Clothing had to be boiled, if exposed, for varying lengths of time dependant on the material. Civilian clothing was the responsibility of the Ministry of Health.
we were searched and even our wedding rings were taken from us. Our coats were taken off... we had not been disinfected. At night we were locked in the bathing room, without being able to lie down. The next day we had to run some 8 kilometers to the disinfection station. On the way we were severely beaten, and one of the boys who could not withstand the beating died.
Nazis maintained strict secrecy about ... "Entlausungsanlage," which means "delousing station" in English. The Nazis used Zyklon B, an insecticide, for gassing the Jews, the same poison they used in the camp to kill body lice on the clothing in an effort to stop typhus epidemics. ... undressing room which has narrow wooden boards over the concrete floor. Then you enter the shower room, a large room with rows of exposed water pipes and sprinkler type shower heads on the ceiling; ...that prisoners were given a shower before gassing ... A sign on the building says Bad und Desinfektion (Bath and Disinfection), which the guidebook says was "to lull the vigilance of those condemned to death." ...gas chamber next to the shower room was "a makeshift chamber... Through this window, the killing process could be observed by an SS guard standing in the small adjoining observation room... who pumped doses of gas from steel cylinders into the chambers and watched through a small grated window (25 x 15 cm), the behavior of the victims... After the Nazis invaded Poland and took over the country, they initially put the Polish Jews into ghettos, using the excuse, that had been used for centuries, that the Jews were responsible for spreading disease. Later, these ghettos became a convenient way to concentrate the Jews in one location for eventual transport to the concentration camps for extermination in Hitler's "Final Solution to the Jewish Question." ... delousing station where clothing was disinfected with Zyklon B, the same gas used in the homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz.
...required to bathe at least once a week, when they could be caught." There was a good community bathhouse, but the people had "formed a horror of it" from being compelled to bathe there... The book deals at great length with the difficulties American troops encountered when they tried a variety of methods to induce people simply to bathe and have their clothes deloused...

The difficulties were illustrated by the following passage about the efforts of one American officer...

The school children were next bathed and deloused. Gorman observing that "if the older people were as enthusiastic as these children, typhus would no longer be a dread in Poland." Unfortunately, the older people were content to live in the unimaginable dirt and filth, one old woman having been heard to cry out, "death here in my hovel rather than the torture of bathing."

words can mean ANYTHING or NOTHING, depending upon how they wish to be used; for example "Delousing Station," or "Shower Room" can mean "EXTERMINATION BY POISONOUS GAS." For example: "The Jewish Problem" can mean "Racial Genocide"; ...You INVENT your own terminology to cover up SIN.
Towards the end of the 19th Century Germany developed a number of procedures for the delousing and disinfection of people and their clothing. These involved showering, smearing the body with petroleum or other substances to kill bugs, and steaming or boiling belongings.86 The application of the these procedures soon came to a test in the 1880's.

Here a great many men and women, dressed in white, received us, the women attending the women and girls of the passengers, and the men the others. ...those white-clad Germans shouting commands, always accompanied with "Quick! Quick!" -- the confused passengers obeying all orders like meek children, only questioning now and then what was to be done with them. ...strange-looking people driving us about like dumb animals, helpless and unresisting; children we could not see crying in a way that suggested terrible things; ourselves driven into a little room where a great kettle was boiling on a little stove; our clothes taken off, our bodies rubbed with a slippery substance that could be any bad thing; In 1895, as part of this concept of "decontaminating" immigrants, it was quite common to have a disinfection process for baggage and clothing, and even a set of shower stalls in which people went in and often were sprayed with disinfectant.

related to decon:

