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Steve Mann is a Toronto-based inventor, university teacher and cyborg. His wearable computer technology has made him “all human with machine-extended parts.” On Tuesday, March 12 at

8 p.m., THE NATURE OF THINGS with David Suzuki presents Cyberman, a look at Canada’s original cyborg.

“In cyberspace there are no borders. What I do is allow people to get inside my head and put themselves in my shoes and see the world from my perspective,” said Mann. Through his “Eye-Tap” sunglasses, wearable computers and recording devices, viewers literally see the world through his eyes.

This cyber-genre film takes documentary filmmaking to a new level.  The filmmakers were forced to come to terms with the fact that the subject they were filming was in fact filming them!  This multi-media film was shot on various formats, including Super 16, Mini DV and black and white photography, and includes footage from Steve Mann’s patented “Eye-Tap” video and “dusting” photography.

Producer Michael Allder commented, “Cyberman is set not in some distant, unrealized world, but in the present. Steve lives in a universe where information is mainlined into memory, where he daily records his encounters with the outer world, his students, even his wife.  He believes he is the face of the future, but it is a future that many will find unsettling.”

Since its premiere at the Rotterdam International Film Festival 2001, the film version of

Cyberman has been invited to screen at festivals around the world.  Mann has also recently published his second book entitled, Cyborg, a Random House publication.

Cyberman reunites the creative team of the award-winning National Film Board cult-hit feature, Project Grizzly, directed by Peter Lynch, written by James Heer and produced by Michael Allder, who is also executive producer of THE NATURE OF THINGS.

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