Personal property is collected and bagged for later collection and all clothing is taken and washed and dried. This procedure also ensures (albeit discreetly) that weapons and alcohol are not taken into the shelter. Clients are then showered, dressed in pyjamas and given a drink of cordial to aid re-hydration. Clients then go to bed where they are constantly monitored by shelter staff. Upon waking, clients are dressed, provided with a substantial breakfast, returned their personal property and sent on their way.
Communal showers to be phased out ... The government is to announce guidelines requiring new changing facilities in state schools to have shower cubicles - rather than the shared "run through" showers traditionally used in secondary schools. The guidelines on building standards in schools, set to be published in the new year, will say that shower cubicles should be introduced to protect pupils' privacy and to respect religious sensitivities towards communal showering. In particular there have been concerns that shared showers can be in conflict with Islamic rules on nudity. Already the North Westminster community school in London has scrapped communal showers after complaints that they breached Islamic law.

critics of decon:

Emergency powers proposal would usher in martial law under guise of "public health" ... power to arrest, transport, quarantine, drug, and vaccinate anyone suspected of carrying a potentially infectious disease. The Boston Globe originally broke the story ... forwarded to medical freedom activists throughout the country who responded en masse in outspoken opposition to the totalitarian proposal. The article was quickly removed from the Globe's website.
With all this attention and money, you might think that bioterrorism has taken a huge toll in lives in the United States and other countries.

Think again.

In the United States, the number of people who have died due to bioterrorism attacks in the last 100 years is exactly-- zero. And in the whole world, there have been only three documented incidents. ... Bioterrorism could become the phantom menace of the new millennium.

CONGRESS SNEAKS NEW DOMESTIC-TERRORISM BILL... most of the amendments to the original law had been based on bogus drug issues. Now, he said, that issue seems to have shifted to so-called terrorist attacks, or at least the threat of them.
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
-H. L. Mencken
"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed -- and thus clamorous to be led to safety -- by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary."
-- H.L. Mencken

The Boogeyman is passe. The monster under the bed is old hat. There's a much better way now to scare people. One simple word will do it. In fact, this one word has caused several hundred threats and hoaxes in the past year. Which word is this?


You just keep remembering: One World Gov't, NWO is the goal. To get there we need crisis, termoil, destruction of the Constitution, cival unrest, no borders, no soverign nations which will cause all people to call out for help from a superior power.
Critics are denouncing recent congressional changes to the Posse Comitatus Act that will allow a broader use of U.S. military forces in a domestic law... 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits federal troops from participating in domestic law enforcement activities under most circumstances.
Sure...all part of a grand disinfo scheme designed to get the public accustomed to greater government presence/control....
And all these 'warnings' and 'alerts' regarding a potential attack any day now just gets the public geared up to expect...heck, welcome even...such 'teams'...

police brutality is a naitonwide epidemic (reference to the stolen lives project).
"identity cleansing": refugees expelled toward Albania were frequently stripped of their identity documents and forced to remove the license plates from their cars and tractors before being permitted to cross the border.

Concentration camps in the United States:

>Meanwhile, while our regular army is starved for funds, American Special
>Forces are receiving massive amounts of funding and being trained to go up
>against the American people. Although the training against U.S. civilian
>targets has been going on since the mid 1990 s, this activity stepped up
>dramatically during 1999 with the exercises in Kingsville, Texas (burning
>out a police station); Anniston, Alabama (military takeover of a civilian
>airport, with power cut to 200 homes in the area); Hebron, Maryland
>(house-to-house weapons confiscation); and Operation Urban Warrior in
>California (military units from several nations rounding up Americans and
>putting them into concentration camps). Actual footage of this activity is
>shown in Alex Jones documentary Police
>State 2000.


Without any scientific basis for mass quarantine sites, the state departments of health have made plans to warehouse human beings in locations like abandoned motels and residential schools for the handicapped. Without any provisions for liability emanating from injury or death, the states have bought into arrangements that remind Jews of concentration camps. ... the matter of quarantine has been addressed by the states. Recently, all of the states have submitted plans for quarantine to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). While quarantine has been used responsibly throughout American history, the nature of the current quarantine plans has changed dramatically. Plans in Indiana, like other states, involve mass quarantine of entire groups of individuals to be transported to unknown public and private locations, such as residential schools and abandoned motels. The bleak outcomes of mass quarantine are obvious:

The rash quarantine provisions adopted by the states have overlooked the obvious advantages of home-based quarantine, which was successfully utilized throughout history. Keeping families together, minimizing exposures, containing infection through personal hygiene, maintaining normal family routines, and safeguarding the mental health of children sound like very good options to me. The mass-quarantine option is an experiment that too closely resembles the concentration camps of our recent Jewish history. ... Concentration-camp quarantine has never been used safely anywhere in the world and is the best ticket to medical and moral disaster known to mankind.
Given the government's swift action in grounding all civil aircraft... "hoax threats" this is what would happen: 1) All exposed people would be decontaminated on site providing the threat was known and the site quarantined. 2) The credibility of the threat would be ascertained. If it was deemed to be real or possibly real, all exposed individuals would be removed to prophylaxis and treatment centers set up from highly portable, self-contained, HEPA-filter gear remote from civilian areas (probably a military base). Transport to these centers would not be elective; they are protective detention camps. ... affected population would be watched for development of disease. Regrettably, for large numbers of exposed people ... samples might be sent to off site locations for further evaluation, such as the CDC in Atlanta, or government facilities which few civilians know exist and if they do, they aren't talking. ... All human and animal remains aside from tissue and fluid samples for medical/scientific evaluation would be cremated. End of discussion. ... Just as the President issued orders to shoot down the civilian jet liner headed toward the White House and the Pentagon, similar orders would be activated automatically to deal with any unauthorized personnel trying to leave the quarantined area. ... detention centers will be set up. All individuals exposed to the etiologic agent or deemed to present a risk of transmission will be taken to detention centers where they will be triaged according to their condition. ... They will not be called detention centers; they will be called treatment and prophylaxis centers. In reality they will be death camps.
most average American?s don?t have a taste for crusades of global conquest... Unless... there?s a sudden terrifying threat. ... imaginary catastrophic device that had been so entirely concocted out of thin air, so heavily promoted in the media and ultimately steered to what will almost certainly be the dramatic conclusion of a self fulfilling media stoked prophecy - to be fabricated first in our imaginations then ignited in the real world - It is the dirty bomb. ... Internment Camps For Citizens
Ashcroft's announced desire for camps for U.S. citizens he deems to be "enemy combatants"...
FEMA is moving ahead with plans to create temporary cities that could handle millions of Americans
plan to leaglly detain millions of American citizens ... the quarantine of citizens that have been exposed to a communicable disease. ... mass relocation of large populations for quarantine safety. ... FEMA allows the White House to suspend constitutional government upon declaration of a national emergency. It allows creation of a nonelected national government. The FEMA laws were made available by the president when he declared that we are in a national state of emergency indefinitely on 9/14. ... Ex Order # 11004: The US government has the right to seize all housing and finance authorities in order to establish "Relocation Designated Areas" and to force abandonment of areas classified as "unsafe". To enforce this further the Center for Disease Control (CDC) led a process to develop a "Model State Emergency Health Powers Act" that was completed and became active on October 31,2001. ... in the event of a contaminated population, the CDC will be able to force masses of people suspected of exposure to broadly-defined "infectious diseases" and biological weapons into concentration camp-like holding facilities for drugging, vaccination, and quarantine, without any viable legal recourse. ... The first step in moving people to detainment centers by way of quarantine of communicable diseases is to actually have a bio-warfare threat and then attack. Thus the Anthrax attacks have opened the American psyche to the possibility of this previously unthinkable occurrance.
4. The Anthrax attacks alerted the collective psyche to the possibility for bio-warfare.

5. The difference between anthrax and smallpox is that smallpox is a communicable disease. Communicable is contagious and calls forth the word quarantine.

6. Large segments of the population could be relocated.

7. One of the executive orders within the FEMA laws grants the president the authority to relocate people. The US has a Readiness Exercise plan to legally detain millions of American citizens called REX84 Bravo. Smallpox quarantines gives them a reason to enforce the plan - Ex Order # 11004.

8. The FEMA laws become active when the country is in a national state of emergency.

9. Bush declared a national state of emergency on September 12, 2001.

The end of the Cold war and the creation of Rex 84 Bravo has allowed for many military bases to be closed down and turned into prisons. Operation Cable Splicer and Garden Plot are the two sub programs which can be implemented to move citizens to the camps. ... Seattle/Tacoma - SeaTac Airport: fully operational federal transfer center
Patients will be decontaminated prior to transport. ... designated Points of Departure (POD) for mass casualty victims, such as Boeing Field or Seatac International Airport that will be exercised in the event of a mass casualty incident.
Once they realize America is doomed and collapsing, they will herd millions of people into concentration camp facilities to protect the uninfected.... "Do we believe the World Health Organization, which was managed by a former SS officer during the vaccination program, is believable when they claim smallpox is eradicated?"
much larger in terms of numbers initially that would cause us to move more quickly into trying to set up special quarters for isolation of patients to make sure that we have enough in the way of space.
forcibly quarantined... quarantine centers... preferably dedicated facilities... Department of Defense to run "dedicated smallpox treatment centers"... cancellation all public gatherings
Health scare voids Americans' rights? ... Someone sent them an anonymous letter claiming to contain anthrax. ... Someone there apparently thought this was an opportune time to suspend the Constitution and declare martial law. The building was immediately surrounded by armed police, who swooped in to quarantine the people inside. Those inside were made virtual prisoners and not allowed to leave. If this had happened in Nazi Germany or Bosnia, we would all be thankful it could never happen here. Then, at least a dozen members of one of the city's hazardous materials response teams entered the building in white decontamination suits and forced the people inside to remove all their clothes and placed them in plastic bags. Then they were marched outside to a portable, enclosed outdoor shower in the parking lot and scrubbed down for up to 10 minutes each. ... These clinic employees were stripped not only of their clothes but also of their civil rights, by a government that had gotten too big, too powerful. This is a wake-up call for all Americans. If it could happen in Indianapolis, it could happen anywhere. Accused of no crime, they were humiliated, degraded, dehumanized and treated worse than common criminals. For a 24-hour period, they became non-persons. They apparently had no protection under the law, and it could all happen again with the next prank letter. ... It is a shame the "authorities" who were responsible for this drill cannot be prosecuted criminally for their actions, run through the county jail system and receive the same shabby treatment they had levied on their victims.
imposing isolation or quarantine restrictions to prevent infected persons or animals from spreading disease or to allow for administration of appropriate medical countermeasures; even if such measures might lead to exposure of unexposed persons or animals who happen to be within the contaminated area; ... impose and enforce quarantine regulations and the need for mass prophylactic treatment;
Isolation and quarantine are now being discreetly reviewed by state officials across the country. ... Designated hospitals would admit patients, and federal agents, as well as police and military troops, would descend on the location of the outbreak.
Entire blocks were cordoned off with barbed wire and guarded by police -- essentially creating health prison camps.

America's leaders are in fact considering such drastic steps if an outbreak were to erupt. Just two weeks before Sept. 11, officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention drafted a blueprint for fighting an outbreak: They call it the Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response project.

Courts have long held that local officials may cordon off an area or establish a quarantine or erect checkpoints for persons and/or vehicles leaving an area. Both the need to prevent escape of suspected criminals or carriers of contagion and the individual's diminished right of privacy when on foot or on a vehicle support these rulings.
power hungry official puts all suspected carriers of the disease in quarantine with political enemies of the state. The concentration camps are more deadly than the disease
Drawing upon the then "new science" of public health for justification, the city's officials argued that the mere presence of germs was enough to warrant the deprivation of individual human rights

Authority loves a plague

French philosopher Michel Foucault once said that authority loves a plague (as an opportunity to quiet civil unrest).

Had Foucault been around in our times, he might have said authority loves anthrax hoaxes as an opporunity to test emergency preparedness...

Haz-mat workers carried in bottles of Clorox bleach just before noon and geared up in white suits and green-and-yellow rubber boots before they entered the third and fourth floors of the building to hose workers down. ... If this turned out to be a hoax, it was a great drill. Today we learned that, yes, we know what we're doing. That was the positive side to this."

showers and decon facilities for handing civil disturbances:

since the events on 11 September 2001, Central Government had made the Fire Service directly responsible for mass decontamination. ... for showers and decontamination facilities for use in any civil disturbance.

Intelligent plumbing:

us6038331 Abstract An apparatus and method for monitoring hand washing wherein a subject's hands are checked after he or she has applied soap or detergent and spread it over the front and back of his or her hands. An optical image of the subject's hands is digitized and compared, pixel by pixel, with a reference feature that distinguishes the soap and a report is generated indicating whether the subject's hands are covered with enough soap or detergent to receive a satisfactory report.
us6238337 Abstract The invention detects signs of emerging illness, such as flu, skin cancer, backache, etc., among the general population and individuals. The detection of symptoms of illness is performed through the utilization of embedded devices equipped with various sensors, such as cameras, glasses, wrist watches, TVs, fire warning systems, and having the ability to analyze the detected information and to transmit that information via wireless and regular communication channels to a central server for a more detailed analysis and possible action. The information about locally detected symptoms is gathered at central location and processed to ascertain whether there is a new epidemic of a flu, therefore enabling early shipment of a flu vaccine which prevents the spread of the disease. ... Another example of the placement of the embedded devices may be a target individual's bathroom. A camera with an embedded device having a processor programmed to take daily images of the target individual's skin regions while the target individual is habitually following a toilet routine. The daily images of same skin regions are then compared to detect changes signaling skin cancer concerns. Furthermore, this locally embedded cancer detection system may pass gathered information to a central server for a more complex analysis of detected symptoms and for the purpose of collection of statistical data. The central server may have the ability to collect statistical data from many reporting locations thereby having an ability to associate cases of disease with possible regional and global environmental factors.

Critique of smallpox preparedness

Public health officials want to shut down roads and airports, herd people into sports stadiums and, if needed, quarantine entire cities ... The plan, drafted at the request of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, could give states sweeping new powers. ... force people to submit to examinations

   Posted by [13]Michael Chapman on 11/13/01 11:16:25 EST.
   Oh great, the CDC--the government-funded agency responsible for the
   contamination of the U.S. blood supply in the 1980s that ended up
   killing some 30,000 people. And, of course, no one at the CDC was
   fired or prosecuted for negligence. Government can do that: kill
   innocent people and walk away. The CDC is anathema.

   Posted by [14]Philip Crincoli on 11/13/01 09:58:49 EST.
   Over the last 75 or so years, we were able to eradicate most
   infectious diseases such as small pox and polio. Now, in this
   generation, the so-called elite and intelligentsia have brought these
   wonderful plagues back to us. Many thanks to Drs. Kissinger,
   Eagleburger and Rockefeller, The Three Stooges of Diplomacy, for all
   of your foreign policy successes !! Great job guys !!! Congratulations
   ! We obviously need to stop listening to these guys but that is
   unlikely. The New York University of Knuckleheads lives on !! (NYUK)

   Posted by [15]Joy Williams on 11/13/01 07:14:05 EST.
   tell me this isn't true@

   Posted by [16]Rick on 11/12/01 20:56:19 EST.
   The point I have not seen so far in the smallpox issue is:
   The AIDS epidemic was directly linked to the smallpox vaccination
   program conducted in Africa, Hati, and China in 1976.
   50 % of the people vaccinated in 1976 developed full blown AIDS within
   the 1st year.
   The Strecker Memorandum (search) will give complete factual details!
   They will not vaccinate me or mine!

   Posted by [17]Dean Sullinger on 11/12/01 18:24:35 EST.
   Your article on "Smallpox plan grants sweeping power"
   "herd people into sports stadiums" and "people to submit to
   examinations or be quarantined" ? Are you kidding me! This guy is an
   idiot... I don't know about you, but no one in my family will ever be
   "herded" or "forced" anywhere.
   I wrote President Bush and Vide-President Cheney on this one. This
   assistant commissioner needs some leason in public speach... I would
   hope "no one" in America is ever "herded" or "forced" anywhere...
   where does he think we live? in WWII Germany?
   Thanks for the article... good job getting this information to "we the

   Posted by [18]Dennis G. on 11/12/01 17:03:59 EST.
   I think that it is important to try to create a common sense aproach
   to combat bioterrorism. But i also think that these plans must
   consider the rights of the people . To take draconian action in such a
   situation is not the proper approach. Do these people think that the
   american populace would resist the authorities if their own wellbeing
   is at risk? To create these draconian rules and plans will only serve
   to deepen the distrust of the people of the real intentions of the
   state and federal goverments , the common perception that they are
   mostly interested in covering their own buts and preserving their own
   powerbases. I know this is very cynical view but there seems to be
   reason for it. I fully beleive that the average united states citizen
   wants only whats best for our nation and will fully cooperate with the
   health systems of our country, but to put an "or else" connotation
   will only cause the opposite to happen. These plans must be
   reconsidered with this in mind.

   Posted by [19]Bill on 11/12/01 06:38:26 EST.
   It is said that when you don't need your gun, you don't need it at
   all, but when you need your gun you need it very badly. This is a time
   when every American should be armed with a high powered handgun with
   30 round clips.
   I am referring to the article about the smallpox plan from this
   government. This dirty government forgets that we the people are the
   government and we tell them what to do. Unfortunately the people of
   this country have become a bunch of mindless jerks. All they want are
   their soap operas, SUV's and other material possessions.
   The gun owners want their guns they say because it is their right and
   they need them to be free and defend themselves against a
   dictatorship. But the first dictator that comes along and says give me
   your gun, they give it to them instead of using the gun for the
   purpose stated to keep themselves free from that very same government.
   Yes, we do need guns, not to protect yourself from the criminals as
   much as you need it to protect yourself from this scum sucking
   government that lives off of us like parasites and leaches giving
   themselves raises when they feel like it and retirement benefits that
   only kings and queens receive. They think that they are Saudi princes
   while they scavenge our Social Security system, lie to us and steal
   our money.
   When you come right down to it if the small pox samples were destroyed
   in the first place you wouldn't need the vaccine would you? It is time
   to kill off this government before they destroy us all with their
   madness. Their quest for power is driving them to insanity.
   We need to bring back the militia with strong leaders, unlike the NRA
   wimps who keep loosing our rights for us. Obviously a dictator
   government will not find on the side of the gun owner when they want
   to take our firearms.
   We studied about the revolution that made this country and we are
   grateful and admire this countries forefathers for what the endured
   for their and our freedom, but we don't have what it takes to carry on
   with that fight. We the people try to convince ourselves that it is
   over and that freedom will just be forever lasting with no
   I doubt if this will actually ever happen with the jellyfish freedom
   fighters of today, but it is about time we used our guns to defend
   ourselves from this sneaking government. It is time for another

   Posted by [20]JeriLynn Wilson on 11/11/01 12:15:26 EST.
   Regarding the article about "sweeping new powers" for the control of
   infectious desease: I have to say that I am more afraid of what is
   happening inside our government and to our rights than I am of
   infectious desease. What happened to our fellow countrymen and women
   on September 11th was appalling. It saddens me to see how our own
   government is using this tragedy to circumvent the U.S. Constitution.
   I am now and have always been proud to be an American.

   Posted by [26]A 1st on 10/24/01 16:16:59 EDT.
   > >>
   This is for all the kids born in the 70's that do not remember this,
   and didn't have to bear the burden, that our fathers, mothers, and
   brothers and sisters had to bear.
   Jane Fonda is being honored as one of the "100 Women of the Century."
   Unfortunately, many have forgotten and still countless others have
   never known how Ms. Fonda betrayed not only the idea of our country
   specific men who served and sacrificed during Vietnam.
   > >>
   The first part of this is from an F-4E pilot. The pilot's name is
   Driscoll, a River Rat. In 1968, the former Commandant of the USAF
   Survival School was a POW in Ho Lo Prison-the "Hanoi Hilton." Dragged
   from a stinking cesspit of a cell, cleaned, fed, and dressed in clean
   PJs, he was ordered to describe for a visiting American "Peace
   Activist" the "lenient and humane treatment" he'd received. He spat at
   Ms. Fonda, was clubbed, and dragged away.
   During the subsequent beating, he fell forward upon the camp
   Commandant's feet, which sent that officer berserk. In '78, the AF
   Col. still
   suffered from double vision (which permanently ended his flying days)
   from the Vietnamese Col.'s frenzied application of a wooden baton.
   1963-65, Col. Larry Carrigan was in the 47FW/DO (F-4Es). He spent 6
   -years in the "Hilton"- the first three of which he was "missing in
   action". His wife lived on faith that he was still alive. His group,
   too, got the cleaned/fed/clothed routine in preparation for a "peace
   visit. They, however, had time and devised a plan to get word to the
   that they still survived. Each man secreted a tiny piece of paper,
   with his
   SSN on it, in the palm of his hand. When paraded before Ms. Fonda and
   cameraman, she walked the line, shaking each man's hand and asking
   little encouraging snippets like: "Aren't you sorry you bombed
   babies?" and
   "Are you grateful for the humane treatment from your benevolent
   Believing this HAD to be an act, they each palmed her their sliver of
   paper. She took them all without missing a beat. At the end of the
   line and
   once the camera stopped rolling, to the shocked disbelief of the POWs,
   turned to the officer in charge and handed him the little pile of
   Three men died from the subsequent beatings. Col. Carrigan was almost
   number four but he survived, which is the only reason we know about,
   her actions that day.
   I was a civilian economic development advisor in Vietnam, and was
   captured by the North Vietnamese communists in South Vietnam in 1968,
   and held for over 5 years. I spent 27 months in solitary confinement,
   one year in a cage in Cambodia, and one year in a "black box" in
   Hanoi. My North Vietnamese captors deliberately poisoned and murdered
   a female missionary, a nurse in a leprosarium in Ban me Thuot, South
   Vietnam, whom I buried in the jungle near the Cambodian border.
   At one time, I was weighing approximately 90 lbs. (My normal weight is
   170 lbs.) We were Jane Fonda's "war criminals."
   When Jane Fonda was in Hanoi, I was asked by the camp communist
   political officer if I would be willing to meet with Jane Fonda. I
   said yes, for
   I would like to tell her about the real treatment we POWs received
   different from the treatment purported by the North Vietnamese, and
   parroted by Jane Fonda, as "humane and lenient." Because of this, I
   spent three days on a rocky floor on my knees with outstretched arms
   with a large amount of steel placed on my hands, and beaten with a
   bamboo cane till my arms dipped.
   I had the opportunity to meet with Jane Fonda for a couple of hours
   after I was released. I asked her if she would be willing to debate me
   on TV.
   She did not answer me.
   This does not exemplify someone who should be honored as part of "100
   Years of Great Women." Lest we forget..."100 years of great women"
   should never include a traitor whose hands are covered with the blood
   of so many patriots. There are few things I have strong visceral
   reactions to, but
   Hanoi Jane's participation in blatant treason, is one of them.
   Please take the time to forward to as many people as you possibly can.
   It will eventually end up on her computer and she needs to know that
   will never forget.
   Joel M. Richardson

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